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Some Ginger Sweethearts on Statehood Day
March 6, 2015, 6:43 pm
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A typical day starts with two Border Collies staring at me expectantly and one Cody Bear pretending to be asleep.  The bear does not like to hurry into his day.  On this particular day, which happened to be Valentine’s Day and Arizona Statehood Day, he just decided to lay around having “bed head” all over his body and trying to look cuddly.  Well done Cody Bear.

Cody Bear with all over "bed head"

Cody Bear with all over “bed head”

The most stressful thing I had to do all day was make chocolate covered strawberries for the my friend’s birthday party that night.  Yes….as easy as they are to make I still got stressed.  I am always nervous preparing food for people!  I don’t want to make anyone sick.

party fruit

But they turned out well!

In attendance at the party was this lovely cowgirl, Helen.  She’s a really good dog!

party dog

And another red head, about as sleepy as Cody Bear, Tyko.

party cat

A good day for sure.  But….the next day was one of the best days I’ve had in so long!

I went for a horseback riding lesson at the base of the Rincons.  I was there about 3 hours which included a trail ride that wound through Coyote Creek.  I learned so much and smiled all day.  It was cool and cloudy and beautiful and …. Yeah…I just smiled and smiled.

horsesceneride trailride canyon

cactus….i love you.
December 30, 2009, 4:25 pm
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it’s the little things really, the surprises, the small flashes of color, that make life enjoyable.

so, about 6 years ago my neighbor gave me a bunch of cuttings from succulents where she had been house sitting.  one was a 6 inch long sprig of christmas cactus.  i stuck it in a pot, way too large for the wimpy thing, and put it inside on a book shelf at the window overlooking the front step.  the other plants, stayed outside where they are flourishing to this day.

on the phone with my mom that week i was telling her about my new plants.  when i mentioned the christmas cactus she made a point of letting me know that ….it was going to die.  they never live, according to her.

it has filled the pot.  it has flourished, but nary a blossom. 

i mentioned the little things.  how they are so important for happiness.  when you’re hurried and stressed, that is when you notice the little things the least.  but that is when you need to notice them the most.

christmas eve i was rushing to pack the car to get out of town.  home from work, wrap the gifts, make sure all the dog’s meds are packed, will the car make the drive, yadda yadda. 

a flash of pink out of the corner of my eye as i walk out the door.  “what the?”

2 blossoms and 3 buds.  i called my mother, elated, of course!

by the time i got back many blossoms had appeared. 

isn’t it beautiful?  the pads were covered in dust.  i took it outside and dusted it with a soft paint brush, then put it on my honda for some photos.

i love it.

somebody please feed the cave zombie….
July 20, 2008, 7:55 am
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some favorite moments of today, saturday….



the sky and pretty lights.

cute things.

more pouncing.

cave zombies.

also: running full throttle through the rain for safety, breakfast, napping with the cat and dogs, good chats on the mobile phone.

reinventing my monday

och, what a day. i’m almost too tired to blog. seriously.

monday. firstly, my coworker made it clear that he HATES me. but then i moved on, worked, left work and…

that’s my spare tire! yes, i had a flat today, but i won’t complain about it. i used my new AAA membership and they arrived almost immediately to fix my tire. i didn’t feel lame about not doing it myself. how could i? it took him less than 5 minutes to put the donut on!

went to discount tire and discovered the tire was under WARRANTY! i bet you thought i was going to be complaining, huh?

but wait….there’s more…

had to go to the book store to figure out what to say at the wedding i’m officiating on saturday. at first cody bear was moping because no one would cuddle him, but then as we were leaving…he was mobbed by three staff members. gush gush gush.

came home and witnessed an amicable nap time:

they get closer every day…

to sum up, pickles was following cb everywhere and he was perfectly smily about that.

oh, and did i mention…he got his bday gift in the mail today from his beloved aunt?

a john deere tractor squeaky toy? really? YES!

