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hi there.  welcome to my blog, which was not originally about canine gastroparesis, but just a place to talk about how cute and silly my dog was.  but it turns out some people are stopping in while they are searching for information regarding canine gastroparesis, so i will write about it from time to time.  you can access these postings by clicking on the word “gastroparesis” to the write of the most current post under the category titled “tags”.

cody was a puppy when he was diagnosed with gastroparesis.  here he is as a 6 month old.  (he is 3.5 years old now)


initially, cody bear was throwing up alot, but it was hard to determine if it was anything other than “puppy barf” from eating things he shouldn’t.  finally, people would say, maybe he has a food allergy.  but i took him to his vet, and she determined that we should treat him for gastroparesis to see if that helped.  and it did!

i think she came to the conclusion because of at least two factors:  he was throwing up full kibbles hours after mealtime, and he would immediately throw up if he ate an ice cube or drank ice cold water.

well, that is all for now.  thanks for stopping by.  i hope you’re feeling well, or your dog is feeling well.  a dog belly should never be troubled, it should only be scratched!

type in gastroparesis in the search bar on the left to read the frequent updates of cody bear’s gastroparesis.


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What a dog! I mean that as a total compliment. He’s adorable! Now I have dog envy.

You’re so right. A dog belly should only be scratched. Right on that spot that makes his back leg start kickin’ in ecstasy!

Comment by Terry

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Um Hi,

We are “The 6 Cats of Inverness” and new here.
We love love love your blog.



Comment by the6catsofinverness

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Comment by Lotto 6/42 Results :

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Comment by Ambrose

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Comment by Brendon

[…] I love him so much, his health problems have been a constant stream of stress for me for 8 years.  But that’s another story.  I only mention it because when Pickles came along the contrast between  healthy and unhealthy […]

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