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goodbear’s sunday afternoon
January 11, 2009, 6:12 pm
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i have to work today.  my first day back teaching the pet therapy certification course.  what made me decide to sally forward and work at the humane society again?  i . . . need cash. 

i told them i would teach one last session, so this afternoon i will shuffle across the pea gravel drive, hop into the honda, clear my throat and head off to work.  plus,  i actually love the program because it gives the therapy teams a way to prove that animals are a healing part of the community.  if you can see a dog giving hope to someone stuck in a hosptial bed, you wonder how people can just treat them like property and leave them to age in the back yard.

after work, i have…more work. another website to finish.  but first a trip to the organic grocery.  i’ll wait in line with some yuppie hippies as well as some actual folks with dreads. i need new toothpaste. i HATE this crest total care stuff.  it makes food taste funny for hours after i brush. 

back to why i  need the money. i still have to pay off one of my cameras, my telephoto and the 580 ex.  also, registration for the car is due this week.  plus, mtp has been hinting on his blog that he wants to go to the NKOTB concert, so i may chip in to buy him concert tickets.  i know how much he really wants to go.

pea gravel
pea gravel

hey sweet pea…ya little cutie veg you…

as i mentioned, my friends are paying me in veggies to do their organic farm’s website.  i love it.  here is today’s snack…

they’re the most delicious snap peas in the whole entire world. they just have to be.  i can’t imagine finding sweeter, crisper peas.

they were all normal size peas, but this little cutie, seen here with a ibuprofen…

i also had a raw organic trail mix bar….which was disgusting!!!!

but oh, …the peas….

ww – garlic in everything, please

friends, veggies and beetles – trifecta!

warning:  this post has a beetle in it….with mandibles!

but give him a shot!  we’re talking about the weekend again.

basically, my friends have an amazing organic farm about an hour outside of town.  last year i went to one of their harvests and i had the best time.  yes, it was hard work, but the work felt good.  while you’re picking the AMAZING produce from the fields you have time to chat with all these other people that 1. are interested in local produce, organic farming, sustainability and the great outdoors, and  2. somehow seem to be like minded about dogs and the environment, and 3.  are just nice, fun people!

artichoke break:

last year i went by myself. i took my new and amazing friends, r and a!  and wouldn’t you know it, they were the belles of the ball!

as entomologists and biologists, everyone had questions for them…mostly about BEES! (which i love)  and they had fun, too.  in fact, one volunteer, prolly about 20 years older than he, decided that r was really the pick of the day, and…engagement to a be damned, …she was gonna make her move!  no harm, no harm.

its fun having a in the field because she looks for bugs with giant mandibles to scare me!

here’s the daily beetle!

there was lots of joking and talks in the field, followed by the amazing meal i mentioned earlier…but here’s the coolest part:

i’m reminded it’s never too late to make friends.  i’m so glad r and a and i have become such good friends!  and we have such a good time together.  what’s better than veggies, the outdoors and friends you love?  i guess the only thing i would have done was take cody bear, my super awesome dog.

it was just good…another good part of an awesome weekend…

name thissss plant!
April 18, 2008, 5:20 pm
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the previous mystery plant game was fun.  if you’re new to the site, see here and here.

this plant was given to me as partial payment for the website i am working on that i mentioned before.  they’re an organic farm and friends of mine.  i’ll do their web-site and they were going to pay me with vegetables.  well, THIS plant is one of my top five favorite plants and i have always wanted one!

what is the EXACT name of this mystery plant????

our past winner was livingisdetail. and i think she was content with her prize….

herbs and veggies in the workplace!

i’m super excited with my new client: a local organic farm!  they’re friends of mine and i am so glad they finally decided to do a website!  their veg are amazingly delicious and diverse!

i love their farm and i wish they would adopt me and cody bear.  it would be great to quit my job, pack up our stuff and move to their beautiful land, about an hour outside of town.

truthfully, cody bear is a city dog. i don’t know if he would last very long in the wildlands.  for him….off leash, without a bag of yummies sans tweezers and filtered water is wildlands. but i digress….

look forward to pictures of herbs, chunky root veggies, crisp leafy greens and succulent fruits!

roasty toasty veggies with quinoa!

here’s what is good about this dish:

1.  when you come back into the house from walking the dog, (or whatever you do) the smell of toasted cumin is still there and it is SO comforting!

2. the quinoa(keen WAUGH) – oh man – it is packed with protein because it is a whole WHOLE grain and it just POPS in your mouth, which is fun fun fun.

3.  totally vegan, but packed with nutrients and protein.

4.  a nice change from hot spicy meals without being bland.

roasty toasty veggies with quinoa

1/2 tsp. ground cumin

3-4 tbs. olive oil

2-3 large cloves garlic, chopped

1/2 large yellow onion, diced

1 bunch rainbow chard, torn in 3-4 inch pieces

7-9 medium mushrooms (whichever mushroom you prefer) , sliced

1/2 water

1/3 cup white wine(i like a plucky chardonay)

salt & pepper to taste

3 cups cooked quinoa (cooked in a rice cooker is great!)

1 glass wine of choice or 1 beer, for sipping


in large hot deep dish skillet,  toast cumin 30-60 seconds over medium heat.  add olive oil, and mix with cumin.  add garlic and yellow onion to hot olive oil in pan.  saute till tender, not burnt.  add mushrooms, mix, cover and simmer for 3-4 mins.

add water and white wine, bring to boil.  add rainbow chard and salt and pepper to taste. ( i heap the salt in!)  saute till greens are nice and tender.  serve over quinoa.

note…i use freshly prepared quinoa. i do not like left over quinoa,….its kind of funky.

another note….try using fresh, locally grown veg!