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drunken scots! (jk)
February 2, 2011, 6:04 pm
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let me just preface this by saying, no dogs were given alcohol while these events took place. or ever, actually.

ok!  it was tuesday night and pickles decided to go to the bar with some of her friends from border collie meetup!  so we went to pickles’ favorite local brewery.  all 6 of us packed into rehmy’s landrover and headed to the bar to freeze on the patio!

you know pickles.  here is ashleigh…

here is frank….checking out the menu and considering my mocha java stout…

the dogs did well, but as we usually do, after a couple beers we get a little silly and take turns making our dogs do tricks at the bar.  they love it because they love treats and attention.

(last time we went out rehmy gave pickles have a sonoran hot dog.  that is NEVER happening again. what a mess.)

we got really cold and decided to put the rovers back in the rover and head home.  a fun time was had by all!


the hops and holes theory….or…goodbear’s billiard training regime
August 19, 2010, 5:18 pm
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dear friends, please remember, you can’t startle easily if you go out drinking with goodbear.  that’s your warning.


because at any minute, while you’re casually lifting your glass to take a sip of beer, she might hiss, “don’t move” while she reaches for her bag.

…and pulls out a camera and makes you hold your glass up to the pretty lights.

oooh. ahhhh.

yes, i did go out for beers on a work night.  and yes, i am freakin exhausted today. 

but it was worth it. it was fun, plus i needed to be reminded about how much i suck at pool.  like every other american female my pool skills increase with each beer.  the number of balls sank per game is directly proportional to the amount of beers you’ve drank.  also, there is an exponential element. 

first beer = you still suck

second beer = most of your efforts are still humiliating, but maybe 2 or 3 shots will elicit a charitable high five from opponents.

third beer = you’re infallible.  at least….that’s what you remember. 

fourth beer = you still act like you CAN’T BELIEVE you made that shot, but in your tipsy head you’re thinking….”i’m a phenom!”

for the record, i only had 3 guinness last night, so i never hit “phenom” status.  also, i know i wasn’t infallible. 

 anyway, fun times. 

now get back to work!

hey, i know my feet like the back of my hand!
July 19, 2010, 6:22 am
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our regular breakfast place decided not to serve on sundays.  jerks.  so we started our day at a different place and i have to say….

their hash browns sucked.

moving on to the rest of the day cuz it gets better.

then one of my mates and i went to target and that was fun.

then to the mac store so i could get a new jogging case for my ipod. while i was there…they tried to pimp their macbooks on me.  no thanks.

so then we go to this running shoe store, right?  and my favorite model running shoe is totally on sale.  so i ask the guy for a seven and a half.  he says, “we better measure you.”  but what he meant was, “you’re stupid and you’re wrong so let’s measure you”.

so i stand on the foot scanner and i get very self conscious all of a sudden and i say, “i have flat feet.”  scan scan scan.  7.5 pops up on the screen and genius says, as if this is startling news to me, “you have naturally flat feet.”

then he tries to sell me an eight.

but i love my new 7.5s! so happy. then we went to shop for espresso machines at crate and barrel and william sonoma.  and then we went and had coffee drinks at this posh little coffee joint attached to a fancy market.  fancayyy.

next house cleaning.

then a 45 minute power nap. then i met some girl friends at the driving range.

then jogging with d.

NICE day, i have to say.

then what?

a nice blue moon, now bed time

“what’s with the tomato?” you ask?

it’s just funny. it has a nose.

tomatoes with noses are funny.

a kinder, more charitable pickles…who knows how to party
May 5, 2010, 4:06 am
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and so it came to pass that it was time for pickles’ first non-profit fundraising event.

our local hs’s biggest event.  it includes food, adult beverages, live auction, silent auction (fashion show (ugh)) and goody bags.

i had taken cody bear a few years ago. he hated it. too many dogs in close quarters.  but pickles, having just turned two, was looking for a wild night on the town.

just about 1300-1400 of pickles’ closest friends.

within the first hour and a half…the main bars were already out of stella artois and only had these:

ha ha!  abacus actually brought one back to me!  ha ha.  thank goodness we found a brewery on site that had ambers on hand.

