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the interview that didn’t make’s front page
January 30, 2009, 11:35 pm
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my friend lavenderbay was interviewed on her blog, and, in turn, asked if any of her friends wanted to be interviewed.  and being as i’m not in a super creative place this week, i was up for it.

so here goes, the interview barbara and oprah WISH they had gotten their paws on:

1.      You volunteer at a wildlife refuge. Briefly, what has been one of your more memorable experiences there?

the answer to this one is not for people with an overly delicate constitution.  it happened about 10 years ago in a different city at the first wildlife rehab center i volunteered at.  being wild animals, our raptors  ate actual whole chickens, not boneless, skinless breasts.  feathers and all.  we would purchase hundreds of them, keep them in freezers, chop them into chunks with an axe before each feeding shift.

every now and then someone would donate living ones to us, and some of the tougher, more circle-of-life-ish workers would break the chickens necks rapidly, then put them in the freezer.  so one saturday a group of volunteers ended the lives of 10 donated hens.  sunday morning, when the feeding crew arrived to start prepping food, l. opened the freezer and a chicken jumped out at her.  you see, she hadn’t died.  she had passed out.  she went home as a pet that day, and lived a very happy and privileged life for years.

2.      Many of your blogfriends would love to invite you over for supper. Please help them out by supplying one of your favourite vegan recipes.

well, first i would let them know that i’m allergic to carrots, mango, oranges, canteloupe.  i love mediterranean food, so i would say something baba ghanouj-y or hummis-ish would be nice.  but also, i love thai food, indian food, all that spicy stuff.  many of my friends are vegetarians, or vegetarian friendly.  i guess i would probably do my spicy pan fried noodle sauce recipe suggestion:  1/4 c. soy sauce, 1/8 c. sesame oil, 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs corn starch, 2 tbs chili garlic sauce.  goes good with rice, or double pan fried noodles and some fresh veggies!

3.      Do you find that blogging has made a positive difference in your life? If so, how?

yes!  i love to laugh, and through blogging i get tons more chuckles per day.  james/dennis leaves the funniest comments on my posts.  and even though checkers hasn’t been blogging in a while, some of his pictures and posts still crack me up when they come to mind.  there are so many great blogs that make me laugh, and the comments people leave are sometimes quite genius.

i think i’m less crabby, too.  i’ve blog-met some really cool people that try to cheer me up if i’m worried, and they’re always checking in to see how cody bear is feeling.  plus, my other blog makes me practice my photography more, which is great.

4.      You own a bicycle. What do you use it for? Have you ever made a long-distance bike trip? What do you like about the model you own?

i have two bikes! an old 2 speed kombi lux from norway, and a trek multi-track 720 that really needs a tune up.  i used the kombi to get groceries.  it has a basket on the front that i’m pretty sure was made specifically for a baguette, daisies and a bottle of wine.  i also like to ride around the neighborhood in it.  it’s such a goofy little thing and people love it!  plus, it is really good for my posture.  i use the trek for longer distance rides, or recreational riding with friends.  i haven’t ridden much since i got the puppy since you kind-a sort-a have to be more available for a puppy’s…bladder, if you get me.

i’ve never done long bike adventures, and doubt i will. i need to really get back into riding every day…

kombi bike helps dog. really!
February 18, 2008, 3:56 am
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every week i help with a dog training class at a local animal shelter.   the class is for reactive dogs; dogs also called aggressive.  most of the dogs are fearful of other dogs, or people.  one dog, buddy, is scared of dogs, people, and bikes.  terribly scared and extremely vocal!

enter my awesome little kombi bike!


at first the bike was stationary, and every time the little guy looked at the bike or approached it, he got a click and a treat!  soon the instructor was riding the bike around the training area and the dog was NOT barking at it.  it will take lots of positive association before this dog is ready to be a spectator at tour de france, but his mom is so hard working and has come so far with him, i wouldn’t be surprised if he has his own side car on a kombi of his own one day!

car comes home, bikes won’t get dusty….i promise
January 12, 2008, 7:01 pm
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good news!  i am picking up my little car today from the shop.  a brand new transmission, one new motor mount and….lots of empty space in my checking account and savings account.  i will also bring back a smokin hot credit card!

here is what my parking spot looks like now.  please note that the insurance said the damage was not caused by the accident, like my mechanic said.  it was caused by poor maintenance and a long time leak.  note the pristine parking spot!


