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notes from the bored and useless…
January 2, 2009, 4:56 pm
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hello.   here’s a picture of  “that damn zucchini.”

here is a list of things i’m doing the moment i am allll better.  taking munchkins to the park.  riding one of my bikes to the grocery and buying a bottle of red wine and a loaf of french bread to take home in the basket.  going to target to buy towels. going tons of places to take photographs.  maybe that’s over doing it for the first day.

i also have to get my car smogged this coming week.  keeping fingers crossed. 

boredboredbored.  5 days home sick and counting. 

here’s a clue as to how bored and useless i am:

“ladies, do you have THIS problem?


do you hate it when your candle wax is stuck within your glass candle holder? are you tired of throwing away perfectly good candle holders?

here is goodbear’s quick and easy plan to save those glass candle holders!

first, fill candle holder at least half full with water, then freeze. 


once water is completely frozen, remove from freezer and immerse holder in a bowl of hot water.  once the ice is completely melted, pour out water and turn holder over.


now you have candle holders ready to go again!”

moving on.  today we have our third vet appointment of the week for cody bear.  poor guy just seems to have been born under the wrong moon.

ok…i’m going to go roll pennies or something…