what a close call.

and….pickles did great!  she is SUCH a good girl!

going to walk her and her cody bear now.


wordless tailgatin’
April 28, 2010, 10:38 pm
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capping off the week…or…how goodbear lost her ability to shake her groove thang
December 4, 2009, 5:54 pm
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got my car back last night!  they did a great job and the only way you would know it was in an accident….is by noticing how very CLEAN it is.  wow.  they did a nice job cleanin’ that baby!

so, yes, it’s friday. and i totally expect you all to have a fun weekend.  don’t overburden yourself with holiday shopping.  really.  i don’t expect gifts! 

a day trip perhaps?

this one time, not at band camp, we took a day trip to this little artsy town.  and there was this building.  it was covered in beer bottle caps.  the door, the window frames.  cool eh?

as for me…i have a photo shoot with a VERY small dog tomorrow.  i am sort of dreading it because….i have sciatica!  what?  how come i’m aging all of a sudden?  i was romping with pickles and i bent funny and ….ohhh…you know how it goes.

i’m supposed to have beers with a friend, but i’m not sure my ibuprofen will enjoy partying with hops and barley tonight.  hops and barley….sound like puppy names.

and so the bear turned 5…
July 6, 2009, 6:54 pm
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and there was much rejoicing.

and there were orange chocolate cupcakes.


and there were fat tires.

fat tiresand there was a very happy bear.  i took him to the book store and to the liquor shop so he could get cuddled by strangers. (he loves that!) but no one would give him the time of day.  they at least gave him a cookie at the liquor shop.

then a few friends dropped by throughout the evening to rub his belly and comment on how much weight he has gained.  we all agree…he looks great.  it’s been a struggle to keep weight on him for years.

i think he had a good day.

i love my little guy.codyatnight

will the beers be cold by the time work is over?
May 29, 2009, 3:05 pm
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getting my new refrigerator today!  after having to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of food.  cody bear and pickles were devastated that theire ground beef, turkey dogs and cheese went bad.  i was devastated that the chocolate soy ice cream melted, then i dropped it and it blew up all over me.

getting brakes fixed on the ole honda tomorrow.  thank god.  trying to stop in that car when you have any speed going is a bone jarring experience.

how are the dogs, you ask?  cody bear is doing great!  pickles is acting funny, like something hurts.  but, it could just be because she’s a border collie and…she’s crazy.  she only acts that way when she is wearing her harness to walk with cody bear.  drama queens, both of them.

here she is frolicking in last week’s rain showers:

raindayupdate: the new frigidaire was supposed to be delivered while i was at work around 10am.  buzzy was going to be here.  but they just called and they’re on their way now.  so i had to call in to my boss to be late. hope he’s not mad!

is goodbear moving to ireland!?!?
March 17, 2009, 4:45 am
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“Aggie Postemon took the “Where should you live?” quiz and the result is: Ireland Aggie took Where should you live? quiz and the result is Ireland You belong in Ireland. You love the countryside and you want to spend your life being surrounded by green. You love small towns where you can relax in the pub and have a chat, and several pints! Sunny destinations aren’t important for you, you’d rather be in this beautiful country, where the people are chatty and down to earth and where culture surround you everywhere you go.”

so, i did my first quiz on facebook today.  funny enough, st. patrick’s day and all, my results were ireland.  i’ve HAVE been there…and i DO love it.


pickles says, “hell yes!  there are tons of sheep there!”

oh…you crazy border collie!

by the way,…aggie postemon is goodbear’s pseudonym.  it’s a bee! agapostemon.  clever, huh?

wonder what the bees are like there.  i already know the dogs are cool.

pickles makes a beer run….then spins
February 14, 2009, 12:56 am
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before my friends come over tonight for some mellow good times i took pickles on the beer run.  last time cody bear got to go.  it was so crowded in there.  they were having a beer tasting…with blueberry flavored beer.  huh?

we also needed some training time to make the munchkins feel loved.  dogs LOVE training!

all this stuff is a slice of cake for cody bear, but he doesn’t care.  the interaction is what matters.

ok, time to remove my laundry from the chairs…..