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kombi riders….are you out there?????
November 27, 2007, 5:07 pm
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time to mention the bike again. is there ANYONE who has one of these? i really want to talk to you. it is norwegian, dbs, kombi lux, one speed. i love this little bike, and i haven’t seen one like it. and trust me,….i have been looking.


the seat appeared to be falling apart, so i took off the nasty sheepskin tattered cover and behold:


…fine norwegian leather! PRIMA NORSK! check out the cute little bike logo on the metal plate.

does this sticker mean anything to anyone?


or this one?


took the bike out for a spin to the grocery last night. on the way back i was passing a woman walking her little cattle dog/corgi mix and a large dog attacked them. many of us streamed around trying to help. someone finally got the dog off the little one. it was upsetting to everyone. i felt bad after i realized i just dropped my little kombi in the rocks and ran. poor bike.

i also got new tires for the used TREK i just picked up. we’ll see how riding that thing goes….