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pickles doesn’t care about shin splints. why should she?
July 2, 2010, 5:23 pm
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….we’ve been running again, the dogs and i. nothing funny about that, right? first of all, border collies do NOT respect the practice of stretching. apparently they don’t need to stretch so …why should anyone else?

but if i don’t stretch properly i get shin splints. must…stretch…fastidiously. so, i get down, start doing the stretches and puppykin comes up with a full body wag and jams her head under my chin and tries to push my head up. she growls and pushes and wags. i move to another stretch: more growling and pushing and wagging. her whole body wiggling, her little paws dancing up and down in excitement. she gets me laughing so hard, then she starts jamming her muzzle in my pony tail. growl. wag. meanwhile cody bear is about to explode, he’s so excited. you see…he thinks running is hunting.

so dangerous running with these two. every time cody bear sees a tiny animal i have to brace myself for “trials of life”. last week we were running towards a pomeranian. we didn’t see it and we were running very fast to cross the street before being hit by a car. said pomeranian starts SCREAMING in this otherwordly pitch. my dogs went bonkers, pulled me across the rocks where i took a face plant in a grassy area. the lady wouldn’t move away,she just stood there holding her pommy while i pulled and tugged at my dogs. she was frozen, looking down at me as the wires to my ipod strangled the life out of me….and just then….the sprinklers went on.

here they are with their game faces on.

“what up g?”

now, i’m totally addicted to i’ve got all our jogs and all our dog walks mapped out to the exact hundredth of a mile.

it’s been in the high 90s when we go so hydrating is very important. (note, one should not do a wine tasting before running in 98 degree heat) also, it’s dark. thankfully noah gave me a flashing bracelet from the “three olives vodka company”. (classssyyyy) makes it easier for the drunk guys to spot you and shout their “damn you look good” at you as they walk into circle K for their next 12 pack. sigh.

last night’s play list: “butterfly” – crazy town (i like running to one hit wonders), “not an addict” – k’s choice, “all mixed up” – 311 and “leave home” – chemical brothers.

imaginary orthotics are cheaper….in crazy town…
January 22, 2009, 6:53 pm
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so, today i went to the doctor, who in turn, sent me to the radiologist, who in turn ….sent me to crazy town.

xraysi think this photo illustrates that i truly am beautiful inside.    it also shows that i abuse my point and shoot camera privileges and that as one ages, they tend to lean more and more to the hypochondriac mind set.

tonight i will try my new pain meds, having graduated from advil.  yay goodbear!   you get to take big girl pills now!

seriously, this ankle has gotten worse and worse for years, till finally it was time to stop proofreading the writing on the wall and act! something needs to be done so just go to the doctor.  i can’t tell you how many times i felt like asking my vet about it!

and that’s the truth blogtown. that’s the truth.

oh, and…no walking the dogs for at least one week.  “ummm….’scuse me?”

i am going to buy a giant dog sized hamster wheel for my border collie after work.

kombi riders….are you out there?????
November 27, 2007, 5:07 pm
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time to mention the bike again. is there ANYONE who has one of these? i really want to talk to you. it is norwegian, dbs, kombi lux, one speed. i love this little bike, and i haven’t seen one like it. and trust me,….i have been looking.


the seat appeared to be falling apart, so i took off the nasty sheepskin tattered cover and behold:


…fine norwegian leather! PRIMA NORSK! check out the cute little bike logo on the metal plate.

does this sticker mean anything to anyone?


or this one?


took the bike out for a spin to the grocery last night. on the way back i was passing a woman walking her little cattle dog/corgi mix and a large dog attacked them. many of us streamed around trying to help. someone finally got the dog off the little one. it was upsetting to everyone. i felt bad after i realized i just dropped my little kombi in the rocks and ran. poor bike.

i also got new tires for the used TREK i just picked up. we’ll see how riding that thing goes….