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not quite “the notebook”

so, yeah, i like photographing insects.  you all know that.  but those who know me very well know i like …um….catching them in the act!

and it just turns out that my yard is a hot bed for insect sex.

you can’t turn around without seeing long horned cactus beetles hooking up.  they make rabbits look like prudes.

in this photo, the one on the bottom is EATING during copulation!  (oh no she dih-unt!? oh yes she did!)  aren’t you guys glad i didn’t use a macro lens????  can’t you just HEAR john mayer singing his creepy song “your body is a wonderland?”  (ew….i just grossed myself out.  creepy guy. creepy song.)

here you have a lonely beetle.

don’t worry little one…stick around long enough, someone is bound to find you.

for more photos i have taken of insects in flagrante, visit here and here.


July 29, 2009, 2:30 pm
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back to the forest this weekend.  made it safely home without any rattlesnake encounters.  it was actually too cold for them to be out.   the mosquitos were horrible.

but the beetle action?  the beetle action was sweet!

“help meeeeeee….”

poly1that’s a polyphylla decemlineata.  here he is later, chillin’ with one of his buggie friends:

growling beetle with bug smallwe got there just before dark, set up our area, the guys started grilling while we went and photographed some critters before the light disappeared.

sunsetafter sunset, r turned the black lights on and soon the moths all came.  thousands of critters.  we were only interested in one specific moth species.

probably our last blacklighting trip for the year.

those girls sure love critters…..
July 24, 2009, 2:27 pm
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and so goodbear and buzzybeegirl found themselves at the botanical gardens one evening…..

they heard a buzzing.  more of a hum, or a whirrrrr.   hundreds of figeater beetles were visiting the garden that same night.

here they have found the motherload:  a juicey fig.

figeatermotherloadbut what’s this?

figeaters pasthow sad.  scads of dead fig beetles littering the ground be low.  as you can see, they are a striking metallic green.

there were other lovely critters, such as this resting fritilary butterfly…

butterflythey wandered through the grounds.  they chatted.  they attended a small chinese music concert.  they cursed themselves for leaving their “real” cameras at home.

but they were too hungry to last long at the concert.  they left to meet buzzy’s husband at a mexican restaurant and pigged out.  goodbear woke up the next morning second guessing her menu selection….

hope you like today’s bug shots!

and hope you have a nice friday!

is that his real name?
June 28, 2009, 1:47 pm
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yes…he really IS called the “pleasing fungus beetle.”

pfbsorry the picture is so crappy. i only had my point and shoot with me yesterday.  these guys were all over when we went hiking in the mountains yesterday morning.

teeny buggies, big excuses….
June 3, 2009, 5:38 am
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i know what you’re thinking!  you’re all like, “hey goodbear, it’s june already.  where are all the creepy, adorable and intriguing insect shots you usually post in spring and summer months?”

well i’m so glad you asked.  the answer has many parts:  1.  i’ve been busy…and one thing i was busy with is buzzybeegirl‘s masters achievement!  congrats buzzy!  she’s going to update you all soon. 2.  i’ve started a new nature blog and have been posting my sexier insect shots there.  and trust me…i literally mean sexy. 3. well….actually you don’t need all the reasons you just want to see the critters.


ok,  critter number one…a beetle:

minicooperi can’t tell you yet what kind of beetle he is, since there are more beetle species than there are excuses for not blogging on time.  many, many more.  but buzzy is going to check it out, and maybe some of our entomology friends will chime in, too.  i think he’s a teensy scarab guy…but i’m delirious with thurst, so what do i know?

next, we have the assassin bug and his little aphid friend. (buzzy…is that an aphid? i don’t freakin’ know.  it’s smaller than my confidence of identifying buggie.)

miniaphidfriendi know…the pictures suck.  it was dark…windy…and the minibuggies were small!

if you get a minute, please send congrats to buzzy, who coasted through her defense.  let us clarify…the reason she coasted through the actual defense is because she worked her ass off for years.  the day of the defense was a forgone conclusion.  she was cool, confident, and she rocked it.  the committee meeting was almost a mere formality…but only because she worked so hard on her research and had such a great project and a few people who were devoted to supporting her.

so yay buzzy. and yay mini beetle.

