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save the beetles!!!
March 29, 2009, 4:46 pm
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we did a sunday morning hike again, but this time cody brought his friend hannah.  here they are after the hike.  as you can see, cody bear is happiest when he has spent time in nature.

hiking-with-hannahand i met this cool guy.  v. brought her dad along.  as soon as cody bear saw him he melted. “that man has to cuddle meeee!”  he loved this man.  and he was a really nice guy and he volunteers for the center for american burying beetle conservation! in a nutshell, it sounds like loss of habitat and insecticides are playing a big part in the diminishing numbers.

wish i could blog more, but i have so much to do.  just wanted to pop on and let you all know that cody had a great morning.  going to take him and pickles shopping now!


histamines and an anti-playlist
March 27, 2009, 2:19 am
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just got back from a lovely hike with the dogs, and where i thought it would tire them out….it’s only got them restless and wanting more.  it must be the wind. i got out of work a little early, grabbed the kiddos and headed to a park in the foothills.  i’ve been there many times before and didn’t even know they had a trail behind the picnic area that went to a riparian area with trails and crazy birdlife!  i think the dogs could sense that i was excited for the find because they got even bouncier and smilier while walking through the dunes.

but…the wind that has got me sneezing!

ok, here’s my anti-play list.  my 4 least favorite songs of all times:

1.  the song i hate the most:  “we built this city on rock and roll” by jefferson starship.  this song makes me want to chuck bricks at ewoks. i hate it….with the white hot intensity of 1000 suns.

2. “your body is a wonderland” by john mayer.  shut up…i hate your song.

3. “you’re beautiful” by james blunt.  creepy stalker song.  it’s not music to me, it’s audible flotsam.

4. “human” by the killers.  stupid stupid irritating.

speaking of crap….look at all the shit hanging from my trees:

treesbird cage, one of 7 bee nests, oil lantern, oak leaf wind chime, terra cotta pot.  oh there’s more people.  there’s more.

gouda morning from the trail!

(no wildlife was harmed in the preparation of this blog post)

previously on hiking with cody bear….i nearly lost my arm when cody “flushed” out a rabbit.  but today’s post isn’t so much about wildlife as it is the drunk guy in the white pick up truck.

let me begin.

hikeuswe live in a topographically diverse part of the country.  the wildlife is abundant, and the bees…oh the bees.  so here you have your up hikes and your down hikes.  if you go up into one of the mountain ranges within an hour of town you get cooler temperatures, mountain vistas and rugged rocky paths that lead to waterfalls and remote pools.  the down hikes are canyons and river beds.   the hikes are winding and the ground is soft and sandy and it heats up quickly.

we went down this morning.  it was me and cody bear, p. and her mom and her two dogs sam and jack; my friend d. and her friend v. and her border collie.  so, since cody bear has turned into such a fan of nature (i mean this in regards to his new culinary wants) i upped the stakes and took chunks of gouda with me to entice him to better….”leave it.”

i know i know i know.  who takes 11.99 per pound cheese hiking with them?  i do, damn it!

at a trail head:


this peeves me. i'm just sayin'...

so we’re trekkin’ along and d. says “hold up.  turn around and go back.”  it’s a guy, driving his truck along the river bed with his labs running behind.

she says “i know this guy.  this is how he exercises his dogs.”  and she takes off towards him.  next thing we know, he’s turning into the flippin river.  so j. pulls out her mobile and says, “i think i have the sheriff’s number he can NOT drive in that river.”  (our rivers are VERY protected.  very very sensitive wildlife area here.)  so i freeze, right.   who has the county sheriff’s dept on their mobile?  probably someone who hikes with a gal that takes 11.99 per pound cheese to use for dog treats on a hike?  perhaps?

so d. comes back and starts telling us, that yep, he’s drunk again.  she sees him here all the time as early as 8, wasted.  one time he was running his dog at an agility trial….and…while he was running the course…his pants fell down.  and, you guessed it, he was running commando. (for mom and grandmother…that’s sans underwear. ya follow?)

we continued on.  cody bear was euphoric.  (meanwhile, in case you’re wondering, pickles was home with peanut butter stuffed mini kongs.)

we headed back and encountered the white truck.  parked.  “he’s probably sleeping it off now.”

so that was our morning.  the hike was hot, but easy. i have to take pickles on her adventure now, but first….

here is a picture of my very happy cody bear on our way home after his hike:

hikeeuphoriaplease note, if you’re visiting this site because your dog has gastroparesis:

i do not recommend you feed your dog cheese if they are currently taking the medication reglan(metaclopromide) without consulting your vet first.

time to get your paws dirty…
March 15, 2009, 5:20 pm
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up at the crack of dawn to take cody bear hiking with some special dogs and their drivers/feeders/holders-of-leash.

the trails were outside of town on a winding road.  many tributes along the way.


this memorial was right near the entrance to the trails:


so many emotions swirl when you see one.  how sad.  how remarkable to be loved so much.  how striking a contrast:  the stark desert life with the colorful tribute to someone who has died.

