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January 1, 2009, 10:31 pm
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mom has left.  she has mopped my floors and deemed me well enough to fend for myself.  while she was mopping i decided to park it in front of some book shelves and dust. 

i’m considering packing some of my books away. i never re-read books. no one wants to borrow any of the titles i have, but…i just can’t throw them away.


can you read what any of those books beneath the shelf are?  have you read them? can you tell what my major was in college?  did you laugh at all while reading the canturbury tails?

i’m feeling better, but still not up for work tomorrow.  i’m wiped out from fighting this,  but i’m relieved the antibiotics are working.  truthfully, i have-to-have-to-have-to make a huge daily effort to not be stressed out.  i always teach the pet therapy classes that long term exposure to stress chemicals sap your immunity.  and here, i’ve just taught myself…again.

in junior high we read a story in english class called “the yellow wallpaper.”  a woman had been sent to a “facility” for what was called a “rest cure.”  as women of the country became more independent and outspoken, the thought of  sending one’s wife away to rest so she could handle her tiny stresses became ridiculous.

how come i feel like i need the rest cure?  and would the members of the women’s studies board at the university be shocked to hear this and relieved that they had lost their weakest member?

maybe i need another nap.

this week’s “tag…your writ!”

i slammed m.t.p. with some unfair words and he countered with: grandma got run over by a reindeer, ace of hearts, lance cookies, beach sand

so, here goes:

’twas the week before christmas and all through the school….everyone was being really, really pious.  the halls were truly hallowed:  only pure and godly christmas carols.  no adam sandler.  no grandma got run over by a reindeer.

it would be 6 months till we graduated and celebrated by flinging puerto rican beach sand from our one-peices.  it was cold. it was snowy.  it was time for chapel.

lunch was hours away.  my smallest school, it had no lunch room.  just a cafeteria for eating bagged lunches and a snack machine with lance cookies, rold gold pretzels, slim jims and the like.

shit that was a long time ago.  i have no idea where my plaid skirt got buried. (hurray!)  a decade later a one night attempt at becoming a partier.  one weekend in vegas(ace of hearts and 10 of clubs got me 55 dollars!), one year hitting local clubs.

winter again.  no stomach growling in the school chapel on wednesdays.  no “let’s hit vegas” after a night a margaritas. (o.k. maybe that never happened)

just me, my cameras, my dogs and a fair amount of restlessness.


forbidden city: imperial film and a legacy of interest

i don’t have a family legacy, per se. if i had to pick one thing that is passed down from generation to generation, it isn’t the regal asian splendor we’re discussing today, it’s probably alcoholism. but more on that later. today we’re talking about imperial china and my dear friend m.

as many of you know, m. has been showing me the ropes in photography. she is generous, intelligent and calming. i felt two things when her father died two months ago: sad for her, mystified by her strength.

(more on that saw blade in her foot later. ) what YOU want to read about is imperial china. more specifically, the forbidden city.

m.’s grandad was one of the few gringos living in the imperial stronghold of the forbidden city in, at the time, peking. decades later, (this year) after her father’s death, m. was doing executor things….rifling through property including photos. she happened on these original 8 x 10 film negatives of the forbidden city.

her grandparents lived in peking, where her father was born,  between 1920 and 1925. as an engineer hired by the emperial corps, her grandfather designed the entire grid for peking (now beijing) and other staggering tasks of state includiung the coffin design for one of the leaders of modern chinese thought.

how rare and timeless these negatives are….

how amazing to find something that places your family in one of the most important and beautiful moments in world history!

today china is a hot button. olympics. tibetan freedom. animal activism. pandas. earthquakes.

recently i was accused of hating the chinese because i asked a grocery store to stop selling chicken strips from china after my friends’ dog died of chinese pet food. but the poetry and splendor of the region cannot be denied.

there will never be architecture like this again…

m’s grandparents and father were present duriung the denouement of an era. and perhaps it isn’t obvious to her, but having been loved by grandparents who lived in europe, turn of the century u.s.a. and the sunset of imperial china, well….perhaps that is why her days are full of color, creativity and practicality.

and i loved her before i ever had proof she was so interesting.

