cody bear's friends

“pickles, were you planning on getting a job at walmart?”
March 23, 2009, 1:21 am
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pickles had what she thinks was a play date today.

one of my friends is a dog trainer and she is teaching a class on canine communication.  today pickles got to go to class to show the students appropriate greetings and such.

and she did such a good job!  she is  a great greeter. i can see her in her little blue vest already!

here is some of her work:






"i'm doing a good job, huh?"


picklebot and the yogurt bear
January 24, 2009, 6:25 am
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it’s funny that my 4.5 year old dog is living a life of retirement luxury and my 10 month old border collie is working her ass off.  first of all, since pickles is a border collie, she actually wants to work her ass off.  secondly, i’m hoping cody bear’s retirement is just temporary.  so … let’s examine their week, shall we?

the yogurt bear:

yogi1my sweet guy is only throwing up twice a month, and his injury seems to be doing better.  this dog LOVES school, but has taken all the obedience classes he can.  agility was really all that challenged him, but with his injury, he hasn’t been going.  i feel horrible about this, since he loves school so much and has to watch pickles leave for class all the time.

now, regarding the yogurt:  we’re down to only a couple nutritional supplements, plus the reglan. but food is so important.  one side dish at 2 of his 4 meals…yogurt.    but you have to add warm water to it because a dog with gastroparesis can’t digest cold food.  he sometimes splashes it onto his muzzle.  sweet guy with  a yogurt muzzle.

meanwhile, the picklebot:

picklebotwe have puppy agility on tuesday.  she’s doing great.  wednesdays we have basic obedience with buzzy’s pittbull, maggie; shoe from timbuktu, a nepalese street pup who was rescued by my friend who was a medical volunteer; bella the year old golden, mingo the dalmation mix, and buffy, the very shy beagle.

we felt like jerks (we meaing just me) because picky is farther ahead of everyone.  and yes, she ran through the exercises like a pro, not a ten month old puppy.  but, here is the deal: all the dogs did great!  she just knows more cues because i’ve been trying to keep her busy so she is entertained and not destructive.  now, cody bear’s doggie bed begs to differ.  but really, it is working a bit.  so no one should be all “pickles and goodbear are jerks” or “my dog is a dumb dumb.”  so what if it looks like  pickles is running through the exercises like a west german athlete during the time of black and white television.

if you were to look closely, she was really having fun.

and the other dogs may not know as many tricks as her…they are probably  more calm and less destructive.  dogs are like people, with strengths and weaknesses.  like her mother, her strengths are boundless charm and the ability to take direction. and like her mom, her weaknesses are being destructive when bored and slightly selfish.  no wonder we ended up together!

friday afternoon, me . . . tired. . . just tired, i came home and told the pets it was nap time.  for an hour or so the doglets wrestled on the bed while i pretended to sleep.  really, i just was loving the cuteness.

loving the cuteness all.

free range pickles
January 14, 2009, 5:12 am
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there comes a time in every young puppy’s life where they are allowed run of the house while the person is gone.

now, pickles, being a good puppy, has been allowed run of the house for a few hours.  today was her first day being alone for 4.5 hours….


cody bear’s doggie bed.  it was demolished by the 9.5 month old border collie.  it was her first indoor kill.  she’s very proud, and now that she has had the taste of stuffing….i don’t think we can stop her from killing again.  she’s going to crave it from now one.  once it touches the puppy’s choppers, they crave it.

cody bear is very confused. “why did she kill my doggie bed?”

pickles is tired, and satisfied…


sigh….i miss my cola,…and cody bear gets panned…
November 12, 2008, 4:55 pm
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wooo doggie!  i have much much to blog about, but no time.  i will try to catch up after pickles’ agility class tonight.

but for now….this news.  i’m trying to give up caffeine! ack!  i went a whole day without a coke.  i woke up this morning with a killer killer killer headache.  but i’m going to try to stick it out!!!

wish me well!

