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a message from cody bear for his friends
March 3, 2009, 5:59 am
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the following is a message from cody bear:


apie….i love you!  have a purple haze and a hot shower and start fresh tomorrow. things WILL get better. and…again…i love you!

t.j.  be strong and be happy.  i’m wagging because you love your sally and you have a huge year ahead of you.

pennycat….please take care of my momma.

checkers….let’s go to wales & england!

fish….feel well soon. mom wishes you well and so do i! wag wag.

buzzy….write write write damn it. WRITE!

now, excuse me, but i have to get back to romping and snuggling with my baby sister who loves me very much and says that…well…she says that i’m …”THE MAN” . but really, i’m the bear!

wag wag

cbnpicky1and that spit on my head…that’s from pickles.  she’s very uncouth, but i have to love her. she makes me happy.

cbnpicky2night night sweet pickles.


the interview that didn’t make’s front page
January 30, 2009, 11:35 pm
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my friend lavenderbay was interviewed on her blog, and, in turn, asked if any of her friends wanted to be interviewed.  and being as i’m not in a super creative place this week, i was up for it.

so here goes, the interview barbara and oprah WISH they had gotten their paws on:

1.      You volunteer at a wildlife refuge. Briefly, what has been one of your more memorable experiences there?

the answer to this one is not for people with an overly delicate constitution.  it happened about 10 years ago in a different city at the first wildlife rehab center i volunteered at.  being wild animals, our raptors  ate actual whole chickens, not boneless, skinless breasts.  feathers and all.  we would purchase hundreds of them, keep them in freezers, chop them into chunks with an axe before each feeding shift.

every now and then someone would donate living ones to us, and some of the tougher, more circle-of-life-ish workers would break the chickens necks rapidly, then put them in the freezer.  so one saturday a group of volunteers ended the lives of 10 donated hens.  sunday morning, when the feeding crew arrived to start prepping food, l. opened the freezer and a chicken jumped out at her.  you see, she hadn’t died.  she had passed out.  she went home as a pet that day, and lived a very happy and privileged life for years.

2.      Many of your blogfriends would love to invite you over for supper. Please help them out by supplying one of your favourite vegan recipes.

well, first i would let them know that i’m allergic to carrots, mango, oranges, canteloupe.  i love mediterranean food, so i would say something baba ghanouj-y or hummis-ish would be nice.  but also, i love thai food, indian food, all that spicy stuff.  many of my friends are vegetarians, or vegetarian friendly.  i guess i would probably do my spicy pan fried noodle sauce recipe suggestion:  1/4 c. soy sauce, 1/8 c. sesame oil, 1 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs corn starch, 2 tbs chili garlic sauce.  goes good with rice, or double pan fried noodles and some fresh veggies!

3.      Do you find that blogging has made a positive difference in your life? If so, how?

yes!  i love to laugh, and through blogging i get tons more chuckles per day.  james/dennis leaves the funniest comments on my posts.  and even though checkers hasn’t been blogging in a while, some of his pictures and posts still crack me up when they come to mind.  there are so many great blogs that make me laugh, and the comments people leave are sometimes quite genius.

i think i’m less crabby, too.  i’ve blog-met some really cool people that try to cheer me up if i’m worried, and they’re always checking in to see how cody bear is feeling.  plus, my other blog makes me practice my photography more, which is great.

4.      You own a bicycle. What do you use it for? Have you ever made a long-distance bike trip? What do you like about the model you own?

i have two bikes! an old 2 speed kombi lux from norway, and a trek multi-track 720 that really needs a tune up.  i used the kombi to get groceries.  it has a basket on the front that i’m pretty sure was made specifically for a baguette, daisies and a bottle of wine.  i also like to ride around the neighborhood in it.  it’s such a goofy little thing and people love it!  plus, it is really good for my posture.  i use the trek for longer distance rides, or recreational riding with friends.  i haven’t ridden much since i got the puppy since you kind-a sort-a have to be more available for a puppy’s…bladder, if you get me.

i’ve never done long bike adventures, and doubt i will. i need to really get back into riding every day…

mega zoom cutesy
December 29, 2008, 10:48 pm
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drunkbunny has requested a “mega-enhance zoom (TM)” of cody bear’s cute face that was on my earlier ultra-boring post.  naturally i can produce!


“why is he concentrating so hard?” you may be wondering….

well,….he was looking for the perfect place to make peepers.

i know the alphabet…but the other stuff was tough to think about…
August 29, 2008, 5:07 am
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leave it to elizabeth to have a cool list!

before we get into it, i am hoping gina, lavenderbay and pennycat respond, as well as others.

ok, here goes:

A. Attached or Single? SWINGle!

B. Best Friend? dave

C. Cake or pie? cake.  no frosting please

D. Day of choice? saturday

E. Essential item? my dogs and my cat.

F. Favorite color? blue…or green…or red

G. Gummy bears or worms? ick to both, thank you very much.

H. Hometown? hometown america baby! just kidding.

I. Favorite indulgence? coka cola or sleeping late!

J. January or July?  january

K. Kids? hell no!

L. Life isn’t complete without? pets

M. Marriage date? ick…marriage

N. Number of brothers and sisters? 1 older sister (and some supplemental siblings from the sperm donor’s side)

O. Oranges or Apples? neither. allergic to oranges, hate apples

P. Phobias? police and sharks

Q. Quotes? i have no quotes

R. Reasons to smile? dogs, cats, raptors, bees, family, friends, flannel sheets, sleeping late,

S. Season of choice? not summer

T. Tag people: gina, pennycat, lavenderbay

U. Unknown fact about me? I um….i keep a pump container of hand sanitizer in the cup holder of my honda civic.  but i’m not a germaphope….i just think the grocery store is …skeavy!

V. Vegetable? love fresh okra sauteed w/ onion and cumin, peas, chard and collard greens w/ garlic. ok….anything fresh

W. Worst habit?   there are many and they are all bad

X. X-ray or Ultrasound? are we talking super powers?  i want x-ray

Y. Your favorite food? mid-eastern

Z. Zodiac sign? Libra!  hence my answer to letter F

state of the blog address
May 8, 2008, 2:25 pm
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hi everyone! i realize some of my entries have been sad or heavy lately, so i wanted to turn things around and talk about some cheery stuff.

starting today, blogs will be more positive, however, i will update you on topics that may be sad from time to time.

starting the cheeriness now:

that is probably the last youtube video i post in a while. this is good news because there is a glitch the disables the video from time to time. that’s frustrating for me, and you, cody bear’s friends.

on the happy train, i have learned that blog friend lavenderbay is getting fergus, a cute new baby corgi puppy. he will make a great play mate for her dog, cai.

we will resume our “cody bear asks” series, but with less frequency. and, if checkers is up for it, there are more road trips planned akin to roswell and the whitehouse trip! we may even do some more cnn headline jumbles! and more more MORE photography!

also, it is time to inform you all that i do NOT hate my coworker anymore. he is not that irritating and he has been trying hard. also, he has stopped treating me like the house wench.

mad lib thursdays will continue! wordless wednesdays will also continue here at the blog, however, i can only remain wordless for an hour or two before i start….using words.

more contests and prizes like this one can be expected!

thank you all for sticking with the blog, even during the emotional posts about dogs not feeling well. i have loved visiting your blogs, and i continue to love doing my dog daily photo blog.

so, i’m going to work for a few hours, then will be back with some mad lib results. in the meantime, i wish you all well, and challenge you to do something embarrassing, silly or blogworthy today.

wordless wednesday – bouncing dog
March 26, 2008, 8:41 pm
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