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tonight…on “cooking with goodbear”
February 24, 2009, 5:27 am
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it all started because i needed to grill some sirloin burgers for cody bear’s class tomorrow.  soon it was the gang grillin’ at a friend’s house. i already had the dog’s beef, so i went and got the remaining grillers and a garden burger for me.

we start with the veggie marinade.  the most important ingredient? ajo rojo – a hot and sweet creole hardneck garlic straight from my friend’s organic farm!


ajo rojo

got the sauce ready while the baby reds bubbled:

bbqtaters1so, i got everything ready for grilling then drove over.  i baked the taters in the oven in their garlic balsamic sauce, then we grilled veggie kabobs of sweet bell pepper, red onion and mushrooms, as well as grilling asparagus in a packet aluminum foil.  and of course the burgers.  3 for people, one for pickles, 2 for cody bear.  and a garden burger for me.

i’m not going to tell you that i LOVE garden burgers.  they’re not delicious.  but the veggies were yummy!   one of the guys was in charge of the burger flipping.


bbqtatersnow, here’s the final product, my veggies and garden burger in the foreground, pickles’ sirloin paddy in the back.

bbqplatesagain, all this just because i needed to make some sirloin burgers for my cody bear.  and he couldn’t even go because my friends’ neighbors’ dogs stress him out so badly!

bbqpicklespickles – “thanks for the beef.  give me some more.  please?”

all this after work, after the vet and before a long night of site updating which i’m about to start…..NOW!

night night!

hey! you gonna plant that?
December 30, 2008, 6:07 am
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i really should have planted these guys weeks ago!


now that we’ve gotten our cheeky garlic shots out of the way, i have to give you some sad news:

most of my succulents have died from the terribly cold weather!  and you KNOW how much i love those guys!

i…i…i think i’ll be o.k.

$100 poorer, but in no danger of a vampire attack…

regarding cody bear’s recent illness and nasty gastroparesis flare up:

i’m glad i waited till this morning to post because overnight he has regained that sparkle in his eye and that certain spring in his gate that makes cody bear….cody bear.

now, on to the update.  so, cody bear has been sick and not responding to conventional meds to get out of his gastroparesis flare up, his most severe one to date. so the vet said, lets try nrt on cody bear.   it is an holistic approach to testing the bear, and then finding out what supplements will cure what is ailing him.  one important aspect of this is…not just treating the symptoms…but rather treating all the organs that are weak or hurting in any way.

cody bear last night, before new supplements kicked in...

cody bear last night, before new supplements kicked in...

so let’s get into it, shall we.  i took samples of anything he has been eating or might want to eat.  using the nrt/naet approach they determined that of the 4 main food samples the three grain free were fine, but he was displaying an intolerance for the high quality food with grain in it.  and hey…the same thing with the treats. of all the treats, only one was tolerated by him:  straight up dehydrated beef liver….the only snack without grain.

i even tried to trip the vet up.  i labeled one container of water “A” and one “B”.  i didn’t tell them which was the filtered water and which was the tap.  he had a strong negative reaction to the tap. interesting!  glad i bought the filtration system when my vet said his g.i. system was too delicate for all the heavy metals and chlorine in our local tap water!

they adjusted his supplements for his nausea, gall bladder and liver…

spunky bear!  this morning you can see he feels better!

spunky bear! this morning you can see he feels better!

this morning he was a much happier, more energetic cody bear.  i still have to keep him from overdoing it.  plus, he also has a cracked toenail from chasing cars along the fence.  silly old bear.

taunting pickles!

taunting pickles!

of all his supplements, he likes garlic the most.  it is like he is a four year old and i’m making sugar cookie dough when i prepare his food.  wag wag wag. hurry up and give me my garlic.  the house is a cloud of garlic smell. it’s giving me a headache, but it seems to be helping my little guy.  i would like to see him gain a pound this week.  or maybe two.

and…he’s pretty safe from vampires this week, as well, so that’s a bonus.  hell…the whole block is probably safe, as potent as this shit is! whoosh.

so, if you’re considering doing this, i would give it a try. it is realllly pricey, so i hope cody bear gets better quickly.  i can’t afford too many of these appointments.  it helps that i’m seeing an improvement today.  last week i didn’t, though.

i’ll keep you posted.  if you’re new to the blog, you can learn more about cody bear’s gastroparesis by typing “gastroparesis” into the search bar to the left.

ww – garlic in everything, please

herbs and veggies in the workplace!

i’m super excited with my new client: a local organic farm!  they’re friends of mine and i am so glad they finally decided to do a website!  their veg are amazingly delicious and diverse!

i love their farm and i wish they would adopt me and cody bear.  it would be great to quit my job, pack up our stuff and move to their beautiful land, about an hour outside of town.

truthfully, cody bear is a city dog. i don’t know if he would last very long in the wildlands.  for him….off leash, without a bag of yummies sans tweezers and filtered water is wildlands. but i digress….

look forward to pictures of herbs, chunky root veggies, crisp leafy greens and succulent fruits!