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please dress pickles!
February 16, 2009, 4:08 am
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BUT…we have a pressing issue here! pickles is getting too big for her collar!

here’s where we get alllll interactive!  woohoo!

that’s right, you’re going to help me find the perfect collar for….

pickles-chewing1pickles. (aka gran pick macgregor)

criteria?  here’s some info.  she’s a”she”….people keep calling her a “he”. so it should be somewhat femme.  but not lame femme.

she’s a fun loving border collie.  she loves dogs, people  and even her kitty.  she’s active…then suddenly sleepy. and she needs the perfect collar. i have some suggestions, but you can make some, too.  we need FEEDBACK! cuz i’m indecisive.  (no bling, bows and such.) her likes: agility, friends, suggling, bugs, walks, nature. her dislikes: ….being left alone.

choice 1

choice 2

choice 3

those are some suggestions.  but we think you can find something, so please send suggestions.  pickles’ mom is a libra…so she can’t decide!

thanks yo!

mad libs tomorrow!
May 21, 2008, 10:17 pm
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i almost forgot…i need some words!  my sister is out of town, so neither she nor her cat will be posting words, i’m relying on you guys for words for tomorrows mad libs.  “what’s this?” you ask you submit words and i put them in a piece and we get something akin to this and this.

we need

7 nouns

7 verbs

5 adverbs

7 adjectives

1 boys name

1 girls name

1 location

1 container/vessel


mad lib thursday!
April 3, 2008, 8:18 pm
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i’m bored at work today, so i am starting this new blog tradition.  PLEASE PARTICIPATE.

get ready to rock cody bear’s first mad lib thursday!

here’s how it works:

i have a story, you guys leave me some words, i will plug them into the places i have determined that need to be replaced.

i pick the best set, or combos of sets and put it into my tiny story, and poof….our first mad lib!

here’s what i need: 

7 verbs

1 noun (a type of container)

2 nouns

4 adjectives

2 adverbs

look! you’re already brushing up on your basic grammar skills.

ok. let’s do this!