he was psyched about that AND the quarter pound of venison jerky!

then i left the dogs for happy hour wine and appetizers with a long lost friend. it was so much fun. i got home and both dogs wanted to play and snuggle.

disagree, i dare you: it was a good day!

he’s a bouncy dog, after all….
July 7, 2008, 5:23 am
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ending on a cheery note:  cody bear’s day started with a fright. an interloper, a coyote, in his back yard.  fortunately it just left its smell and not any  other scary stuff.

so, i wanted to update you on the bear.  he is smiling because he just had a nice walk.  and while we were walking pickles did NOT bark at all.

and for the second time today they are napping within a foot of eachother.  so cute!

so anyway, here is a shot of a very happy cody bear.  just so you remember how cheery he can be….when he isn’t scared for his life.

countdown 4 hours and 19 minutes!!!
June 26, 2008, 8:12 pm
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oh wow, i’m so excited.  i’m picking pickles up soon!  i wish i could leave work early!

hide your footwear everybody, there’s a puppy on the way!

hey, i know those slippers aren’t sexy, but give me a break….they were only 4.50 and they’re going to be dog toys soon anyway!

“why does she keep kissing me on the head and telling me i’m going to be a good big brother.  what the HELL Is that about???”

how thursday goes
June 26, 2008, 2:04 pm
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today i shall only blog about pleasant things,

such as haworthia…

my beautiful cody bear…

this rusting fence post of mine…

the doves above my yard…

and my new puppy, pickles, who is moving in with me today…

the rest of the day….cute and perky….i swear
June 26, 2008, 6:42 am
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so, you may have read my post about work.  ugh.  let’s move on, shall we? it’s time to let the healing begin.

1. pickles made it out of surgery and apparently….doesn’t even know anything happened. i get to bring her home from foster care tomorrow at 5:30 pm!!!!

2.  took cody bear shopping.   afterwards….tried to figure out why he was smiling for three straight hours.  guessed he was excited about new baby sister.

(not actually smiling here because i said the workd “cookie”)

3. ran into long lost dog park friend.  this totally made my day, as she is one of the first nice people loki and i met at the dog park when we moved to this town.

4. heard brilliant and reassuring words from best friend.

5. got no bad news in the mail.

6. decided it was time to get good news. perhaps tomorrow…

crazy cuddly boy
June 3, 2008, 10:43 pm
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so, i was trying to play with cody bear…but he just wanted to snuggle!

finally i gave up trying and just gave him some kisses!  as you can see, i love him and he makes me very happy!

state of the blog address
May 8, 2008, 2:25 pm
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hi everyone! i realize some of my entries have been sad or heavy lately, so i wanted to turn things around and talk about some cheery stuff.

starting today, blogs will be more positive, however, i will update you on topics that may be sad from time to time.

starting the cheeriness now:

that is probably the last youtube video i post in a while. this is good news because there is a glitch the disables the video from time to time. that’s frustrating for me, and you, cody bear’s friends.

on the happy train, i have learned that blog friend lavenderbay is getting fergus, a cute new baby corgi puppy. he will make a great play mate for her dog, cai.

we will resume our “cody bear asks” series, but with less frequency. and, if checkers is up for it, there are more road trips planned akin to roswell and the whitehouse trip! we may even do some more cnn headline jumbles! and more more MORE photography!

also, it is time to inform you all that i do NOT hate my coworker anymore. he is not that irritating and he has been trying hard. also, he has stopped treating me like the house wench.

mad lib thursdays will continue! wordless wednesdays will also continue here at the blog, however, i can only remain wordless for an hour or two before i start….using words.

more contests and prizes like this one can be expected!

thank you all for sticking with the blog, even during the emotional posts about dogs not feeling well. i have loved visiting your blogs, and i continue to love doing my dog daily photo blog.

so, i’m going to work for a few hours, then will be back with some mad lib results. in the meantime, i wish you all well, and challenge you to do something embarrassing, silly or blogworthy today.