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wrangling grasshoppers!
November 17, 2008, 1:27 pm
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so, yeah, pickles has always loved insects.  at the farm on saturday, she suddenly got very serious when she found the scads of grasshoppers hanging out on the greenhouse walls.

organge grasshopper

organge grasshopper

she’d get right up to them, nudge them with her nose.  shove ’em along.  but then one of the would jump up and out and she would spring back.


black grasshopper

when she saw the chickens, she ran right up to them in their little fenced area.  i thought, oh no…here comes the barking.  but she was fine.  no barking. and when i called her, she came right over, wagging.


i suspect if they had been out and scurrying around, it would have been another story….

today….we farmed….
November 16, 2008, 5:00 am
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pickles went to the farm today.  oh, and while she was having fun and being cute…and connecting with her inner border collie…a.h. and i worked so so hard.  we toiled over the earth helping our friends with their organic garlic planting for many hours.  we were rewarded with a delicious meal and an offer to…come back…and….work again! (which we will do!)

but it was picky’s first day…and, well, she’s a farm dog at heart i learned:

pumpkin herder!

pumpkin herder!

a.h. and i are going to be a little sore tomorrow from the farming.  but we’re cool with that.  pickles will sleep well tonight, tired from all the new smells.  she actually went face to face with chickens and didn’t bark or anything.

herding grasshoppers!

herding grasshoppers!

there were some great grasshoppers there.  picky and i BOTH love those!

border collie

border collie

i can’t believe what a little border collie she has become.  you can she her great pumpking shot at my dogdailyphotoblog.

we’ll go back soon…

pickles on a country road
pickles on a country road

hey sweet pea…ya little cutie veg you…

as i mentioned, my friends are paying me in veggies to do their organic farm’s website.  i love it.  here is today’s snack…

they’re the most delicious snap peas in the whole entire world. they just have to be.  i can’t imagine finding sweeter, crisper peas.

they were all normal size peas, but this little cutie, seen here with a ibuprofen…

i also had a raw organic trail mix bar….which was disgusting!!!!

but oh, …the peas….

ww – garlic in everything, please

friends, veggies and beetles – trifecta!

warning:  this post has a beetle in it….with mandibles!

but give him a shot!  we’re talking about the weekend again.

basically, my friends have an amazing organic farm about an hour outside of town.  last year i went to one of their harvests and i had the best time.  yes, it was hard work, but the work felt good.  while you’re picking the AMAZING produce from the fields you have time to chat with all these other people that 1. are interested in local produce, organic farming, sustainability and the great outdoors, and  2. somehow seem to be like minded about dogs and the environment, and 3.  are just nice, fun people!

artichoke break:

last year i went by myself. i took my new and amazing friends, r and a!  and wouldn’t you know it, they were the belles of the ball!

as entomologists and biologists, everyone had questions for them…mostly about BEES! (which i love)  and they had fun, too.  in fact, one volunteer, prolly about 20 years older than he, decided that r was really the pick of the day, and…engagement to a be damned, …she was gonna make her move!  no harm, no harm.

its fun having a in the field because she looks for bugs with giant mandibles to scare me!

here’s the daily beetle!

there was lots of joking and talks in the field, followed by the amazing meal i mentioned earlier…but here’s the coolest part:

i’m reminded it’s never too late to make friends.  i’m so glad r and a and i have become such good friends!  and we have such a good time together.  what’s better than veggies, the outdoors and friends you love?  i guess the only thing i would have done was take cody bear, my super awesome dog.

it was just good…another good part of an awesome weekend…

weekend veggie love…

sunday’s food specifically.  we went to my friend’s farm and, as i mentioned in an earlier post, worked our bums off.  we were pullin’ up organic veg for 4.5 hours, then hopped into the trucks and went to the main house for the most delicious feast.  almost entirely made from herbs and veg from their farm and eggs from their chicks.  most dishes were vegan, too.

she made one vegetarian and one non-vegetarian fritatta…

they’re like omelets, only not gooey or greasy because they’re baked.

other dishes!  2 different kinds of vegan pasta salad that were so fresh and delicious!  one was the freshed basil pesta pasta salad, and the other was spinach bowtie pasta with really mild mushrooms!  this giant platter of the freshest root veg and radishy type things with an amazing dressing.  one veg i had never even heard of before and ….i’ve forgotten it. oh and the MOST delicious fresh pea pods ever!  and fresh endive salad and her famous cowboy cavier. (her best batch yet)

for desert, fresh baked cookies and this honey and citrus/berry fruit dish that….had too many things i was allergic to, but looked delicious.  i should have taken more pictures, but we were starving so i didn’t have the strength to hold the camera …

herbs and veggies in the workplace!

i’m super excited with my new client: a local organic farm!  they’re friends of mine and i am so glad they finally decided to do a website!  their veg are amazingly delicious and diverse!

i love their farm and i wish they would adopt me and cody bear.  it would be great to quit my job, pack up our stuff and move to their beautiful land, about an hour outside of town.

truthfully, cody bear is a city dog. i don’t know if he would last very long in the wildlands.  for him….off leash, without a bag of yummies sans tweezers and filtered water is wildlands. but i digress….

look forward to pictures of herbs, chunky root veggies, crisp leafy greens and succulent fruits!

welcome to the greenhouse!

 took the canon to my friend’s organic farm to get some shots of veg!  i am going to do their website and they’re going to pay me with vegetables!


they have tasty organic veg.  my favs: their chards. YUM.  the okra.  the cucumbers. the tomatoes. the garlic.  the turnips.  it is all so yummy!


and pretty.  eat your veggies….they’re pretty!

…a most perfect day
March 16, 2008, 6:29 am
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today was how a saturday should be. i had the BEST day. wanna know what went down?

as i mentioned earlier, i met my friend m, a most wonderful and talented photographer, and we went on a road trip to a friend’s farm and to some fields of wild flowers.

we arrive at our friend’s and just seeing her and her super nice husband was great. then she sat us down, made us tea and handed us some locally made honey, gave us bowls of fresh fruit salad (crisp and sweet) and chocolate chip cookies.


it was delicious. and we just sat in her light and comfy country home talking about ….stuff.

it was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by poppies!








more pictures later, but back to the great saturday…

we spent hours in the car, but she is great company. i was exhausted when we got back to town so, what’s better on a saturday? nap time. curled up in bed with cat and dog and had the coziest snooze. took dog to play date with a very silly poodle named coco. then a bike ride to a friend’s house for some chatter, followed by a great dog walk with my wonderful cody bear!

then off to the bar for some chips and salsa and irish beer. so, here i am. saturday is over, but i’m still appreciating it.

i LOVE weekends!