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January 8, 2010, 4:24 pm
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cody bear….

yes, that’s him,

would like to announce some blogs!  she takes great photos, has giveaways and the whole blog is dogcentric!

as always, the bear recommends visiting the blog of dennis the vizsla!  lots of action over there!  however, if you are a member of the american society of hedgehog lovers….i would stay away.  hedgehogs are not painted in a very glowing light over there. be warned.

now, if you’re one of our photography friends, please visit my dog photography biz partner’s great photo blog at  there you will find anything from flowers to foklorico dancers!

i think this one is good, but i’ll warn you, it’s twisted and there are swear words. (goodbear loves swear words!) a very creative guy but if you’re conservative (gramma that’s YOU) don’t click on this link.

well that’s all for now.  later today we’ll hit you with some more pix of dogs and plants and shit.  i mean . . . .stuff.  dogs and plants and stuff.

enjoy your blog journey today!


the bedroom meme…no worries, it’s g-rated
April 21, 2009, 6:24 am
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dennis tagged me on the bedroom meme.  it should be a simple meme: post three interesting scenes from your bedroom. (sounds naughty, no matter what)

as i’ve mentioned….i sleep well.  seriously.  in the past i was always been a bad sleeper, but one thing i have conquered is the sleep situation. NO ONE sleeps better than me.

and ever since dennis tagged me, it has been obvious to me that the lack of interesting things in my bedroom is what makes me sleep so soundly. so it was work coming up with these meme photos.  so here gos.

now…dogs are obvious. as are dog toys, so this shot doesn’t count:

brobvioushowever they are comforting and do contribute to my successful sleeping.

but moving on to the actual meme.



a broken alarm clock.  it goes off at 6:26.  i cannot change the time.  it either goes off at 6:26 or not at all.   can’t move it forward…can’t move it back.  should i get a new one? yes.  but first i need a new electric toothbrush to replace THAT broken electronic device.

moving on…

2.  the loki memory panel

brlokiclick here for info on it, but basically it was a tribute made by a friend in memory of the dog of my heart, loki.  it hangs in the west facing window of my bedroom.

and 3. by the back door….


…dehydrated beef livers and a mag light…naturally.

you see, in the back yard the dogs have a variety of chase distractions: cats, rabbits, squirrels, lizards, cars, birds, lunatics, beetles, basketball players.  the dogs come when they’re called, and i reinforce this frequently with treats.  also, right by the back door is a large mag light.  we go outside late at night sometimes.  i need to find and/or beat the beetles/lunatics that may be hanging out.

funny thing about this meme, it came right in the middle of the re-feng shui-ing of my bedroom.  in summary,  it is a place of rest and solace.  and all the mag lights and beef livers in the world won’t interrupt my sleep.


how the…? what the…?
March 20, 2009, 6:11 pm
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it’s the miracle of the chiweenie, i swear.

i just got back from running work errands and decided to check my stats.

THIS PICTURE from my dog daily photo blog that i posted last night seems to be hot stuff.  328 hits so far!!!  that’s a bunch of hits!

anyway, hows your day going?

is this a stupid idea? or is this just what we need?
March 17, 2009, 8:59 pm
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hi blog readers and blog friends.

i have a stupid idea.  is anyone interested in a book group of sorts?  you see, so many readers of my blog are clever and well read.  you guys leave witty comments and your blogs are so creative.  and i just thought i would toss the idea out there.

we pick a book, then a variety of things could happen:  perhaps we set a day to finish the book by, and on that day we each post our thoughts on the book. orrrr, each book one person leads off with a discussion opener on their blog and people join in the comments.

part of me thinks, “how about a group that discusses fiction involving dogs?” but i don’t know if there are enough good ones out there that would interest people.



stupid idea?

opportunity to showcase your big brain?

here pickles settles down with a good stick….

book-clubborder collies are very smart: they don’t NEED to read.

random things that hopefully won’t make you take me off your blogrolls…
January 28, 2009, 6:09 am
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mutts & such put me in a tag on her facebook 25RANDOMTHINGSABOUTME list.

so, i’ll do a list.  i’ve got some random things.

1. i wear my new balance to work.

2. house plants actually LIVE in my care, people!

3. i can type 55 wam.

4. in 7th grade i couldn’t spell “business” in the spelling bee.  and some jerk off named brian picked on me about it for the remainder of the school year.

5. you’ll all think less of me for this one:  i really want to go see the new mall cop movie.  none of my friends will go with me, i bet.  i can’t help it, i think that guy is funny!