i have parked in that EXACT spot for 6 years.  exact spot….6 years….not one single smudge or puddle or stain ….at all.

oh well, time to let the healing begin.

i shall have this here cup of tea to calm my nerves and get me psyched to pick up my little car!


really, i’m ok.  it isn’t going to be as expensive as we initially thought, and the mechanic and his manager were so helpful and really worked hard to get me the best deal.  that is the best part, knowing i can trust my car in the hands of these folks!

so, …i do here by vow to keep using my bike to go to the grocery store as long as i don’t need to buy a 24 pack of toilet paper.  i’m not hard core enough to be seen pedaling my kombi through the city streets with a giant block of cottonelle.  i don’t think i’ll ever be that hard core…

point a to point b on paws, fancy rims, wheels

in transportation: (transPOORtation?)

as you may recall, while my car has been in the shop i have been driving the company truck. previously, i had a dainty carbon footprint, but the last two weeks…my carbon footprint has been mammoth. i’m not knocking it; i’m super thankful my boss let me use the truck. but today, on a work errand…. a huge garbage truck almost drove over the bed of the truck. i was trying to pull out into traffic….waiting for an opening….and the truck driver didn’t look. he backed up and backed up. i honked and honked. he stopped about 5 inches from completely crushing the back of the truck. my LAST day borrowing the truck and it was almost road kill.

now, on to more peaceful topics:


demonstrating peace: it is cody bear doing his paw to hand gesture. this paw motion followed some political news that hit my dog in his heart. cody bear’s political candidate was richardson and he had just heard richardson was dropping out of the race. he tried to convince me that i would have to vote for this guy because he had a gentle soul and a strong spirit. i still don’t know who i am voting for….but i have to say… as unsure as i am, if i had one vote to use AGAINST someone…that would be a no-brainer. i may propose the pres primary “negative vote” to congress in the next year or two. (not really)

moving on:


this is the cat on cody bear’s bed. i had to show this picture because she has had some less than flattering photos on the blog and i haven’t represented her fairly. she is NOT scary. she is a gentle cat with some idiosyncrasies. but she is alot smaller and alot friendlier than she has been represented.

and finally, in photography:


the best tip i got this year in regards to improving my pictures: don’t use the flash on your point and shoot digicam. flash sux.

this is cody bear tonight, with nothing but the back patio light. you can see it in his eyes: he is imploring me to stop telling him to stay and to let him go hunt cats. poor old cody bear.

one last note:

the dbs kombi lux. people…..there can NOT just be 3 people in the entire world owning these awesome bikes. (me, some guy name andreas and an australian researcher in norway) people people (leute leute) i implore you! if you have a dbs kombi bike…puh-lease leave a comment. do you love your bike? where did you get it?

ok, that’s all gang. have a great weekend!

kombi bike…the grocery getter
January 6, 2008, 4:55 am
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waiting to get the transmission fixed on my little car…thankfully i have two bikes to help me get by….

the grocery getter, my kombi bike:


i don’t live far from several markets, one organic health food mart, 2 super marts, and one combo dealy. i love my little norwegian bike and i still don’t know how it ended up in my hands(under my feet & seat!)

the basket holds plenty of veggies, goodies, even room to add a bottle of wine or something. so tonight i grabbed a canvas bag, hopped onto the kombi and went to the stoh!

i need to promise myself that when the car is fixed and back home….i will still use my kombi. i love it love it LOVE it! i want another one!

i chickened out! (need more pedal confidence)
January 4, 2008, 3:39 pm
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the dead transmission saga continues….

i have my bosses truck for a few days, but i was going to drive in with my trek in the bed, then cycle home.

i have never ridden in down town traffic and i was really nervous….after all, i only have the one working break, right?

well, i ended up talking to honda for 45 minutes and was running late so i didn’t have TIME to pack up cycling shoes/clothes, find a back pack, etc. so…..

i’m not peddling home. i’m a whimp! but, i am going to peddle to the grocery and all my other weekend errands, so that will help. by next week folks might confuse me with kevin bacon, from quicksilver. only slower and with pony tails.

dog questions transportation methods..
January 4, 2008, 2:13 am
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in the words of cody bear:


“really? are all these bikes necessary? lets just walk!”