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Today in the back yard
July 14, 2014, 1:04 am
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My dad gave me this cactus maybe 5 or 6 years ago as a cutting.  It’ hasn’t grown much or done anything. Then recently little pups have popped up and last night I saw a flower bud.  I didn’t notice it earlier because it’s kind of out of the way in a non-watering area.  Then this morning…..

late bloomer cactus!

late bloomer cactus!

So vibrant. So as long as I had the camera out I thought I’d show you the current state of the plants in my back yard:

Here is one of the night bloomers. Second go around this summer.  Two blooms opened last night!



And I don’t know what this is. These were on sale at Home Depot so I took a chance…

cheery flower

cheery flower

And this guy….

bryophyllum daigrmontianum

bryophyllum daigremontianum

Also known as a “mother of thousands”, this bryophyllum daigremontianum is about 48 inches tall and will have some interesting flowers later in the year.

And the Basil…



And for lunch I made a fluffy omelet with this basil, sliced grape tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.  So good!

spruce cone cactus

spruce cone cactus

I have a few of these but this one is going crazy.  He has been growing straight up all year, then last week he appeared to fall on his side.  But now he has turned himself back to fast the other direction.  Love him!

mexican fencepost cactus

mexican fencepost cactus



I don’t know what this is. A friend gave me the cuttings a month ago and he’s really doing great.



And here! a locust exoskeleton on a carrion plant!

carrion plant

carrion plant

And it’s a good thing the yard is big, because in between all these plants we need room for this:


ww – desert evening

things are bad when your dog tells you to tidy up…
January 10, 2010, 5:31 pm
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things have gotten out of hand in the yard.  cody bear took it upon himself to point this out to me with his constant “here’s a stick!  there’s a stick!”  business.

“what’s this?”

….a stick, i’m guessing.

so tomorrow is a yard work day.  it’s unruly back there.  but the potted plants are doing great!  here’s a cluster of buds on a paddle plant bloom:

and this cactus is ready to rock.  the augochlorinis are going to love it!

today has been sort of weird, really.  maybe the pounds of pasta we’re all going to eat tonight will calm the day down.

cactus….i love you.
December 30, 2009, 4:25 pm
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it’s the little things really, the surprises, the small flashes of color, that make life enjoyable.

so, about 6 years ago my neighbor gave me a bunch of cuttings from succulents where she had been house sitting.  one was a 6 inch long sprig of christmas cactus.  i stuck it in a pot, way too large for the wimpy thing, and put it inside on a book shelf at the window overlooking the front step.  the other plants, stayed outside where they are flourishing to this day.

on the phone with my mom that week i was telling her about my new plants.  when i mentioned the christmas cactus she made a point of letting me know that ….it was going to die.  they never live, according to her.

it has filled the pot.  it has flourished, but nary a blossom. 

i mentioned the little things.  how they are so important for happiness.  when you’re hurried and stressed, that is when you notice the little things the least.  but that is when you need to notice them the most.

christmas eve i was rushing to pack the car to get out of town.  home from work, wrap the gifts, make sure all the dog’s meds are packed, will the car make the drive, yadda yadda. 

a flash of pink out of the corner of my eye as i walk out the door.  “what the?”

2 blossoms and 3 buds.  i called my mother, elated, of course!

by the time i got back many blossoms had appeared. 

isn’t it beautiful?  the pads were covered in dust.  i took it outside and dusted it with a soft paint brush, then put it on my honda for some photos.

i love it.

green, prickly, and out of control
December 15, 2009, 6:18 am
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so yes…i’ve chosen this euphorbia (one of the many varieties) to symbolize my day…

so, we had an….encounter with some native wildlife on our third walk of the day.  it was late.  cody bear and pickles and i were just returning home from a shortsky, when the dogs saw something!  we were passing our neighbor’s house, and a mere 40 feet or so from our driveway….we were walking right by two coyotes that had caught one of those feral cats that has been vexing cody bear!!!

they were eating it and one of the coyotes started approaching us, head low, all stealthy like.  i yelled “back off…back offff!” then the bear barked and pickles started spinning and yipping.  you guys…tonight’s nature appeared to roll his eyes at us and circle away back towards dinner.  clearly he did NOT want me hurling my empty poobag at him!

no one was hurt!

prickly?  out of control?  today was full of uncomfortable and unfortunate encounters.  i’m so glad it is over.

there were some good highlights, though.  pickles’ trip to the hardware store:

my boss calling to say, “i just wanted to say thanks.”

and!…my family will be here in a few days!!!

happy camera day!
November 4, 2009, 5:50 am
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ahhhh. new camera.

a new point and shoot.  sooo happy. i absolutely love it.

i haven’t had time to rock it yet, but…

here’s a plant:

macro elephant foodthat was macro, here’s wide angle:

wide angleand…oopsie…the cyc is dirty!

pns cycmore on that later!

what camera is it, you ask?  it’s a new point and shoot!  the canon  A2000 IS.

i should be blogging more now that i have a new camera. that sd750 had whacky mojo.

very quiet house guests….
August 12, 2009, 2:13 pm
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new plantswelcome to goodbear’s house.  well, her front patio, at least.

my first pair of friends have started their move.  these folks to portland.  their real estate agent demanded they get rid of their many potted plants.   i guess she thinks they were cluttering the yard or something.  foolish woman.

so i am fostering some plants!  as you can see, they’ve assimilated with my existing potted plants quite well!

the cold and prickly, the incensed.
January 6, 2009, 4:09 pm
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hello all!

tuesdays are the days i work in quickbooks.  but before i get into it, here’s the state of things in my town….



in television:  i will be watching “what would you do?” on abc tonight.  i’ve never seen it before, but i saw a preview and this guy in a diner refused to serve a spanish speaker!

ok, that’s random and stupid, and i’m sure you don’t care.  ok, bye.

hey! you gonna plant that?
December 30, 2008, 6:07 am
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i really should have planted these guys weeks ago!


now that we’ve gotten our cheeky garlic shots out of the way, i have to give you some sad news:

most of my succulents have died from the terribly cold weather!  and you KNOW how much i love those guys!

i…i…i think i’ll be o.k.

hey bud…