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June 28, 2012, 9:42 pm
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so, i have a new blog, but it is very border collie-centric!

you can find it here:


i’ll try to start adding more stuff about cody bear to this blog. i know it’s been a while….

we’ve been busy…..



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Hi. After months of gastric problems with my French bulldog I have found your blog about Cody Bear. Would you mind answering a few questions about the meds Cody Bear takes? Gastroparesis seems to hit all of my dogs bullets. We are taking Reglan, what do you give CB for nausea?
Would love to know more and hope things went well on his biopsy.
Thx. Brenda

Comment by Brenda

Hi Brenda,
Cody Bear is on Reglan, too. He just turned 8 and we’ve got him situated pretty nicely. When we started this blog years ago I never thought he would get up to even 50 lbs, but now he is at 58. So here is his regimen:
.5 mg metoclopramide 3x daily.
That dose works best when I give it to him 15 to 30 minutes before he eats. I feed him 4 small meals per day. breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack right before bed. If i don’t give him a small amount of food before bed at night he will throw up bile in the a.m. Breakfast lunch and dinner are preceded with the med.
He also has supplements that we got from a holistic vet and those really helped turn things around years ago. one is multizyme and one is garlic, both Standard Process. But you would want to talk to a vet that works with Standard Process because they’re are many different ones and different dogs are really sensitive to some and others may not work on them. It really is a dog to dog situation.

I think the garlic and diet help the meds work to fight the nausea.

The other thing: Cody Bear’s nausea is much worse if he doesn’t get enough exercise. The faster he is moving the lesser the queasiness.

Comment by goodbear

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