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April 7, 2009, 2:07 pm
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the second thing i learned from my family upon arriving at new york was that my brother-in-law had just bought a new prius.  how exciting!

i love it.  my sister doesn’t like it…cuz it’s funny looking.



it averages 52.4 mpg. and it is very quiet.

his number one reason for purchasing it was the fuel consumption.  the car was the same price or cheaper than one that consumes more petrol, so he bought it.  it’s a sporty red color, too.

i can’t believe how roomy it is. everyone was surprised, you see…..he is 6’6″ and many cars are just too small.  but he sits comfortably in the prius.  so i recommend this car for tall people who want to help the environment, save on petrol prices or….irritate their wives.

and the car’s name is natasha.  i can’t remember why.


my, what straight trees you have – goodbear and the bro hit the trails

today my brother and i hiked a length of the finger lakes trail.


we didn’t go very far because i still am a snot head. (meaning i have a cold, not that i’m lacking manners)

it had rained all morning, so the ground was covered with soggy leaves and puddles.  cold damp air is foreign to my lungs; it was a nice change of pace.  fresh mossy smells, not the dusty trails of home.





we only saw squirrels and one bird.  no exciting wildlife, but there was a variety of mosses and lichens which i won’t see for a while.

our walk was through a pine forest.  the rows were so orderly, i had to ask who planted them.  a product of president roosevelt’s ccc, these pine forests were planted all over as a reforestation project meant to employ americans and conserve the forests.  3 billion trees were planted in 9 years.


it is a gloomy evening, but soon company will arive so we had better get a second wind.  i napped after our trek, so that will help….

later taters.