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an update…from the supreme commander (cough cough)
September 15, 2009, 11:34 pm
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last night we went for a nice long bike ride after dark.  good stuff.  no one was on the streets because we went around 10:30.  it’s sort of good to get back into the ole habit!  i’ve been riding alot, even with the kombi in the shop.

in other news….i have a giganctic announcement!

ok, some of you know i’ve had a part time dog photography business on the side.  well, one of the photographers in the studio where i work is partnering with me and we’re offering the first full service dog photography business in our town!  she’s awesome!  30 years in the biz, unbelievable talent. cool, eh?  i will do all the on location stuff and she will do all the studio prints.  it has been really fun setting up our packages and getting our marketing materials in order.  wish us luck!

ho hum.  what else?  i have to go to a wedding friday.  i hate weddings, actually.  well, no…it’s receptions i hate.  the ceremonies are ok.  expect an update saturday, as i expect there will be some goofy things to photograph.

speaking of goofy things to photograph… there are ony 11 more shopping days till my birthday!  hello new macro! just kiddin’.

and speaking of “just kidding”….my boss ordered new business cards for me.  i’ve been here 4 years and never known what my job title is. well, the new cards say “supreme commander.”  watch out everyone!

back at you soon.

girls like shoes. but “like” like shoes dear kitty?
September 14, 2009, 5:43 am
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i love my cat but, ….she’s got some weird stuff goin’ on.   kittiosyncracies, if you will.

for instance, her shoe love.  i will often walk into the room and find her rubbing her face on my shoe.  slippers, flip flops, hikers, what have you.

shoecat1“oh yeaaaahhhh baby”

shoecat2“do you MIND?  can we have a minute here?”

the cuteness i have to deal with every day…
August 3, 2009, 2:23 pm
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here pickles models her “daily toy“:





those toys are soooo last season.
March 26, 2009, 2:10 pm
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doesn’t it look like these two are on the catwalk modeling the latest new dog toys?

model1“mmmm catwalk. that sounds delicious.” says cody bear.

model2work it! work it!  sell that toy.

model3wait a minute! those are LAST season’s dog toys!



it’s all in the muzzle positioning…
August 12, 2008, 1:52 pm
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cody bear is working on his mouth-eye coordination.

he misses alot of shots…

bogey stops by.

“hi. i’m bogey. i’m here to play with your dogs.”

at first, pickles ignored the puppy. he was small and cute…and unnecessary. but cody bear liked the puppy alot!

they followed each other around for a while, then pickles decided to bark at bogey.

and since he wouldn’t respond, she said “to hell with boys” and wanted to go in.

“i’m not playing with them. they’re stupid. i want to go inside, now.” (think “i want an oompa loompa now daddy!”

but soon, they became friends and every one was airborne.

then we didn’t know where the puppies were…

but cody bear found them.

but then he lost track of them again. “where are the damn puppies?”

they were hiding in their secret puppy fort!

“sorry cody bear. you’re too big.”

no feelings were hurt. treats were eaten.

well, here are more shots. these are from last night’s play time at hazel’s house.

“come get get me girls!”

doesn’t he look happy??!! he didn’t play as much as pickles and hazel did. he must have been saving his energy for this morning’s agility lesson.

“we’ve been good, may we please have a cookie?”

now, this last picture, when i was going through the snaps, made me out right laugh. i had no idea this shot was on there. you see, the dogs play so fast, so i just hunker down real low, and snippity snap. try to get them facing me. try not to interfere with the action. so, i am sometimes surprised by the facial expressions. cody bear and hazel play very rough. in fact, if you were on the other side of the fence you would think a canine riot was happening. but they both have great bite inhibition and they always calm it down if you tell them to.

anyway, here is the shot, in mid play…

doesn’t he look like she just insulted him? and she is instantly sorry?

“you did NOT just say that???!!!”

“sorry cody bear!” inside she’s saying, “PSYCHO! mental note. NEVER tell him he’s getting fluffier in the butt. NEVER.”

really, they were both just trying to get the other one to chase them.

crazy dogs.

pickles’ fashion shoot

my sister, who is FINALLY starting a blog in the next few days, asked me, “so, has pickles worn her first bandana yet?”  we have very important milestones in our family: when did you start your blog? when was your dog’s first bandana experience?

here she is, modeling her first bandana….pickles!

and by the way, pickles had another vet appointment last night.  here’s the news:

my puppy is gigantic.

will try to post again later. i have to go to work early today.

toothmarks and all

This is the story of a ball. A bouncy one, the size of tennis ball, designed to look like a soccer ball. It is also a window into two generations of my dogs: Loki, my border chow who died early but fit a few lifetimes worth of joy into her years, and Pickles, my new border collie puppy.

Loki loved playing soccer. A few days a week we would go to the park and she and I would tear it up with her futball. My mother had purchased a mini-super bouncy soccer ball for her one year. Yes, Loki and I played fetch with it, but whenever we went to visit Mom we took the ball with us and the two of them would get up early to play. Mom would kick the ball all morning while Loki fetched it or stomped on it and kicked it back with her paws. Over the years the ball got pretty nasty. Tooth marks, paint missing….skungie. Mom would buy her new balls, but she only wanted that crusty old spitty toothmarked ball.

When Loki got sick she stopped playing. The mini soccer ball was left in the yard while I spent my time keeping her still. It was difficult because she wanted to play, she was getting better, but I had to keep her rested. Months after he diagnosis, and after a severe feeling of recovery, Loki passed away one Sunday. Her indoor toys were put in an area of the living room not packed away. Of her four favorite toys, two were outdoor toys, one stayed in the backyard as a sort of memorial, but the mini soccer ball was forgotten. The ball stopped seeing action in June of ‘04. In late August of ’04 it had lost its dog.

4 years of hot summer sun and harsh monsoon muds passed, covering the ball. It sat under a tree while 4 years of leaves and bark covered it. It lay buried under the crazy, running paws of my Cody Bear at least 4 inches under ground.

Two weeks ago I adopted Pickles. The first couple days she lived with us she was too scared of Cody Bear to leave my side, but soon she started to explore the yard. Every day I would catch her staring at the ground beneath a tree. She would start to dig and I would say stop. She would walk away in search of a beetle. Again and again I found her staring at the patch of dirt. I would walk up to her and look, “what is she seeing?” Nothing.

pickles and the old soccer ball

pickles and the old soccer ball

Today I sat out back eating my lunch and Pickles was staring at her patch of dirt. She started digging but I did not stop her. Soon she produced the ball. She carried it to her secluded part of the yard. She ignored all other toys all afternoon. I eventually took the ball from her, half petrified and misshapen.

How did she know it was there? It certainly couldn’t still smell after all this time. Why did Cody Bear never know it was there?

Loki with balls in the background

Loki with ball in the background