it was so cold this morning and the heater in my honda decided to take the day off.  i was all bundled up and loving the beautiful morning.  cody bear and i were so happy.  we were doing on on leash hike with two other sets of people and their scaredy dogs.   it looked beautiful to me…and it smelled beautiful to him!

offroadtypically you will find horseback riders, hikers, off-roaders…and…wildlife.  cody bear went to pee on a bush and “flushed” a cottontail out.  good thing i had a grip on the leash.  he was SO excited.  cats schmats.

here we are…

ushikingme and my wonderful, lovable guy enjoying the cold air while being harangued by woodpeckers.

don’t worry.  as soon as i got home pickles had some intense frisbee play and some speed demon activity in the back yard.  they’re both sleeping right behind me.  i’m going to wake her up and make her go on a walk with me right now….

later taters.

bouncy ears and the like
March 1, 2009, 5:39 pm
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we went for a hike today.  it was supposed to be a walk along the river, but, well, it was windy and something embarrassing happened.  (winds 35mph with gusts up to 53)

so we’re walking along:  dogs wearing smiles and me in my old long sleeved shirt from a national park years ago.  i love it: it’s way too big and nicely faded with a quote from walden on the back.

we had just crossed a bridge over the river and were approaching a dog that started barking. we turned to go the other way, but just then a giant beagle charged the fence.  the three of us freaked, pickles fell over, i dropped her leash, cody started barking at the incensed beagle. i bent down to pick up picky’s leash and one of those 53mph gusts blew up the back of my shirt and pulled it over my head.  when i bought the bright orange sports bra last year i thought, “it’s ugly…but who will ever see it?” ohhh, just everyone at the river park.

with one hand i held pickles’ leash which was twisted around her and the leash of the barking cody bear. and with the other i tried to right my wardrobe malfunction.  people…walking towards me.  i turned the dogs around and headed over the smaller foot bridge to the mountain bike trail.  retreat retreat!!!

it’s rough and rocky and  is ideally suited for mountain bikers and the recently humiliated.

it was a tough walk.  the winds were hard on the dogs.  we would have to climb up the embankment to get out of the way of bikers and other dogs.  plus they got barked at more than they like.

on our way back to the car the sun was on our backs and the shadows were long.  our sihlouettes before us:  two sets of bouncing tipped ears and a bouncing pony tail on top of my head.  i smiled.  we’re a family, the resemblance is obvious in the shadow.  we’re bouncy and smiley, this pack.

happypickat home the dogs had happy heavy breathing,  looking up at me all proud of themselves and content.

sleepybearthey’re trying hard to stay awake now, but the winds have exhausted their senses.  they’ve smelled more than enough for the day.

mutable and puzzling, we’ve not met yet.
February 28, 2009, 5:36 am
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there are many place here on our mutable and puzzling planet that  i want to visit.  and while i’ve already listed the countries i want to see, there are plenty of u.s.  hot spots i want to visit that i have not seen yet .

yosemite (i swear tori, i’ m going to come see you some day!)


appalachian trail

best friends – utah(not just to work, but to see muttsnsuch!)

great smoky mountains

channel islands (already have a guest bed!!!!)

denali (duhh)

the smithsonian and national gallery


a comfortable place to rest(i have no idea where this is….)

home(i also have no idea…)

actually…there are many more…but i want to find home first.


pickles’ first nature quest
September 1, 2008, 2:00 pm
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let me just preface this by saying….my honda civic is not the ideal wildness vehicle.

ok. moving on.  a few friends and i went to the mountains yesterday to photograph caterpillars before sunset, then blacklight moths at dark.   i was going to be gone a long time so, “why don’t you bring pickles?”

as you all know, pickles loves eating thousands of moths just as much as the next dog, but how would she do in inclement weather with a nuerotic mom?

thanks for finally letting mah off the leash, mum!

thanks for finally letting mah off the leash, mum!

it rained for most of the time.  but pickles stomped throught it.  she played in the creek.  she gave hoju kisses.  when i finally let her off leash she was so good.  she came back everytime i called her.

now we folks were miserable.  (ok, not all of us. as usual, r and a.h. were cheery and on top of things)

sopping.  we were sopping.  finally l. broke down and had to put on the dirty mexican blanket i carry around in my trunk.  and while we moped and sipped our beers….r. baked a chocolate cake in his dutch oven over the fire he covered with a metal table. of course he did, right!

soggy friends

soggy friends

finally the rain stopped. the lights were turned on and soon we were visited by scads of beautiful moths. (i will show more later)

it was great fun and we got some good shots, then ate our delicious cake!  piled ourselves in to my honda and r.s truck, and  i clenched my teeth for the bumpy ride home. (my car will never be the same)

pickles did get bit by ants, but she is recovering. also, her pretty white scruff turned red from her wet collar.  poor gal.

here’s one of our nature buddies now:

i’m sure you’re all wondering where cody was during all of this.  he went to his bff’s house for the night.  poor guy got really scared from the thunder though, so didn’t have much fun. he would have HATED the nature event.  he would have just sat by the car door all night, glaring at me.  he’s kind of a city dog.