cody bear's friends

cheek swab shmeek shwab!
November 30, 2007, 1:25 am
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unraveling doggie dna (part 2): note the TONGUE folks:

this is a follow up to “who am i? where did i come from? can i have a cookie?”


note: i received cody bear’s results a week ago…but i was vacillating between “hopping mad” and incredulous.

the canine heritage breed test found ZERO chow in this overly fluffy, solid purple tongued, bear of a dog. they do claim to have found traces of….afghan hound. other than that, the test results are inconclusive.

greeeeaaaaat! money well spent. sorry collective hannah…we know you’re as disappointed as we are!

“who am i? where did i come from? can i have a cookie?”
October 28, 2007, 5:05 pm
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unravelling doggie dna…

for my birthday, dave, lynn and hannah ordered the canine heritage breed test for me.  we expect the results any day now.  please look at these pictures and venture a guess in comments.  we would love it if you did!!


that isn’t my favorite shot, but it shows his coat pretty well.  he looks so serious!  (i’ll post some shots of him having fun in future days!)

here he is before work one day:


here is a close up of his head.  he has that neotony/puppy thing going on, even though he was almost 3 in this shot:


i have had some great guesses from friends, one particular mix keeps popping up.  and, while it seems to be majority for golden chow, i don’t think that is what he is.  they aren’t the best pictures, but they each give an idea of what he looks like.


here is an older picture:


i can’t wait to get the results.  1. obviously just curiosity, 2.  it might help me deal with some of his behavior.  he is so smart and wonderful, but does have some interesting habits, fears.  he is terrified of other dogs.  he wants to hunt down every cat in town.  he has learned more tricks than any dog i have personally met.  and waffles between sheer independance and blind loyalty/neediness.  i just love him so so so much.

please give me a guess!  he’s 3, by the way, and has gastroparesis.