cody bear's friends

got maize?



 meanwhile, (in case you’re wondering) i have spoken to my friend who is taking care of my cat while i’m gone.  my cat, normally aloof, has been waiting for her at the door and showering her with purrs, being playful and very affectionate.  i knew she would be lonely within a day.  she’s used to cody bear being home with her while i’m at work. 

here is a type of hogan, i believe.  i want one in my back yard.  it was very peaceful standing in it.  these photos are also from the botanical garden.


 oooh….an ancient device used to grind maize and such….


 and, since we ARE at a botanical garden, here is a plant.  it is in the pollinator garden section.  i really need help on my closeups! its hard to see if you’re in focus when the sun is so bright.

so, that’s pretty much it for fun.  the rest of the time my sister and i spend here will be mom’s business and health.  my sister is staying 5 more weeks, but i have to be back to work on wednesday.