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wordless road trip…
February 10, 2010, 3:17 am
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go goodbear! go goodbear! go goodbear!
December 3, 2009, 4:26 am
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hey! the new point & shoot works pretty well!  pretty far away, indoors, without a flash.

oh, yeah, i was at a basketball game recently.

moving on…

the day before thanksgiving…my neighbor drove into me.  she didn’t see me.

look at poor honda!

“doesn’t look that bad” you say?  the driver’s door doesn’t open and the alignment and wheel are wonky. plus the obvious damage.

it’s been in the shop for a week.  in the meantime i’ve been driving a rental mitsubishi eclipse.  ack!  i’m soooo not a sportscar girl.  glad i learned that before my midlife crisis.  the visibility sucks and i can barely fit the camera equipment and groceries in there at once.  let alone dogs! sheesh.

but the cheerleaders! look at them!  they’re givin’ us snaps!

make friends while driving….
October 5, 2009, 5:36 am
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i was driving south on a main road when i saw this convertible that looked familiar.  i  was sure it was a shelby cobra, the kind of car my dad used to race in the 60’s.  so i pulled up next to this guy in his cool car and i asked him about his shelby.  after chatting at the red light, and again while driving beside eachother, he invited me and my family to this weekend’s club cobra barbeque!

my dad had a great time chatting with all the car owners.  everyone was very nice.  and i had a great time photographing these very pretty cars.

blue copyi don’t know much about these cars.  my dad raced them long before i was born.  and to be honest….after seeing the pictures of his wreck….i’m glad my mom and i weren’t there when that happened.  we would have had heart attacks!

our host let us know that all of the 20 + cars were replicas, but some people race them monthly and each car is impeccably taken care of.

IMG_2311racer copyi think this one is my favorite:

IMG_2326mike copymy mom loved the orange one, my dad loved them all.  there was a silver one for sale . . .

IMG_2350forsalebut i just don’t think i can come up with the cash by next father’s day!

IMG_2324yellowit was a beautiful day, as you can see by the sky.

stickers copyi love this one, too…

IMG_2344bright copy

IMG_2334in line copyi know what my normal blog readers are thinking:

“goodbear,….you’ve never posted this many pictures in a row without throwing a dog shot in there.”

oh you know me so well!  of COURSE there was a dog there.  meet murphy in her shelby cobra!

dog caragain, it was a great day.  john was really nice so i’m glad we got to chat at the stop light.  it IS ok to talk to strangers if they’re in a certain kind of car!

roomy….with an “on” button
April 7, 2009, 2:07 pm
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the second thing i learned from my family upon arriving at new york was that my brother-in-law had just bought a new prius.  how exciting!

i love it.  my sister doesn’t like it…cuz it’s funny looking.



it averages 52.4 mpg. and it is very quiet.

his number one reason for purchasing it was the fuel consumption.  the car was the same price or cheaper than one that consumes more petrol, so he bought it.  it’s a sporty red color, too.

i can’t believe how roomy it is. everyone was surprised, you see…..he is 6’6″ and many cars are just too small.  but he sits comfortably in the prius.  so i recommend this car for tall people who want to help the environment, save on petrol prices or….irritate their wives.

and the car’s name is natasha.  i can’t remember why.

lessons we have learned from the bradys
February 9, 2009, 1:59 am
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remember the brady bunch episode where carol is at the grocery and she backs out of her spot and gets in the fender bender with the curmudgeon?

as you may recall, later in that episode there was a battle of the sexes “drive off” involving some cones and an egg?

well, i was at the grocery tonight, backing out of my spot.  carefully backing out of my spot.  taking my time backing..out..of.. my spot. don’t worry, i didn’t hit anything.  you see, in the back of my mind…i recall what happened to carol.  and while i may not have a mike that will get irritated with me, or a curmudgeon that makes me feel like a loser driver, that episode made an impact on me.  and each time i pull out of my spot i’m looking for someone back there!

now here’s the thing, i’m a terrible driver.  ask my boss.

a question for you:  am i a bad driver because i learned the rules of the road from the bradeys, orrrr, am i a bad driver that is good at backing out in parking lots BECAUSE of the bradeys?


