cody bear's friends

today . . . at lunch
December 17, 2008, 9:42 pm
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this guy was waiting for me, but then he got camera shy and wouldn’t let me get close!

do squirrels get hangovers?
September 21, 2008, 4:37 pm
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so this woman walks into the wildlife center. in her arms she’s carrying a kindness trap with a ground squirrel in it.  only thing is, the ground squirrel tried to emanicipate himself from the trap by squeezing through the grates.

got himself stuck at the shoulders, he did.

turns out the little guy was was really wedged in there.  he couldn’t be removed backing out or moving forward.  and the grate wire was so thick, it couldn’t be bent without giving the guy  a heart attack.  so on goes the squirrel gas mask.

actually, it isn’t just for squirrels.  in a few seconds he was dozing.  they got him out relatively easily without his squirming.

he was then placed in a plastic bin with a breathable lid and returned to his property.  when he wakes up she will put him outside and he will find his little hole in the ground.

hopefully he won’t venture into her house again!

a new low.
August 22, 2008, 1:34 pm
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it was only a matter of time people.  you know with all the insect action at my house, something like this was bound to get caught on film.

two long-horn cactus beetles…..doin’ it….

buzzy bee girl and i were just coming back from a mexican restaurant. we pulled into my driveway and we heard porno music.  just kidding. no music.  at first.

but of course i grabbed my camera and started singing “let’s get in onn. letttt’s get it on.”

flight school…
August 11, 2008, 1:00 am
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remember the doves that startled me a week ago?  i thought they were gone, but no.

once again, we were out photographing bees, when i look up and see this!

two awkward white wing dove fledglings.

(“there she is again…the human with the dorky hat holding the black clicky thing.”)

they were out trying to get their wings working…

now that they’re hard pinned their mom is making them work out!

but wait, this one looks irritable.

i understand.  i get really crabby when people try to watch me practice golf.  it’s embarrassing. i’ll try to leave them alone for a while…

“the morning after” cereus

it’s kind of sad, i guess.  after the excitement of last night’s bloom, i woke up and took the camera back outside.  the blooms are already starting to wilt…

if you look closely in the background, you will see the sharp barbs from the tree this flowering plant grows up.  some of the barbs are up to 3 inches, but most are smaller and very very sharp. we had to trim some branches back to get close enough to take pictures.

and as always, the morning in the garden wouldn’t be right with out cody bear and his rubber chicken in her purple swim suit…

so, time to start the day….

thems some big mandibles!
May 25, 2008, 3:53 am
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warning…there’s an ugly bug at the end of this post!

but first….do you guys like this picture?

why not? why?

ok, here’s that creepy little bug with the giant mandibles i promised you!  but wait…you should know:  i’m not showing these bug pics because i want to creep you out.  i’m trying to learn about tiny beings, photography and practical ecology (“is that a real thing?” you ask.  i’ll explain in another post)

so basically, everytime i take a bug pic, i learn i need a macro lens!  but i’m also learning through these attempts that some bugs, insects, spiders, what have you….well…they’re not all that bad!

….’cept the ones with the giant mandibles!

earthday recap …snobby dog…
April 23, 2008, 6:21 am
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ok…i didn’t make it: i can only go SO FAR without making fun of the fdls morman chic haircut!  but i did well on the rest!

put the canon in the kombi for trip to dog park AND grocery-getting.  here’s the kombi in the park:

as a plus…ran into my friend gardner on the way back from the grocery. he had a bicycle babywagon full of produce.  at first, …i freaked out he had another kid…but then i realized it was veggies!

wasted no paper today and only used the car to and from work….

here’s a cactus:

it is important to note that cody bear wastes…not at all.  he INSISTS his kibble bag is recyclable…and he drinks water.  he won’t read the paper, drink soda, order things that come in boxes or plastic bags.

….ok….thanks cody bear….as if you weren’t already cuter than us…now you have to be more environmentally friendly????