and regarding cody bear…he had agility last night and one of the classmates said something about my dog that offended me.  i’m peeved.  why can’t people just mind their own business.  always trying to correct cody bear, make him a nicer dog.  he’s scared of dogs. doesn’t trust them.  get over it!  he’s come SO FAR, but it’s not good enough for some.  “your dog should love everyone, like mine does…”  this dog stares at cody through most of class, so he isn’t going to like her.  he’s not.  just let him do his thing and leave him alone…

ok, thanks for letting me vent.  back later to report on cheery things like cody bear and pickles’ developing friendship, my new diet, and random silliness!

two sides to every story….but i wouldn’t believe the border collie if i were you…
November 3, 2008, 5:22 am
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oh the attitude!  pickles has been just belligerent!  at 28 weeks this previously angelic border collie is being a punk.  nickname:  picky punk!

“och auntie, eh don’t know what me mum is talking about.  look at meh.  i’m innocent nd luvable, i em.  sheh’s a liar. she is…”

i can’t let her get away with her little moments of not doing what i say, even the simplest of things.  so we’re having to incorporate some serious “nothing in life is free” tactics.

“back off liar….i’m trying to have a moment here!”

oh pickles.  or should i say killer pickle?  what do you do with my sweet baby girl???

here are the gifts i am CONSIDERING getting the furpods for xmas, providing they are on the nice list and not the naughty! (just kidding!  you just KNOW they’re getting a trunk load of crap!)

tiki dog toys!  and when you squeeze them…..there are drum beats and rhythmic grunting!  and squeaky jacks and blue moo cows with detachable. legs!

talk to you all soon!

cheers from good bear and her cuddly crew!


canine megaphone?
August 19, 2008, 2:20 pm
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pickles is a barker…

anything she’s unsure of gets a few barks.

yesterday morning the dogs were in the back yard and i was here…blogging. i heard a strange sound of barking.  it was as if pickles had fell down the well in the back yard.

but i don’t have a well.

this hollowed out ceramic chicken wind chime had fallen out of a tree a few weeks ago.

she was barking into the bottom hole.  she seemed quite please with the sound of her bark….

kind of like when i was a kid and i would sing into the box fan….

pupdate: pickles is chillin’

we have gotten some inquiries on how my new border collie pickles is doing, so here is some info to catch you up. (puppies grow so fast.  she is bigger and faster and smarter every day!)

kickin' back at the vet's

yesterday was her last well-puppy appointment.  she, naturally, did awesome.  not scared of anything, loved the people, did all her tricks for her doctor and gail the tech.  while we were waiting she learned how to hop up on the vet table to “up” and then hop “off” on command.  so we chilled for a couple minutes and played “up off up off” for treats.  during the exam, they raised the metal table and she just sat there like, “hey…thanks for the lift”.

so here are the facts:

16 weeks old tomorrow!

22 pounds! (big girl!)

she will probably weigh in around 45 lbs as an adult.

perfect health except….for an underbite.  just kidding, ave to have a few teeth extracted for health reasons.  NOOOO!  poor baby.  and poor mama’s wallet.  we’ll know better when we go in a month later for another check up.  for now…lots of chews and bones for pickles. (sorry cody bear)

all in all, a great appointment. i absolutely LOVE our vet.

moving on.  clicker training is going great!  here are the cues she knows:

sit, down, wait, stay (four feet away then return), paw(left paw), touch nose to my hand, left circle, up(onto platform), off(get off what you’re on), get in your house(gets in crate) and drop it.  and for the most part she comes when she’s called unless she has a stick or it’s too hot outside and she doesn’t want to go out.  but she’s always done that.

for the most part, cody bear doesn’t play with her until 9:30/ten-ish. who knows why.  but this morning they were playing great together while i did that china blog!  but cody bear got too excited and i had to let him out to run h.o.p.(hell-on-paws) which is quite terrifying to see when you’re a wee puppy.  he really does go insane.

i thank myself every day for one tiny thing: since day one, the minute the alarm clock goes off…i turn it off, but i don’t move.  whether it is 30 seconds or snoozing for a few more minutes.  i don’t move.  now, i have this great puppy who just hangs out in her crate without whining, barking,  or peeing.  she never fusses till she knows we’re really up.  such a good girl!!