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welcome to my about page!

up until now it has just been a list of things i like and things i don’t like.  every page needs an update every now and then, right?

most of the posts on this blog will have to do with my dogs, my friends, little treks i go on.  sometimes i’ll talk about bees and other insects, as two of my closest friends (who are leaving me soon and moving out of state) are a biology professor and an entomologist.

my blog is full of random stuff.  one day a bug, one day a dog.  it mirrors where i am in life.  random. i don’t know where i want to live on this crazy planet.  i’m fine here, but may be more than fine somewhere else.  i’ve been happy where ever i’ve lived.  and while i love my town….i feel like i’m supposed to be moving on.  i’ve felt that way for a couple years, actually, but don’t know where to go.

i don’t know what i’m going to be doing with my life.  i have many side projects that perhaps will turn into something some day.  but for now, i do like my 9 to 5 job.  do i want to do it forever? no!  but what do i want to do?

all i know is:   i want love, humor, compassion and respect to show up in my life every day.  i want to continue to learn things: how to do things, about people i meet, what makes me happy and others happy.

and….i want to know what the fucking point is.  why are we here?

thanks for stopping by.


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Very enjoyable blog! I revel in random. I’ve added you to my blogroll.

Comment by S. Le

thanks for stopping by s. le. i’m really glad you like the blog!

Comment by goodbear

I got the email. My owner is helping me answer the questions. I am very honored by your request. You should see my reply tomorrow (Fri.)!

Comment by Checkers

You have a great blog, lots of great info!

Comment by Sgt Mike Dowling

Heyheyhey~~ We like your blogs (Cody Bear’s Friends & Dog Daily Photo) ^__^ See you later!

Comment by Shorty

thanks shorty! and sgt mike!

Comment by goodbear

i have a corgidor just like that all black one!!! his name is chewy
can i send u a pic of him, btw im a vegetarian and have a lot of random thoughts in my head too!!

Comment by sums

I’m guessing you wrote this About about a year ago. At that time, you were enjoying your 9-5 job (do you get there on time?), found joy in many side projects- especially photography and blogging- and enjoy the love and the wonderment you see in your dog. You’ve been successful with nonprofit work, which up till now probably gave you satisfaction and sense of purpose. I’d like what you have. I, too, am soul searching for what to do with my life. I envy you for having hobbies, in particular the blogging. Nothing I do keeps my interest very long. Wasting life at my job, and can’t seem to find anything I want to pursue. Maybe a masters degree but in what? You’ve had it good up till now though. You have. With your interests, I suggest considering Instructional Design and Development. For me, though, there’s a life I know I was supposed to live- every day should have purpose. It’s just too hard for me to find.

Comment by silverspring

I’ve got a dog/shelter related question, but didn’t think it warranted a full on comment and I can’t find your email… I’m

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

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