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and so we moved….
January 1, 2012, 8:24 am
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we’re in the new house!

spree loves the house. that surprised me. i thought the 16 year old cat would be peeved.

but no.

pickles is fin. she loves the place. and after almost a year of horrible illness, she’s romping around like a nut!

but cody bear? he doesn’t like it?  he misses his yard. his stuff.  the things he barked at.

he hates the dogs that bark on the other side of the new fence and the lack of stuff to watch out the window.

but we’re going to work him through it…..

so here’s to 12.   home improvement. healthy dogs.  more successful business and lots of loving friends!



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Best barks and wishes for you all to have a super year!



Comment by littlemissjackie

Hi Cody Bear and Pickles! I haven’t been around in a while and wanted to com over to see how you are. I see that you have moved! How exciting! Cody you may not like it a lot but you love being where your family is!

Rusty & Co.

Comment by Rusty

I haven’t been by your blog in ages … sorry! Looks like the fur-kids are doing well. Have fun with the new home!

Comment by Two Barking Dogs

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