cody bear's friends

stop inviting your little reptile friends in!
August 23, 2010, 1:03 am
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that cat of mine likes nature.  the kind of nature that sometimes gets in the house.

today’s wildlife interlude was with a baby lizard, about 2.5 inches long.  the cat, spree, was just staring at the little motionless thing.  i went and got the march issue of shutterbug magazine to scoop him up, but he moved.  slowly.

i hesitated.  big mistake.  it went right under the bed.

spree, watching lizard, pickles watching spree, cody bear watching … i’m not quite sure.

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Huh. I thought Spree was just catching up on his reading!

Comment by S. Le

Cody Bear: “This isn’t happening this isn’t happening this isn’t happening.”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

You’ll promise to get a photo when it reemerges, right?

Comment by lavenderbay

This qualifies as the circle of life thingy.

Comment by forkboy

aawww…are they shelties or collies?

Comment by anime02

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