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spree wants you to leave a caption!
August 24, 2009, 6:08 am
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cat ball

another kittiosyncracy…
July 14, 2009, 2:05 pm
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so, we already know cody bear doesn’t like cats.  he fancies himself quite the cat hunter.  but my cat, spree, has somehow managed to convince him that she is not a cat and they get along very well.  they’re not bff or anything, but they live in quiet companionship.

but why push the buttons kitty cat?

we walk into the kitchen and she is curled up sleeping under cody bear’s elevated food bowl.   by the time i got back with my camera she was up and sniffing the bowl.

kittiosyncracies3a bold move, cat.

clouds and walkies…
July 3, 2009, 3:02 pm
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last night i stood on the table in my back yard and took some cloud shots with the new 40d.

cloudsit’s monsoon season, so the sky has been thick with clouds.

sunset1it’s so sticky and it just won’t rain!  we’ve only had a couple lame monsoon showers.

sunset2“walk me?”

codybearhere’s cody bear after a nice long walk with me and pickles…

codybearandspreenow that’s a happy bear.

now i’m off to meet buzzy to take some flower pix.   later taters!

June 27, 2009, 5:55 am
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time to review the week.

busy at work.  busy at home.  busy dogs.   the weekend should be the same, but we’re o.k. with that!!!

what we’re not o.k. with is this guy….

nemesiscody bear’s nemesis.  this cat is the one that occassionally wakes us up in the middle of the night banging on our front door.  he pees on everything. he sends his minion kittens over to stare at cody bear.

he’s been here for years and he’s growing more bold. ….we may have to move to a new neighborhood!

“say it ain’t so” or….kitten usurpers on the scene
June 24, 2009, 2:11 pm
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cody bear got some disturbing news from aunt t. this week…

codyconcernedafter getting our hopes up that our family back home would get a dog, we were shocked to learn that two new kittens were adopted!  what???

not only did they take a new dog’s place in the home, they have upset pennycat’s delicate consitution.  and….to add insult to injury, the kittens have gone to work with their new mom!

why can’t cody bear go to work!?

and…what happened to the dog? inquiring minds want to know…


“where’s me big brootha?”
June 17, 2009, 2:28 pm
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tuesday is agility day for cody bear.  that means the girls are left home alone.

catlooks peaceful, doesn’t it?

but in reality, here’s what it sounds like when i leave with cody bear.


pickles gets so pissed that cody bear gets to leave and she has to stay home.  as soon as we leave, spree the cat goes to sleep in the bedroom, leaving the dog to her temper tantrum.

cody bear did great at agility last night!  he slows down in the tunnels though.  i don’t know how bigger dogs whip through those tunnels.  he’s tall and has to crouch down  a lot, but i have seen much bigger dogs do them.

anyway. off to work.


stop being cute, i’m trying to get some work done.
June 13, 2009, 4:44 pm
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the munchkins did not get a walk this morning.  i twisted my ankle walking pickles on thursday.  it seems to have gotten worse after all yesterday’s festivities.

today i shall work on a web project while the pets accomplish their goal of being cute:

familypickles has her border collie meetup at 4, so we have to leave for that around 3 to get all set up.

i also intend to do laundry and clean my desk off.  empty data cards and possibly clean the kitchen. we’ll see.  i was supposed to go to a farm to take photos with buzzy and her man today, but my stomach didn’t feel right after the party food last night.  feel better now though!

ok, back to work for me, back to cute for the kiddos.

how it ends, how it begins
May 28, 2009, 2:18 pm
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lazy dogs. they were worn out yesterday after chasing imaginary cats, romping, fetching, agility.

sleepypiclounging on the couch, wondering what the hell you’re  doing up so late.

sleepybearsnuggled up, butt to butt.

sleepypawtotally relaxed.

sleepypaw1that’s how the day ends.

it begins with alarm going off, eyes opening.  border collie staring at your face.  without lifting head from pillow….you begin throwing a tennis ball from the bedroom to the kitchen.  on the other side of the bed the bear dog is sitting on the floor…staring.  you end your game of fetch and invite the bear up.  he rolls around, snuggles up tight and gets a good five minutes of cuddling and kisses, then he’s out the door to start chasing more imaginary cats.  meanwhile, your cat lays down on your blackberry, the alarm clock on the bed, and accidentally dials your boss.

and so life goes…

the aftermath….
May 13, 2009, 2:43 pm
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well, hello there all!  cody bear is healing well after his cat wounds.

the leg is supposed to be resting cody bear!

bedrest1actually, he’s been very good about resting, taking very short and calm walks, taking his medicines and wearing his ice pack.  but i doubt this will curb his anger towards cats.  if anything…he now wants them taken out!

and to add insult to injury…


his very own kitty sabotaged his  photo shoot!

how’s pickles, you ask?  she’s doing great.

bedrest2aseems like the only long term affects from the cat beating up cody bear are on my wallet.  sigh.

of wine and whiskers…
April 6, 2009, 2:13 pm
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well, time is coasting by here in new york.  saturday was the funeral.  it was so cold and windy at the gravesite, which made the situation even more dramatic.  (thanks to everyone who sent well wishes here, on facebook and through email.  it did help knowing there were warm thoughts coming my way.)

before my grandmother died, and when i was still just coming out to see her one last time, my sister had planned a small gathering for while i was here.  a wine tasting with her friends and work pals.  that was last night.  it was pretty fun, but with my cold, i shouldn’t have had any wine!

my sister’s boss brought gifts.  here’s pennycat playing in the gift wrap:


she even brought quackers for cody bear and pickles!  thanks n., they’ll love them!quackers1

here is one of the yummier wines of the night.  eye of the bee.  an organic wine with a little honey berry flavor.


and here are some pictures i took from my sister’s front yard:



we were going to go for a hike today, but it is 42 and rainy.  the weather was beautiful yesterday.  what happened???