save the beetles!!!
March 29, 2009, 4:46 pm
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we did a sunday morning hike again, but this time cody brought his friend hannah.  here they are after the hike.  as you can see, cody bear is happiest when he has spent time in nature.

hiking-with-hannahand i met this cool guy.  v. brought her dad along.  as soon as cody bear saw him he melted. “that man has to cuddle meeee!”  he loved this man.  and he was a really nice guy and he volunteers for the center for american burying beetle conservation! in a nutshell, it sounds like loss of habitat and insecticides are playing a big part in the diminishing numbers.

wish i could blog more, but i have so much to do.  just wanted to pop on and let you all know that cody had a great morning.  going to take him and pickles shopping now!

harbingers on translucent wing
February 24, 2009, 8:24 pm
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oochy, what a fun lunch i had!

first of all, i felt my first bee of the season when i was stung!  a native bee. a sweat bee, in fact.  it was exciting because it is the harbinger of many bees to come.

then, while watering the plants i SAW my first native bee of the season.  an augochlorini, doing bee type things on my yellow sedum flower.



i found two petrified june beetles!

(d’ja ever see the movie “junebug?” i liked it.)

oh, and hell no, i wouldn’t be holding the beetle if it was alive.  i’m not quite there yet people.  i leave all the heavy lifting to buzzybeegirl!  she leaves the grillin’ to me.

so…there will be many bug lighting excursions this summer.  not to mention the garlic harvest in late may. (a very delicious weekend, indeed!)  so grab beers and head over!

woah….someone’s getting a little to excited about the spring.  please excuse me.

the tower of my beetles’ love has toppled
February 13, 2009, 12:26 am
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strong winds have knocked down one of the 50 year old cacti in my front yard today. it toppled right into the driveway and i almost drove right over it.  some of you may remember this large cactus from our long-horned cactus beetles love episode.

how sad…tower1and right before valentine’s day.

you see, the beetles would hang upside down from the tender leaves of the creosote bush, shaded from the afternoon sun by the cactus.  after they had . . . procreated they would go out for a bite to eat.  and eat all night long.  eat eat eat.  you could actually hear them chomping!

tower2it probably weighs around 100 pounds.  i’ll have to break it up with a shovel to move it.  and since there is no time tonight….let’s all just hope i don’t forget about it and back over that bad boy in the a.m.  that would be quite a kick in the pants!

yard sale find of the century…depending on whom you ask…
October 6, 2008, 5:00 am
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and so the weekend has come to an end.  cody bear is hanging in there.  thanks to everyone who wished him well.  i will blog more about his illness tomorrow or tuesday.

for now, i thought i would recap the weekend and show you photos of 2 things you love:  pickles …. and beetles.

here is pickles….with what looks like a mini swamp critter.  but it’s just a dirty chew-thing:

she’s been working that thing all night.  cody bear just laid next to her on the bed sighing.  “i wish iiiii could have a chew.” siigggghhh.

and since you have a tiny interest in large beetles.  (you do,…right???)

here is a bug box buzzybeegirl‘s neighbor picked up for her at a yard sale.

some scarabs, some rhinocerus beetles, some cicadas, some sagras.  top, second in from the right…she has a bright pink sparkly head.  i’m not an insect box preparer.  i like the living guys (outside of my home please) the best.  but, you have to appreciate the amount of work that went into this collection.  i may see one of these insects, but never all of them.  and you’re right:….they’re very big.

10 bux can get you alot, huh?!

ok. i have to get back to work.  cheers!

oooh, fancy schmancy!
September 2, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so by now you know when i show an insect it is because i want you to see how cool it is.  i’m not trying to gross anyone out.  buzzybeegirl, r and i find some of the more interesting, lesser known bugs and try to get some good shots.

the truth is, sunday night we saw many beautiful things while buglighting.  very few creepy things. mostly pretty.

so, here is the 11 lined beetle.  (i have been told that’s what it is but i sometimes suspect the brainiees make stuff up to make me look silly on my blog. JUST KIDDING!)

also, just so you know how i get creeped out by bugs, as well:

if the insect is outside i grab my camera, but if the bug is in my house…..i grab my suitcase and the car keys.