cody bear's friends

July 27, 2009, 2:14 pm
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schoolhere’s cody bear his last day of intermediate obedience class.  he is very happy in this crate waiting for class to start.

cody bear did graduate.  no surprise there.  he’s actually quite educated.  we just keep going to school because he has fun and it helps to keep him focused on me.   plus, we get to meet lots of new dogs and, most importantly, cody bear LOVES showing off how smart he is!

pickles practicing…
June 26, 2009, 2:18 pm
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here’s pickles and our dog trainer practicing her remote down from recall.

activepicklespickles in action!

pickles can’t be bothered . . .twang twang twang
June 14, 2009, 11:11 pm
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oh these weekends are hard on a busy dog.  pickles has had an action packed weekend, and cody bear is down right bored.

codyboredbored i tell ya.

pickles hosted her second border collie “meetup” yesterday.  today she had intermediate obedience, then had to model for a website, then had a private lesson on “down from recall” .  it was hard, but she eventually started wrapping her noodle around it.

picktired1she was invited to dinner at a border collie friend’s house tonight, but there’s no way she can go.  she’s too tired, and we just can’t abandon cody bear again.  i’ll do some special training with him tonight after dinner so he gets some “face time”.

but for now….it’s like a bad country song at my house:

picktired2“well, my booorrrder collie’s tired

and my coooody bear’s bored

ain’t got nothin’ to be thannnkful lord.

cuz it’s hot outside

and my dogs are mopin’

things godddda get betttter sooon, i’m hopin’. “

“pickles, were you planning on getting a job at walmart?”
March 23, 2009, 1:21 am
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pickles had what she thinks was a play date today.

one of my friends is a dog trainer and she is teaching a class on canine communication.  today pickles got to go to class to show the students appropriate greetings and such.

and she did such a good job!  she is  a great greeter. i can see her in her little blue vest already!

here is some of her work:






"i'm doing a good job, huh?"


gouda morning from the trail!

(no wildlife was harmed in the preparation of this blog post)

previously on hiking with cody bear….i nearly lost my arm when cody “flushed” out a rabbit.  but today’s post isn’t so much about wildlife as it is the drunk guy in the white pick up truck.

let me begin.

hikeuswe live in a topographically diverse part of the country.  the wildlife is abundant, and the bees…oh the bees.  so here you have your up hikes and your down hikes.  if you go up into one of the mountain ranges within an hour of town you get cooler temperatures, mountain vistas and rugged rocky paths that lead to waterfalls and remote pools.  the down hikes are canyons and river beds.   the hikes are winding and the ground is soft and sandy and it heats up quickly.

we went down this morning.  it was me and cody bear, p. and her mom and her two dogs sam and jack; my friend d. and her friend v. and her border collie.  so, since cody bear has turned into such a fan of nature (i mean this in regards to his new culinary wants) i upped the stakes and took chunks of gouda with me to entice him to better….”leave it.”

i know i know i know.  who takes 11.99 per pound cheese hiking with them?  i do, damn it!

at a trail head:


this peeves me. i'm just sayin'...

so we’re trekkin’ along and d. says “hold up.  turn around and go back.”  it’s a guy, driving his truck along the river bed with his labs running behind.

she says “i know this guy.  this is how he exercises his dogs.”  and she takes off towards him.  next thing we know, he’s turning into the flippin river.  so j. pulls out her mobile and says, “i think i have the sheriff’s number he can NOT drive in that river.”  (our rivers are VERY protected.  very very sensitive wildlife area here.)  so i freeze, right.   who has the county sheriff’s dept on their mobile?  probably someone who hikes with a gal that takes 11.99 per pound cheese to use for dog treats on a hike?  perhaps?

so d. comes back and starts telling us, that yep, he’s drunk again.  she sees him here all the time as early as 8, wasted.  one time he was running his dog at an agility trial….and…while he was running the course…his pants fell down.  and, you guessed it, he was running commando. (for mom and grandmother…that’s sans underwear. ya follow?)

we continued on.  cody bear was euphoric.  (meanwhile, in case you’re wondering, pickles was home with peanut butter stuffed mini kongs.)

we headed back and encountered the white truck.  parked.  “he’s probably sleeping it off now.”

so that was our morning.  the hike was hot, but easy. i have to take pickles on her adventure now, but first….

here is a picture of my very happy cody bear on our way home after his hike:

hikeeuphoriaplease note, if you’re visiting this site because your dog has gastroparesis:

i do not recommend you feed your dog cheese if they are currently taking the medication reglan(metaclopromide) without consulting your vet first.

hello dog sports fans!
March 13, 2009, 2:49 am
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months ago i bought some frisbees to use as target plates for agility training.  we never really needed them, so they have just been laying around.

today, on my lunch break, all of a sudden pickles discovers one and becomes obsessed.  she learned how to catch in minutes and already knew drop it.

naturally, after learning the big news of the day, she had to produce!

here she goes for distance:

oh, and outtakes, too!

i know you think i have an evil laugh.  but she was smiling too, i swear!

her biggest challenge is picking it up if she misses the catch.

so don’t miss, right picky punk?!

not to be forgotten, here is cody bear with his paw bump:

notes from a mama bear
March 10, 2009, 3:50 pm
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hi everyone.

i wanted to thank you for leaving comments expressing your understanding regarding the whole leash situation, and for specifically understanding that i am just looking out for my cody bear.

9-14b1he’s my guy and i just want to keep him safe and healthy.  you all know the struggles he has with his health, and while he looks so healthy physically, he has a delicate tipping point.

now, i want to mention that edward is a neighbor of mine.  and he is a hell of a nice guy, so are his dogs.  i meet him on the street when i’m walking pickles and he’s walking his labs.  and like stilllifesays, he is, in fact, blissfully unaware.  next time i see him i will ask him to respect the leash law at that park.  glad i didn’t yesterday, cuz i was so mad and well, people who know me well know i use the Fbomb alot when i’m pissed.  he was there with his daughter. plus, i just wanted to get cody bear out of there.

i don’t want my leash free readers to hate me.  i’m not some cranky person who is always ragging on law breakers.  you will never see me complaining about dogs off leash if they’re in a place without signs. i promise.  i just want the leash sign places to be a haven for my cody bear.

the primordial truth is that dogs who are sick are vulnerable to other dogs.  and the animals know that.  many trainers agree one reason cody bear has been attacked so frequently is because the dogs know he is unwell.

cody bear knows he’s sick, and he also has been hurt too many times to trust random dogs.  i’m not coming after any of you without leashes.  i take pickles to leash free areas all the time.  don’t think i’m coming to get you if that is your situation.  i just won’t take cody bear there for his own safety.

anyway…it’s so great to be part of this international community of dog lovers.  and every day i’m thankful that you all stop by to see what cody bear and pickles are up to.  your compassionate and silly comments frequently brighten my day.