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a message from the bird in blue?
October 17, 2011, 6:21 am
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working all day trying to make some big bucks for cody bear’s upcoming surgery, i had a few moments to look around and saw something flop in the pond.  a few seconds later a kingfisher, brilliant blue, landed on the “no swimming” sign and looked right at me.

ugh! i didn’t have my telephoto and he was so far away.  he came back after lunch and was on the other side of the pond, but i did catch a couple shots.

i know the photos are not great, but trust me, he was fantastic!

kingfishers are one of my favorite birds and i never thought i would see one in town!

anyway….i had been venting to a friend (boohonky!) about the worries and then started gushing about this fancy bird and she pointed out to me that perhaps the kingfisher was a harbinger of good news….


why i will never be a pro bowler….
January 30, 2011, 4:18 pm
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so here was yesterday, (an explanation of why i’m still in my jammies and why my back is tired. not sore…tired)


get to the art institute by 9 am to talk to students about dog and nature photography

go to botanical gardens to take some shots.  see this bird with a stick….

which naturally reminds me of this….

pick up abacus to go to breakfast where he orders this….

that’s the “traditional” grilled trout and eggs breakfast meal.  whose tradition IS this, exactly?

head to the cakery to hang out with mc cupcake where she was working on this….

home. two loads of laundry.  take dogs to the park for a nice long walk.

fm picks me up and we go back to the bakery to pick up a sheet cake for the music studio grand opening.

grand opening where i meet this dog….


drink a couple beers, then head home to feed the dogs and take them for a nice walk around the neighborhood.  then head to italian restaurant.

next, cyberbowling at ten.  i finish game 1 with 100.  next…70…next 61.

i won’t be going pro.

and so i came to a screeching halt.
February 14, 2010, 3:32 pm
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screeching…get it?

on our way home from the self serve dog wash friday i saw THIS hanging out over the road on a side street…

a great horned owl!  he knew perfectly well i was there, but he wouldn’t look at me!

the dogs were very patient.  pickles sent off a warning bark when a stranger approached the car, as well.  good assistants…even though they were wet.

for a cool pic of this owl, visit my nature photography blog here.

cultivating your bird of prey garden?
December 31, 2009, 8:55 pm
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yesterday.  lunch.  i was home, romping with cody bear.  pickles was chewing a stick.

swoop.  coming at us, then changing directions suddenly….a bird.  the red of it’s eye distinctive.

it then landed in a tree behind my fence.  all that was visible…again, his red eye.  oh my camera with the long lens was at work!

it took off for a better perch farther away, then landed again.  i ran in and got my rebel.  just as i jumped onto a chair to look over the fence it took off again, in serious pursuit!

a cooper’s hawk…

isn’t she lovely?

and then she was gone….

have you heard of butterfly gardens, and hummingbird gardens?  i used to joke about cultivating a “bird of prey” garden.  it was when i did wildlife rehab.  (we had sick senses of humor.)  i said i would put out bird feeders to lure song birds and the raptors would follow.  that was year’s ago and i was only kidding.  but, ever since my thrasher baby birdies were eaten i’ve realized….i kinda sorta have a bird of prey garden.

actually, with all the beetles and lizards, even the smaller predatory birds enjoy the lot.

anyway, you can IMAGINE how excited i was to have that hawk in my yard yesterday!  gorgeous bird!

wild, wild world . . . with a bird and a sand wedge.
December 28, 2009, 4:01 am
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goodbear hit the greens again today!  and looky looky what she saw!

a swainson’s hawk!  awwwwesome!

well, when we started our round i asked my brother if i got a birdie would he buy me a new set of taylor made hybrids.  he agreed, so confident was he that i could not get a birdie!  he said the hawk on the 11th hole didn’t count.  grrr.

i wound up in the sand alot, which i don’t mind, really.  here is the view from one sand trap:

i looked up and saw this:

cool trees.   like from the movie “it’s a wild, wild world.”

tomorrow is my last day of vacation.  i’ll have to head home.   sadness.

pier livin’
August 20, 2009, 2:25 pm
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it was nice to visit california.  my favorite parts were the cool air, the sound of the waves and the beautiful vegetation.

i definitely enjoyed the beach time!  here are some scenes from an evening on the pier:

pierbirdso, that’s a sea gull.  moving on…

piercraba crab.  a couple people were tossing their net and bringing up these tiny little guys.


pierfoodfish n’ chips, bait AND clam chowder!

oh and here is a man and his dog on the pier

goodbear is back from cali!
August 17, 2009, 8:00 am
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beachmore details and pix to follow.

had fun…but so good to be back home with the merry pupsters!

this heron wasn’t feeling very peckish.
August 4, 2009, 4:14 pm
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i had gone to the lake with a friend to photograph dragonflies when all of a sudden a large shadow could be seen over the water in the background through my viewfinder.


once it landed i walked down to the shore, but he was on to me.  he kept wading farther away.


slowly wading.  i really wanted to get a picture of him spearing a fish for you guys, but he was not really into giving me a photo op. i got bored, he got farther away, i went back to my dragonflies.

July 4, 2009, 2:41 pm
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today is cody bear’s birthday!  i’ll be posting more about that later, naturally.

my boss gave us yesterday off for cody bear’s birthday…well, acutally, for 4th of july, but whatever.

so buzzy and i grabbed the macros and embarked on a quest for bees.  as i was waiting patiently at some purple flowers for bees to land, i looked to my left and saw this guy…

gfinch7-09i love gold finches.

in other bird news, my curved bill thrashers are back.   after last month’s tragedy, the adults are back in my yard and trying to rebuild their lives.  trying to rebuild their lives at 5:30 in the morning on a saturday when i can sleep late.  well,….i’m still glad they’re back!

i better get going.  have to feed the dogs then empty some cf cards for this morning’s shoot.  a poodle and a schnauzer….

stay tuned for cody bear’s birthday post!

circle of life type stuff…
June 9, 2009, 2:24 pm
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oh man.

every year i have a family of curved bill thrashers that live in a nest in a cholla bramble in my back yard.  6 feet in the air, surrounded by spiny branches, the thrashers have raised their babies, safe from the neighborhood cats, safe from my dogs.

yesterday i saw this at lunch:

nesteither an owl in the night or a hawk in the morning had obliterated my resident thrashers.  they were a fixture in our back yard and they are greatly missed!  thrashers have my favorite bird call.  it is terribly quiet today…