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crunchy snack, cracky middle finger
September 11, 2009, 4:25 pm
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so, i have just finished breakfast:


you see, i can’t eat breakfast before 8:30 am.  i’ll get sick. so i eat breakfast in my office every morning.  check out my new desktop scanner in the back. i love it!  my old one kept jamming and everyone in the office knew when i was scanning because eff bombs would fly out of my office like angry bees from a hive.

moving on….here’s the news!

i have a broken finger.  it hurts very very much to type and it’s my right hand so photography has slowwwed down.

i am currently undergoing a long term argument with one of my best friends.  he wants me to go see the bats with him this weekend, and i don’t want to go. and he won’t drop it!  i LOVE bats…but not these bats.  these particular bats are rude and over marketed.  in fact, i will post a picture of one of his loser bats tonight and you can chime in on what jerks they are for blowing me off last week.

cody bear and pickles are doing great!  cody bear has to work tomorrow morning, and in the afternoon pickles has a huge border collie meetup play date.

i had been taking bike rides almost daily, but since i broke my finger i had to cut back.  sucks.  i’m going to save up for a new mountain bike because for some weird reason….i feel like i need 3 bikes instead of 2.  you’re sick, goodbear, sick.  but seriously…i would like to start riding in the country side.  fun!  only problem is … i don’t have any countryside biking friends…..

ok, get back to work everyone!  i”ll chat again soon!


and p.s.  breakfast was gross…

earthday recap …snobby dog…
April 23, 2008, 6:21 am
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ok…i didn’t make it: i can only go SO FAR without making fun of the fdls morman chic haircut!  but i did well on the rest!

put the canon in the kombi for trip to dog park AND grocery-getting.  here’s the kombi in the park:

as a plus…ran into my friend gardner on the way back from the grocery. he had a bicycle babywagon full of produce.  at first, …i freaked out he had another kid…but then i realized it was veggies!

wasted no paper today and only used the car to and from work….

here’s a cactus:

it is important to note that cody bear wastes…not at all.  he INSISTS his kibble bag is recyclable…and he drinks water.  he won’t read the paper, drink soda, order things that come in boxes or plastic bags.

….ok….thanks cody bear….as if you weren’t already cuter than us…now you have to be more environmentally friendly????

every day is earth day here at cody bear’s friends!
April 22, 2008, 6:35 pm
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that’s right! we try really hard to stay green. but still, there are a few more things we are going to try to work on every day from here on out.

1. i waste food. i do. example. i buy a loaf of healthy bread (about 3.69).  then i bring it home and i never eat it. i end up throwing it out when i realize it is probably gross and i have no idea how long it has been in there. i’m not doing that any more!

2. take better care of my health. this way i lower my risk of getting sick as i age and resources won’t be wasted on my healthcare. (that’s the theory, anyway) but you never know. somethings are beyond our control. but, i do want to get into better cardiac health….

3. the world is full of negativity. and hate. i promise from here on out to stop making fun of the flds ladies’ hair do’s anymore. or people in general. just IN CASE my picking on folks is contributing to the planet’s negative vibe.

4. i am going to RE-ATTEMPT to stop drinking soda. the packaging (can, plastic, whatever) isn’t helping this planet. besides it is TERRIBLE for me. i HAVE to quit. (as i sip my icey coke…)

5. ride my bike to the grocery store more frequently. (its a very short ride, but i don’t like riding my bike if i have to buy big things.  i just don’t feel comfortable carrying a twenty-four pack of cottonelle on my handle bars.)

ok, that’s good for now. i’ll probably add more soon.  we’ve actually been doing a good job at our recent efforts: buying locally grown veggies,  new water filtration system, reusing bottles, etc.

…so…i think we’re going to do all right!

its just two goats folks!
February 19, 2008, 2:40 pm
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most of the dogs weren’t comfortable with these guys…


they were big goats.  i usually see the little ones, that go up to your knee.  unlike the pig, these goats kind of moved all the dogs away.  but they were being good, and i think they were pretty.

cody bear probably would have been scared at first, but he would have gotten over it.

in other news, i rode my kombi to the grocery again last night.  such a good bike!

kombi bike helps dog. really!
February 18, 2008, 3:56 am
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every week i help with a dog training class at a local animal shelter.   the class is for reactive dogs; dogs also called aggressive.  most of the dogs are fearful of other dogs, or people.  one dog, buddy, is scared of dogs, people, and bikes.  terribly scared and extremely vocal!

enter my awesome little kombi bike!


at first the bike was stationary, and every time the little guy looked at the bike or approached it, he got a click and a treat!  soon the instructor was riding the bike around the training area and the dog was NOT barking at it.  it will take lots of positive association before this dog is ready to be a spectator at tour de france, but his mom is so hard working and has come so far with him, i wouldn’t be surprised if he has his own side car on a kombi of his own one day!

let there be fur…to make up for where the autoparts are lacking
February 4, 2008, 6:06 am
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sooooo….despite my earlier rant, today was actually good. i was home all morning with the furpods. they love when i don’t go in till 2!


(its conducive to napping!)

then took cody bear to work with me. he was a great demo dog!

bad break with car, not starting, leaving me and cody bear stranded and all…but then…

rode kombi to the grocery! bungied groceries to the bike and headed home for a tasty meal. the eggplant, wine and other sundries were in the basket and the takeout meal was bungied to the rear rack.

took cody bear for a super long late night walk. we walked to the park, too, where we ran like loonies and jumped onto tables and over bars and such. (prepping for agility 101 starting this week) it was fun!

now….i wouldn’t need a car if it weren’t for the pets. here’s why:

1. need car to drive dog with chronic health problems to vet. emergency appointments sometimes.

2. have to have a car to get home at reasonable hours to let dog out because i can’t use a doggie door due to cat.

so, i’m not blaming them. but…that is the reeeeaallll reason i can’t be a commuter. but i really could do it if it weren’t for that.

note on photograph: cody bear will not go up to his bed (the day bed) or my bed until he is told to go “up”. so today i didn’t know the cat was on the bed. i was at my desk and couldn’t see her tucked behind the cushion and shelf. the dog kept looking at the bed and then looking at me! i repeated “up”, “UP” but he would not move. then i see the cat. i don’t know if he was afraid she would hurt him or that i would get mad at him, but he was clearly not sure about sharing the bed with the kitty. he’s either a chicken or overly polite!

car comes home, bikes won’t get dusty….i promise
January 12, 2008, 7:01 pm
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good news!  i am picking up my little car today from the shop.  a brand new transmission, one new motor mount and….lots of empty space in my checking account and savings account.  i will also bring back a smokin hot credit card!

here is what my parking spot looks like now.  please note that the insurance said the damage was not caused by the accident, like my mechanic said.  it was caused by poor maintenance and a long time leak.  note the pristine parking spot!


i have parked in that EXACT spot for 6 years.  exact spot….6 years….not one single smudge or puddle or stain ….at all.

oh well, time to let the healing begin.

i shall have this here cup of tea to calm my nerves and get me psyched to pick up my little car!


really, i’m ok.  it isn’t going to be as expensive as we initially thought, and the mechanic and his manager were so helpful and really worked hard to get me the best deal.  that is the best part, knowing i can trust my car in the hands of these folks!

so, …i do here by vow to keep using my bike to go to the grocery store as long as i don’t need to buy a 24 pack of toilet paper.  i’m not hard core enough to be seen pedaling my kombi through the city streets with a giant block of cottonelle.  i don’t think i’ll ever be that hard core…