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August 13, 2010, 9:33 pm
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thursdays are good nights to sneak beers into a movie, grab a burrito afterwards, then head out of town to find a dark patch to view a meteor shower. don’t you think thursdays are good for that?

fridays are good for catching up on work before the weekend, then sneaking out to take photos of cicada leave offs.  their sheddings are stuck to our building and trees.

these cicadas will not shut up.  it only bothers me on the really hot days.

every now and then a thrasher will catch one and fly around with it in it’s beak.  they sound REALLY pissed off when that happens.  the birds love it and seem to fly laps around the property.

tomorrow is saturday. saturdays are good days to sleep in late, cuddling with dogs and do whatever….


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I’ve always enjoyed finding cicada skins.

Comment by lavenderbay

A certain canine here finds them great crunchy snacks.

Comment by D.K. Wall & The Thundering Herd

i can see that. kind of a crispy treat.

Comment by goodbear

Thank goodness for your hot-day-cicada annoyance… it always seems the heat is tolerable until that drone kicks in…. “hhhoooooottttttttttttt” and then it’s all downhill.

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

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