another question:

what did YOU learn from the bradys?

reinventing my monday

och, what a day. i’m almost too tired to blog. seriously.

monday. firstly, my coworker made it clear that he HATES me. but then i moved on, worked, left work and…

that’s my spare tire! yes, i had a flat today, but i won’t complain about it. i used my new AAA membership and they arrived almost immediately to fix my tire. i didn’t feel lame about not doing it myself. how could i? it took him less than 5 minutes to put the donut on!

went to discount tire and discovered the tire was under WARRANTY! i bet you thought i was going to be complaining, huh?

but wait….there’s more…

had to go to the book store to figure out what to say at the wedding i’m officiating on saturday. at first cody bear was moping because no one would cuddle him, but then as we were leaving…he was mobbed by three staff members. gush gush gush.

came home and witnessed an amicable nap time:

they get closer every day…

to sum up, pickles was following cb everywhere and he was perfectly smily about that.

oh, and did i mention…he got his bday gift in the mail today from his beloved aunt?

a john deere tractor squeaky toy? really? YES!

he was psyched about that AND the quarter pound of venison jerky!

then i left the dogs for happy hour wine and appetizers with a long lost friend. it was so much fun. i got home and both dogs wanted to play and snuggle.

disagree, i dare you: it was a good day!

random dog and a recap
May 22, 2008, 2:42 pm
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well, yesterday was a cool blog day.  many of us posted some turtles on line.  that was cool.  i think we should do it again!  not turtles though…we’ll have to think of something else.  maybe theagedcat or checkers or lavenderbay will have an idea….

in the meantime, here’s a dog in the grocery parking lot:

i had just bought some groceries and was getting in my car, when i saw this little dog next to me.  he looks pretty content.   cody bear hates the car and hates being left in the car.

maybe he’s happy because he knows his owner is in the health food store buying him some yummy snacks?

April 15, 2008, 4:08 pm
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as i mentioned in the bikini model post yesterday, the morning began with a near miss and an ounce of road rage in our neighborhood.  cody bear was the cause, i was the bystander. it is only fitting that my work day actually ended with an impact.

the week we got our new company truck, my coworker was rear-ended outside one of our clients’ offices.  (they happen to be our insurance agent, as well)

yesterday afternoon, at that exact same intersection….there was a car accident.  i was at a stop sign facing east.  a pontiac with four people was driving south, no stop sign, going about 40mph and an 70ish woman was NOT STOPPING at her stop sign directly across from me.  i tried using my “imminent terror” face that i used earlier that morning…again….ineffective.  she blew through the sign. the pontiac t-boned her and they both ended up 3 feet from my door.  the crash made my feet go numb.

what’s funny is, i was nervous for my near miss.  till a couple hours later i actually realized that her tiny lexus and his pontiac at the MOST would have given my boss’s mammoth truck nothing more than a jiggle.

anyway….the guy was hysterical and would not stop yelling at the lady, so i had to call the police.  the police that terrify me.  so, that was the afternoon.

no one was hurt!  but i really thought he was going to hit her in the face.  he just kept screaming estupido estupido!

something akin to a bikini model?
April 14, 2008, 4:18 pm
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cody bear almost caused a car accident this morning. and …. may have been the catalyst for a tiny road rage incident….

so…we’re walking. he’s wagging, smiling, sniffing. i spent a great deal of time brushing him last night, so he looked extra soft and fluffy and shiny.

and this woman drives up to the stop sign and she can’t take her eyes off cody bear who was concentrating on some trace evidence of cats.  the woman is smiling and looking at him like “oh how PRECIOUS!” and slows down to see him, but turns right, coasting through the stop sign.  mesmerized by the cuteness, she doesn’t notice the jeep cherokee speeding down the road or my look of pre-accident terror.  pulls out in front of him.  instead of slowing down, he pulls up to her on the narrow residential street, slows down right next to her on the wrong side of the road and starts yelling and honking and being very unhappy.

meanwhile, cody bear continues to wag happily, none the wiser.  for me, its nice to know i’m not the most terrible driver in town, after all…

wordless wednesday – travels of dog