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random fact #2 – bridesmaids gone wild
February 18, 2009, 4:21 pm
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son of random facts 2-

i’ve been in a few weddings!  i don’t even know how many.

bridesmaids-gone-wildi think this was taken 10 years ago.  the only wedding where the bride purchased our gowns for us.  that right there is me, airborne in a vera wang.

how many weddings? more than ten, less than twenty.  all but two gowns were blue.

and no…i wasn’t drunk in that picture.


the hostess wore hiking boots….
October 13, 2008, 2:05 pm
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and so i decided to have a party…

i wanted to get my friends together. plus, with cody bear being so sick lately, i knew he would be so happy to have everyone he knew come over.  plenty of people for cuddling, and a captive audience for the showing off.

since my house is small, it had to be an outdoor party.  how perfect! it was the first truly cold night of the year and the bonfire made the night.

r. and a.h. came over early to help.  they got the fire started, set up chairs and put up the christmas lights while i prepared food.  but i know your concern:  how did you keep the drunk people from stumbling into your bees, goodbear?

the area around the bee branch has 2 clothes drying racks and cody bear’s channel weaves.  it kept people away from the branch unless r, a.h. or i took them over to see the branch with a flash light.

cozy.  all in all there were 13 people and 3 dogs.  and NO party injuries!

and look! what is going on here!:

pickles.  MULTIPLE pickles.  there were very few leftovers, but paws down, the culinary stars were y’s salad from her organic farm, the dill pickles, and the crowd favorite: r’s cake he baked in my back yard over the coals….

cody bear had a great time!  he loves parties.  pickles was confused at first, but she was such a good girl!  but, wow did she get tired around 11.  so much stimulation.

we all slept late.  speaking of sleeping late, i think i have documented my best case of bed head EVER:

i wonder if there is a connection between how fun a party is and how crazy the hostess’s bed head is the next day.

it was a good mix of friends, folks i’ve wanted to meet for a while now.  everyone got along really well and future get togethers were planned!

poppity pop pop pop!
September 5, 2008, 11:46 pm
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to keep things fun and interesting, for the dogs,….but mostly for me…..

i brought home giant bubble wrap!

border collie on bubble wrap!

border collie on bubble wrap!

pickles was into it right away!  it was so cute!

cody bear braves the unknown

cody bear braves the unknown

cody bear was hesitant at first, but with trepidacious paw he tries it out. it was so cute!

soon both of them were trotting around the bubble wrap and little snaps could be heard.  again….so cute!

August 10, 2008, 7:05 am
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bogey stops by.

“hi. i’m bogey. i’m here to play with your dogs.”

at first, pickles ignored the puppy. he was small and cute…and unnecessary. but cody bear liked the puppy alot!

they followed each other around for a while, then pickles decided to bark at bogey.

and since he wouldn’t respond, she said “to hell with boys” and wanted to go in.

“i’m not playing with them. they’re stupid. i want to go inside, now.” (think “i want an oompa loompa now daddy!”

but soon, they became friends and every one was airborne.

then we didn’t know where the puppies were…

but cody bear found them.

but then he lost track of them again. “where are the damn puppies?”

they were hiding in their secret puppy fort!

“sorry cody bear. you’re too big.”

mad lib thursday – call for words!
May 1, 2008, 3:47 am
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we do mad lab thursday because….i have found that frequently on thursdays…people are as bored at work as i am.

so when you have a free moment, give me the requested words, and on thursday, i will post the mad lib product.

we need:

7 verbs

7 nouns

7 adjectives

5 adverbs

2 girls names

2 boys names

2 locations

1 storage unit

1 method of transportation

thanks!  can’t wait to get the mad libs up!

mad lib thursday!
April 3, 2008, 8:18 pm
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i’m bored at work today, so i am starting this new blog tradition.  PLEASE PARTICIPATE.

get ready to rock cody bear’s first mad lib thursday!

here’s how it works:

i have a story, you guys leave me some words, i will plug them into the places i have determined that need to be replaced.

i pick the best set, or combos of sets and put it into my tiny story, and poof….our first mad lib!

here’s what i need: 

7 verbs

1 noun (a type of container)

2 nouns

4 adjectives

2 adverbs

look! you’re already brushing up on your basic grammar skills.

ok. let’s do this!