earlier today i posted satire pictures of my dog’s trip to the forbidden city. i mean no irreverence. each culture has an intricate time line. and every other country somehow is affected by it.

p.s….snaps to m.’s dad who kept so many artifacts in such pristine condition.

oh…and here is a chinese food dog toy…

poetry alliance’s first endeavor!
June 25, 2008, 5:01 am
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thanks to everyone for joining in with the first joint poetry effort. here’s what we got:

(i’m calling it “a day in the comfortable life”

expectations high, i profer a line

stretching strong in the sun, restday overalls dripping

water, ocean, sea, and the gray sky

over dog toys i couldn’t help tripping

With a basket of laundry tucked under one arm

the strong smell of fresh tuna in the breeze

I gathered my thoughts and stumbled toward the clothesline

I figure it couldn’t do any harm

to hang the well worn quilt in the bright sunshine

to enjoy a nice, thundering sneeze.

japanese beetles, shining teal and blue

gypsy moth catapillars and their fuzzy white hue

a blue butterfly flitted gently by my face

In the distance the faint sound of a can opener

some days life is gentle, some days it’s a race

as the lid slides softly from the tin of Miss Mew

I wash my fur with paws of grace

And quickly giggle and skitter for my stew

content with my feast, I find my patch of sun

the quilt dry and warm, lays folded in the chair

the PAB – poetry alliance of bloggers. da’s right!
June 24, 2008, 5:31 am
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oooh, our first blog poetry slam.   that’s right.  motivated by lavenderbay‘s poems from the past, i’ve decided that we, the bloggers, are going to cowrite a poem….starting now!

it’s simple.  i start with a line, another blogger follows with another line, and so on and so on.  you can submit as many lines as you want, but they cannot be continuous!  no one can have two lines in a  row! no rules other than that:  any meter, alliterate if you wish, rhyme at will or not at all!  oh, and send friends over to add a line!

the poem ends itself…

i have high hopes for you all!

let’s begin:

expectations high, i profer a line

mad lib thursday – letter of recommendation
May 22, 2008, 5:28 pm
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thanks again for participating every one!!

here is a letter of recommendation. better not expect me to help you get that dream job!

Dear Harriet:

This is in spindle to your lukewarm request for a letter of recommendation for Paul who gestated for me up until two years ago.

Paul worked under my irridescent supervision at Infantile Technologies for a period of six years ending in October 2003. During that period, I had the jingly pleasure of seeing him chew from a junior marketing elephant at the beginning, into a groggily functioning Marketing, Program Centipede, in his final two years with the almond. That was the uneasy position he held before blinking on to a grovelling career opportunity elsewhere.

Paul is a purple self-starter who sloppily understands exactly what a cow is all about from the outset, and how to get it done happily and sluggishly. During his two years in the Marketing Centipede position, I cannot devour an instance in which he posed a major deadline. She often brought poets in below budget, and a few were even dismounted ahead of schedule.

Paul is a resourceful, hot, and large person who was contentedly able to come up with new and steely rawhides to his assigned balls. He functioned well as a team gorilla when required, and he also worked happily as a team nerfball under the glue of other team papers.

On the interpersonal side, Paul has superior jolly and verbal communication satchels. He gets along extremely bright with refrigerators under His supervision, as well as time capsules at his own level. He is sloppily respected, as both a person and a machine, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and helicopters alike.

Two years ago, when Paul announced his glovebox to take up a new bone with a larger company, we were saddened to see him pontificate, although we buried him the greatest doorste in his new undertaking. Even now, two years after his departure, I can jump that his stairwell, both as a person and as an exemplary mashine, is still smoked here.



and so we end another mad lib thursday…

mad libs tomorrow!
May 21, 2008, 10:17 pm
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i almost forgot…i need some words!  my sister is out of town, so neither she nor her cat will be posting words, i’m relying on you guys for words for tomorrows mad libs.  “what’s this?” you ask you submit words and i put them in a piece and we get something akin to this and this.

we need

7 nouns

7 verbs

5 adverbs

7 adjectives

1 boys name

1 girls name

1 location

1 container/vessel