6. i make yummy limeade!

7. i like bees.

8. during the last world cup ….i had a fantasy soccer team on yahoo. i got trounced.  i was obsessed with it.

9. i wear glasses and prescription sunglasses.

10. i hate raisins in salads.

11. i want a tempurpedic mattress.  badly badly want.

12. i love doing laundry.  especially folding warm towels out of the dryer.

13. i’m not ready for “the big switch” to digital.

14. i’m probably going to want to move someday…but i don’t know where.

15. i don’t wear earrings.

16. in 1995 i had a coworker run my dad’s ssn and find him for me.  months later, feverish and out of my mind, …i contacted him.

17. i just this second realized my point and shoot camera is missing.

18. when i was a kid…i wouldn’t eat macaroni and cheese because i thought it sounded disgusting when the cheese sauce was being mixed in.

19. i have been known to stash laundry in the trunk of my car if it is laying around and company is coming over!

20. i rent a quirky lil house with a big yard, many windows.

21. my best friend suggested we go to the renaissance fair after our cycling jester sighting,…but i told him it was lame.

22. i have a tv in the living room and one in the bedroom (bad feng shui, i know!) and both remote controls are broken.

23. i’m currently wearing a light blue hoody and a thread bare t-shirt.  fuzzy sweats and hiking socks…cuz it’s cold. damn cold.

24. i’m only as old as the cashier selling me beer thinks i am.

25. i have the feeling something really wonderful is going to happen this year!

late breaking lame goodbear news
January 4, 2009, 4:50 pm
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hey! my other blog had 323 hits yesterday!

see?…..i’m already procrastinating!

pretend christmas gifts for blog friends.
December 22, 2008, 3:53 am
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my virtual blogfriends xmas shopping list goes like this:

lavenderbay: a hemp journal. inside i will have written. “to a friend. one who makes me a better blogger.”

pennycat: a tin of caviar…naturally.

dennis: $1000 gift card to ace hardware to trick out the goferbroke.

metabolictornadopuppy: olympic size swimmingpoolpond and perpetual tennis ball launcher.

checkers: anything and everything he wants. he’s the corgi of my dreams!

elizabeth: a custom pair of shoes from prada. one of a kind and very high.

Stilllifeinbuenosaires: her dream puppy….who would happen to have a sense of rhythm.

Buzzybeegirl: a dream job in her new town and a private jet to come home to see me each month.

Daisy: thousands of crunchy dog biscuits

Drunkbunny: 1.5 terrabyte hard drive…to store more random crap

Eyegillian: Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM Super Telephoto Lens. May have to keep it if I don’t get her new mailing address.

The aged cat: smiling memories

Gina: $100 gift card to bahama breeze and one day with anyone from her past

Laura: $100 for drinks at favorite ithaca bar on 1-29….$100 for drinks at favorite aruba bar on 2-16.

Jon: running shoes…only to be worn at an appropriate feel better time.

Tam: a 5d. naturally.

Forky: a 5d. naturally.

s.le: gps that tracks tony and shocks him when he deletes a blog.

jamesviscosi: a $10k credit at lulu and a high def web cam system.

hilary: a camera!

lavenderbay: one last thing, just cuz:  a trip to costa rica.  someone has to help e.g. hold up her new lens!

December 19, 2008, 12:21 am
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hi everyone! welcome back to cody bear’s friends.  today…we celebrate passing 50,000 visits to our humble blog!!!!


i’ve loved blogging about cody bear and all his fun stuff, as well as bees, nature and random thoughts.  it has also been helpful sharing my thoughts on his gastroparesis.

i thank you all for stopping by to check in on cody bear and pickles, and for leaving such thoughtful, helpful and fun comments!  it means so much to me to get to communicate to other animal lovers and to share with you all how special my cody bear, pickles and spree are.

we’re definitely looking forward to future blogging.


and now that pickles is growing up and they’re becoming better friends, maybe cody bear and picky will have some crazier adventures to share.


so anyway….i’m really glad you guys check in from time to time!  and i’ve loved reading your blogs also.

and while i’m being all mushy….HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND WARMEST WISHES FOR A JOYOUS 2009!!!




snow on the blog?
December 7, 2008, 5:58 pm
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if you want it to snow on your wordpress blog….
go here:

pennycat’s new blog!
August 12, 2008, 10:17 pm
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my sister’s cat has solved the fuel crisis.

in her new blog, penny is already tackling some big issues!