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100 kisses before breakfast
February 11, 2011, 6:06 pm
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pickles has been my healthy girl.  my cheapie, so to speak.  from border collie rescue, for the most part she has cost no more than routine exams with clean bills of health, holistic pet food and an occasional supplement for a healthy coat.  while cody bear has averaged $2000-4000 annually in medical expenses it’s been relatively smooth sailing for the last couple years with miss pickles.

until 3 weeks ago when she became visibly lazy, slower and just looked….depressed.  on 12/31 she was fine: perky at her annual exam.  100% healthy.  weeks later she turned into a different dog.  blood test which immediately showed a thyroid condition and something else.   valley fever.  the doctor said we found it early; it would probably be another month before she started showing physical symptoms of the illness.

my last border collie mix, loki, died of complications from valley fever in 2004.  it was the worst thing that i have ever gone through.  it was a hard battle we thought we would win and it was a terrible ending.  and while every keeps telling me they know so many dogs that have survived VF…that’s fine.  my dog died.  all the stories of survival aren’t able to shake the trauma i went through when i lost loki.

we started pickles on her thyroid meds monday night.  maybe i’m imagining it, but she seemed perkier yesterday morning.  after confirming the VF with a second bloodtest, with fear and sadness i started pickles on fluconozole last night.  the doctor is positive and i am a mess.

for years my hyper dogs have taken the sound of the morning alarm clock not as a signal to get up and run and play, but as a signal snuggle in tight for cuddling before starting the daily romping.  this morning the clock buzzed, i shut it off and the dogs opened their eyes and then buried their muzzles into the covers and wagged, ready to receive their cuddles and kisses.

one dog on either side of me, they both rested their heads on me as i kissed their muzzles and scratched their bellies.  pickles followed me around while i got ready for work, always getting a kiss on the head or a squeeze.

i can’t lose you pickles.  i’ll die, i swear.


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Oh honey, I’m so sorry to learn of Pickles’ troublesome diagnosis. I know that after what you went through with Loki, attempts to comfort and to seem positive, will only come across as platitudes at best, as being dismissive of your worry at worst. So I won’t even try. I’ve said a prayer for darling Pickles, even if I’m not sure I believe in it’s power, it’s all I can do. Will be watching for updates, and rooting for both of your dogs to have the best of luck with their health.

Comment by Mary

mary. thanks so much. i do appreciate. and i promise to have some upbeat posts this week, as well. it’s just very new so still stings a bit.

Comment by goodbear

All the good thoughts in the world for Pickles!

Comment by melissasmeanderings

G, I’m so sorry… I don’t want you to have to go through this again. Keep positive and give that sweet, sweet dog a kiss from me. Love you – let’s talk this weekend 🙂

Comment by Leslie

So sorry to hear this news, Goodbear. We will be thinking about you and Pickles.

Comment by laurabanana

Ow. What an awful year you’ve been having. Prayers for you all.

Comment by lavenderbay

Pickles! You be fine! Because I said so!

Comment by solsticekennel

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