cody bear's friends

mom’s morning coffee entertainment.
September 28, 2008, 3:36 pm
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well, it’s sunday morning.  i missed the play date, but that’s o.k.

the dogs got to play here, and i wasn’t rushed to get somewhere.  it’s mom’s last day visiting so we sat in the back yard and watched the dogs run around while she drank coffee.

i have a ton of stuff to do today after she leaves.

not really a morning dog
June 16, 2008, 2:23 pm
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when cody bear is awake,…he’s reallllly awake.  but when the alarm goes off, he doesn’t move.  he waits to see if we’re applying the snooze button!

good morning cody bear!

but once his paws hit the floor, he’s ready for the day!

this morning his mission was barking at the weird neighbor who was standing on his roof looking into the yard.  good job cody bear!

the dog has likes and dislikes, too
May 17, 2008, 3:20 pm
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yesterday was a mess, and today could be, too.  so,…here’s a picture of cody bear.

i’m off to volunteer, but first, a brief post and a quick dog walk.  today’s post:

cody bear’s list of saturday likes and dislikes:


a walk, stomach medicine, molecuball full of chow, chasing cats, attacking mom with kisses while she tries to take pictures, running h.o.p. through the back yard, re-killing rubber chicken in bikini, chasing cars that drive by backyard fence, gazing out the window.


cats, gophers in the back yard, thorn in paw, mom leaving for 5 hours to volunteer for animals that are not dogs, the dalmation around the cornet that attacks the fence when he walks by, the yellow lab down the street that attacks the fence when he walks by.

isn’t he complex?  well, time to feed him then off to work.  i’m kind of bummed because my camera seems to be jacked up.  i’ll have to wait till monday to talk to m to see how bad the damage in.  there goes my budding future as the groundbreaking canine photojournalist! riiiiiiiiight.