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not that pickles and rush limbaugh have anything in common…
March 10, 2009, 8:17 pm
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many of you clicked on my link to the dnc’s site to submit billboard slogans regarding rush limbaugh’s super selfish comment.

well, the finalists have been picked and you can vote by clicking here.

i didn’t bother submitting one because i couldn’t think of one that didn’t use the Fbomb.

please note: i will never be mentioning rush limbaugh on this blog again.  it’s like when pickles barks to get my attention…i’m not going to encourage her.  shut up, cuz….i’m not listening.


re: the “naug”
January 20, 2009, 5:53 pm
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i’m feeling good about this.

“sparky wants nothing to do with it…”
January 13, 2009, 5:21 am
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– what my boss said when i asked him about the elevated doggie bed in the back of the company silverado. “it’s yours if you want it for your dogs.” (pickles loves it)


so this is a blog of quotes…

“after this…i have to put the 750 in the 24 hundred.”  – that was me, talking to coworker. fyi, iomega has stopped making 250MB zip drives and the 750s…they’re not compatible with everything.  not that anyone cares.  who uses these besides our nutty clients???

“screw facebook” – that was my best friend.  he and his wife don’t want to have to log in to learn what i’m up to and leave comments.

“i have a problem…”  – here’s where the coworker told me our drive with uber-important drive images had died and he hadn’t backed it up lately. oh dear.

“oh give me a break!”   – that was me again.  i try not to say anything bad about people on my blog. and while i’ve kept kind of quiet about politics, face to face friends know i really don’t like dubya.  he’s a dumb dumb. but this morning’s press interview was ridiculous.   please, media folk, stop asking him what his mistakes were.  you know what they were, i know what they were, he knows what they were.   leave it.   i don’t like him as a pres, but, let him go on.  i don’t want to hear it anymore.  i want news of the future, i don’t want to hear how he effed up.

“I think media should be abolished from, you know, reporting,”  – joe the plumber.  huh?  whuh?  why is this guy in the news?

“really? i thought you were 28.”  – that was our fed ex delivery guy.  it was definitely a good idea to give him a christmas gift this year!

notes on elected officials you didn’t want, oh well… – (advocacy #1)
November 9, 2008, 5:17 am
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you have voted for a senator or a representative …or even a presedent … that you believe most represents your views.  but wait….they may or may not have won their seat. you STILL have a voice.  you don’t vote for someone that will speak for you….you vote for someone you can speak through. 

simply put, you are meant to call your elected official and TELL them how you want them to vote on specific issues. so while you think your person didn’t get in office, you may still share your voice. 

follow the issues that are important to you and when they go to vote, you call their office.  each phone call, each e-mail, each written letter represents many voices.  if you don’t call, regardless of who is in the position…you have not spoken. 

electing the official is not the end of it.  they are in position to represent you, so you tell them what you want.

i’ve done it. it works.

you and me and you and you and you . . .
November 4, 2008, 2:08 pm
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when i returned from voting, i was greeted at the door by BOTH dogs.  pickles, the puppy, had somehow figured out how to emancipate herself from her crate!

i have left her out of the crate a few times already and so far she has been very good, but i didn’t know how long i was going to be gone.  i was told it could be over an hour in line, but it wasn’t that bad.

i live in a heavily pro-obama neighborhood.  we’re probama.

i don’t have any exciting stories from voting experience.  no funny things happened.  i got out of the car in the dark, walked into line…then all of a sudden … i got sort of choked up. i had to really concentrate to keep from crying.

the last few days i have been haunted by one thing in history.  the one thing is simply…the founding of this country.  do you guys remember the lesson in school where we were told the folks came her looking for religious freedom?  we’re free to believe in WHATEVER we want to believe in.  even if it isn’t what the majority wants us to believe in.  and we should NOT be denied the same rights the majority is given.

so, i hope todays election results are not contrary to this fundamental principle.  regardless of what you believe, who you love, what you do with your free time, you are allowed the same rights and priveledges as the majory.  or past majority.

to be patriotic, to be a true american in a way the founders of this nation desired, you must embrace and enjoy that EVERYONE here is equal and allowed to participate in the same practices as you.

so, have fun voting!  vote with heart and not hate.  with intellegence and fairness.  and if this is your first election, don’t vote for whom you are told to vote for, but confidently vote for who you think will be the best president.

nothing to do now but sit back and watch the numbers…..

interesting tid bit for animal lovers!
October 15, 2008, 8:44 pm
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the humane society legislative fund has published its newest humane score card!

the post lists some facts on how different states did and the 30 elected officials with a perfect score in animal welfare legislation.

please check it out!


i’m not budging on this!
October 3, 2008, 5:28 pm
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it is nu-cleeeee-ar people.  check out what wikipedia says about this.

it even lists the politicians and other educated people that choose to say this word in a way that is rubbing my nerves raw.


gotta get back to work…

why my dogs are excited about tonight’s debate…
October 2, 2008, 2:22 pm
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hello there!  well, last night was pickles’ first agility class!  i think it was pretty fun and picky did pretty well.

here’s my picky punk now…

anyway, in other news: tonight is the v.p. debate.  i’m having people over for beers!  we’re going to drink every time palin says the word “ready.”  and maybe another word, as well.  everyone is really excited.  the general consensus is the biden is going to mop the floor with her, but i think it might be disappointing actually.  i have a feeling both candidates are going to play it safe…..but what do i know.

all i know is the dogs will be happy to have people over for cuddling, no matter what’s on the telly.

what are your thoughts on the debate?  what t.v. show will you be missing because of it?  if your dog or cat could vote….would they vote the same as you?

playing fetch while the presidential fate is determined elsewhere…
May 6, 2008, 4:30 pm
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here’s my sidekick now, as we start a short game of fetch before work this morning.

you can see why he makes me so happy, with those little bouncy ears. i chucked the toy in the weeds and he was not happy about it. he usually could care less. he was having a hard time concentrating because the neighborhood cats have been messin’ with him. they lay down about 5 feet beyond the fence and just STARE at him. it drives him bonkers!

is anyone else having problems with youtube videos on here? after a few hours the post says “this video is unavailable” but it….isn’t. it’s still live on youtube!

anyway….here i am at work now. missing my dog, wondering who will win the indiana and n.c. democratic primaries. this whole thing is going on FOREVER. i want my new president already. i’m starting to not care who it is, as long as they can pronounce nuclear correctly.

afro ken gets serious….presidentially serious.
April 21, 2008, 3:56 pm
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it was time for checkers and cody bear to head to the nation’s capitol. they decided it was time for afro ken to hit the road, too. he has a great internal compass.

tomorrow being earthday, the elections on the horizon, the dogs pulled some strings, wagged some tails and licked some faces and were able to visit the oval office…

there was some grumblings among secret service and random staffers about who let the dogs on the white house couches, but no one gave them any trouble. obviously they were important canine ambassadors to be hanging out in the white house.

all in all, having the three visit was a breath of fresh air for the president, his wife and their staffers. checkers and spotty had an AWESOME fake fight on the white house lawn and cody bear left many pee-mails on pennsylvania avenue.

afro ken was much more serious. he took advantage of the opportunity to pick the brains of the powers that be on topics of great importance. the war: note the peaceful colors of afro ken’s wig. clearly he would love to see a peaceful resolution. earth day. safety in imported pet foods. all huge topics. we can’t wait to see the impact of his discussions.

(check out their previous and SCARY trip here)