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when grocery shopping for cody bear….
November 11, 2009, 4:51 am
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shoppingour water filtration system broke!  a few days of hard tap water got our sensitive little cody bear all . . . barfy.  the water filter mechanism company is sending a replacement unit, gratis, but in the meantime….bottled water.  after a week of barfing cody bear was back to a barf free existance after just 3 days of bottled water.  5 days sans throw up.

oh….sooo…yes, no you know why i always buy huge bundles of paper towels.  you go through many, many paper towels when you have a dog with gastroparesis.

oh, and yes…you go through a fair amount of red wine when you have a dog with gastroparesis.  JK!

but, we’re glad to say he is feeling MUCH better.

better bearready for playing.  hard core romping!

we had an ok vet visit yesterday, in fact.  he weighs 49.7 lbs.  i still try to get him to 50 lbs. it’s been my goal for years.  the doctor thought he looked healthy, but, as i said, the visit was ….ok.  we have a lump we’re watching….

i think he’ll be fine.  right?


for more info on cody bear’s gastroparesis…click on “gastroparesis” in the tag cloud to the left.

cody bear and his central nervous system and his stomach and how they all seem to be doing fine for a change…
September 4, 2009, 2:32 pm
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cody bears profileyesterday was bath day!  so know i have two very soft, cute dogs at home.  we’ll see how long that lasts.

people who have known cody bear for a couple years have been astounded when they see him lately.  he’s never weighed so much!

he’s only barfed twice in the last month, and….i don’t know….something is just different.  yes, he’s bigger, but his fur is fluffier, he smiles more, his face is consistently …..something.

i don’t know how to describe it.  he usually gets this look for a few days during flare ups:  his eye’s look worried and his face looks…green about the gills.  without actually being green, of course.

it’s been a long road, this gastroparesis.  and i know there will be flare ups.  he’s been on medicine all his life, managing it, but i have to say, last year we begin the holistic side of it and i just feel like we’ve turned a corner.  a very good corner.

i’ve hesitated writing this post…because i stupidly do believe i jinx things.  but it must be mentioned….cody bear is HUGE!

anyway, thanks to everyone who has ever offered support to me and my cody bear during his bouts of illness.

for more info on gastroparesis, click on “gastroparesis” in the tag cloud to the left.

the champagne room is full of st. bernard mixes!
March 17, 2009, 7:27 am
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and so it came to pass that my friend barny had  lesions on his elbows.  damn.  he’s a big guy and it was hard to heal…



a and r rigged a canine garder belt for the dear dear dog.

barny-beltsas you can see, he’s fine with it…

barny-smilewhat a good boy!  good luck barney.  rest, drink lots of water and let the antibiotics run their course.

and yes….that is the least sexy garder belt you will ever see.

did i stuff a dollar bill in his volley ball knee pad? sure.  how could i not?

take your pickles to work day
March 2, 2009, 4:33 am
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i usually take cody bear to class with me on sundays,  but today i took pickles.  the class has been hearing about her for weeks, and cody bear is so good at the regime….i thought, “let’s bring the schmickle…a puppy.”  testing is next week and they could see that even a newbie can rock it.  workpicky21and rock it she did!

it’s hard for a puppy to be so well behaved for 2.5 hours, but she was so good.  and when it was time to do the demos even i was impressed!  how did i get so lucky?

after the students left, pickles worked the room with the staff during clean up.

on one paw, it’s good to know she has people who love her…but on the other paw….it’s strange that people are wishing for my demise so they can have my puppy!

but …. the mini-muffin is tired…


this morning’s nature trek  was invigorating, but behaving so well AND working a crowd have worn out my tiny border collie.

and you should know…a couple students did think it was weird not having the bear there!  it was nice of them to say so.  and he was jealous.  he was a little more domineering than usual this evening.  but when all was said and done…they fell asleep leaning on each other tonight.  again, i ask, “how did i get so lucky!?”

does your dog or cat have what it takes to be a pet therapy animal? have you considered it?

if so….let’s chat!

it’s an important job.  people get to  see that pets are a healing part of the community, not just property.

imaginary orthotics are cheaper….in crazy town…
January 22, 2009, 6:53 pm
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so, today i went to the doctor, who in turn, sent me to the radiologist, who in turn ….sent me to crazy town.

xraysi think this photo illustrates that i truly am beautiful inside.    it also shows that i abuse my point and shoot camera privileges and that as one ages, they tend to lean more and more to the hypochondriac mind set.

tonight i will try my new pain meds, having graduated from advil.  yay goodbear!   you get to take big girl pills now!

seriously, this ankle has gotten worse and worse for years, till finally it was time to stop proofreading the writing on the wall and act! something needs to be done so just go to the doctor.  i can’t tell you how many times i felt like asking my vet about it!

and that’s the truth blogtown. that’s the truth.

oh, and…no walking the dogs for at least one week.  “ummm….’scuse me?”

i am going to buy a giant dog sized hamster wheel for my border collie after work.

the bloggeres tale
January 1, 2009, 10:31 pm
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mom has left.  she has mopped my floors and deemed me well enough to fend for myself.  while she was mopping i decided to park it in front of some book shelves and dust. 

i’m considering packing some of my books away. i never re-read books. no one wants to borrow any of the titles i have, but…i just can’t throw them away.


can you read what any of those books beneath the shelf are?  have you read them? can you tell what my major was in college?  did you laugh at all while reading the canturbury tails?

i’m feeling better, but still not up for work tomorrow.  i’m wiped out from fighting this,  but i’m relieved the antibiotics are working.  truthfully, i have-to-have-to-have-to make a huge daily effort to not be stressed out.  i always teach the pet therapy classes that long term exposure to stress chemicals sap your immunity.  and here, i’ve just taught myself…again.

in junior high we read a story in english class called “the yellow wallpaper.”  a woman had been sent to a “facility” for what was called a “rest cure.”  as women of the country became more independent and outspoken, the thought of  sending one’s wife away to rest so she could handle her tiny stresses became ridiculous.

how come i feel like i need the rest cure?  and would the members of the women’s studies board at the university be shocked to hear this and relieved that they had lost their weakest member?

maybe i need another nap.

you could skip reading this post and life would be fine.
December 29, 2008, 9:38 pm
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oh my god i’m so bored.

home sick today, and probably will be for a few days.  it’s this weird freaky contagious crap that sent me to the hospital years ago.  so here i am.

bored bored bored and my keyboard is crapping out on me.  nuts!

obviously with so little going on, i will post pictures of the doglets.  obviously.

here’s one now.


i shouldn’t go to the vet today, but cody’s ailment is going haywire, so it’s a must do.  they’re so good.  even the 8 month old puppy just wants to sleep today.

this is her normally.


personally, i think she is tired from yesterday’s growth spurt.  i swear, between 6am and midnight she shot up 2 inches.

what else… hmmmm.

there’s a cat eating a piece of newspaper in my front yard.

and that’s allll i got!

hope you had time to waste. if not, sorry i enticed you to read this stupid post.