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September 23, 2009, 7:14 am
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let me just preface by saying…we had agility tonight…and damn pickles was fast…faster than EVER!

11 hours ago:

i came home for lunch, like i usually do.  the dogs and i jumped on the couch for our greet, like we usually do.  something wasn’t right.

pickles armpits.   they were…wet.  they were….creamy.

what was that smell?


sun yum“mmm. i’ve been busy while you were at work.”

border collie puppies!  in their chewing stage, no less!

4 hours ago….agility class:

our first run.  i’m winded. doesn’t make sense. . . . i’ve been working out.

t says, “wow, pickles is moving faster than those agilty dogs at the trials. like lightening.”

it was true.  about 3 weeks ago i had resigned to having the worlds slowest border collie. tonight she was burning up the agility course.  apparently the lubricated doggie armpits are the key!

of course, she’s sacked out now…

sun restnot only was she fast…she was infallible.

one hour ago….

“but, is she ok?”

sun whatno worries cody bear.  in 6 hours she will be recharged and ready to romp with you in the back yard.

apparently we’re recharged for agility.  all three of us were fading out, but…maybe we’re back?

30 minutes ago…

“it’s on!!!”

sun playwelcome back pickles….