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ww – desert evening


things are bad when your dog tells you to tidy up…
January 10, 2010, 5:31 pm
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things have gotten out of hand in the yard.  cody bear took it upon himself to point this out to me with his constant “here’s a stick!  there’s a stick!”  business.

“what’s this?”

….a stick, i’m guessing.

so tomorrow is a yard work day.  it’s unruly back there.  but the potted plants are doing great!  here’s a cluster of buds on a paddle plant bloom:

and this cactus is ready to rock.  the augochlorinis are going to love it!

today has been sort of weird, really.  maybe the pounds of pasta we’re all going to eat tonight will calm the day down.

obligatory moonshot…and a bad ass cactus!
January 1, 2010, 10:26 am
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and here’s the moon.

moving on…

here’s some other cool shit from our “last day of ’09 photo outing”…

i photoshopped the “happy new year” in….

those words are not naturally occurring in desert!

more tomorrow!

night night

circle of life type stuff…
June 9, 2009, 2:24 pm
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oh man.

every year i have a family of curved bill thrashers that live in a nest in a cholla bramble in my back yard.  6 feet in the air, surrounded by spiny branches, the thrashers have raised their babies, safe from the neighborhood cats, safe from my dogs.

yesterday i saw this at lunch:

nesteither an owl in the night or a hawk in the morning had obliterated my resident thrashers.  they were a fixture in our back yard and they are greatly missed!  thrashers have my favorite bird call.  it is terribly quiet today…

big ole cactus…tiny bees
April 28, 2009, 2:38 pm
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we took a day trip and i got up close and personal with these gigantic saguaro cacti.

saguaroblossom1as you can see, these are very tall.  we were lucky they were all over, even beside the road.  to get these shots i had to use my 75-300mm telephoto lens and stand on the back of the truck.  this shot was from about ten feet away.

this one is from about 5 feet away.   good thing because it is a much smaller bee!  it was about the size of a large grain of rice.


see how tall they are?

saguarothe entire area was packed with bees, but we weren’t scared as they were all native bees.  we didn’t see any honeybee swarms.

several varieties of bees were wallowing in the saguaro blossoms.  other native bees were buzzing around about a foot above the ground.  everywhere you looked you saw a bee flying around.

it was great!

art show…but not how you’d think…
April 26, 2009, 8:25 am
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if the day begins with hashbrowns…it’s gonna be good.  but lets not dwell on breakfast…

the hike to the petroglyphs was easier than i expected, so we went a little farther. i have to say….i had a good time but i was sad i didn’t see more wildlife.  not one single raptor.     and no snakes.

but this was a fun surprise:

cairna cairn.  i love these things.  i tried to keep them up in my back yard…but certain fast moving cinnamon bears kept knocking them over.

and of course, the whole reason we went to this site:

.rockyrockooh, yeah baby, petroglyphs.

rockyrock2ancient peoples.  writing about the sun, mankind, eternity, and mammals. gotcha.  scholars don’t really know for certain what the icons mean, but they are all over the world.  sun sign.  biped.  random mammal.

that sounds about right.  they were pretty much everywhere so many centuries ago.

but, there too, also… (that’s how alaska governors speak)

there, too, also,…were some pretty scenes.


it was a pretty and peaceful hike.


no dogs welcome here, but in retrospect…it would have been too dangerous.  venomous snakes, lizards, scorpions, nasty-ass-boars, mountain lions, prickly-spiny things.  it made me definitely consider moving home so the dogs can be safer on a saturday morning walk.

workin’ over the pollen
April 18, 2009, 7:02 am
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oh, hello there bee…..

todaysbeeas you all know, i come home every day at lunch to let the dogs out, give cody bear his noon meds, snuggle…what not.

but i also grab one of the cameras and hope, hope, hope something interesting happens.

wellll, bee season is here.

now, i also grab the camera after the work day.  it’s been weird to see this:

noon:  bees gettin’ their buzz on in my cholla blossoms.  the cholla blossoms that are full of fluffy golden pollen.

5 pm:  i come home and find cholla blossoms with a decimated supply of pollen.  the gold dust has disappeared and the pedals are closing up.  they’ve been worked over.

like buzzybeegirl says: they don’t say busy as a bee for nothing.

the cold and prickly, the incensed.
January 6, 2009, 4:09 pm
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hello all!

tuesdays are the days i work in quickbooks.  but before i get into it, here’s the state of things in my town….



in television:  i will be watching “what would you do?” on abc tonight.  i’ve never seen it before, but i saw a preview and this guy in a diner refused to serve a spanish speaker!

ok, that’s random and stupid, and i’m sure you don’t care.  ok, bye.

hey bud…

…hovering just so
August 16, 2008, 4:20 am
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ah, the bee.  friday night.  rush home.  greet dogs with love.  we all run outside.  i go back in to grab the camera and start looking for the bees!

found one!

for a higher res of this photo, and more of my photography, click here.

now it’s time to get some work done. talk to you tomorrow….