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my big night out…with dumplings!
February 4, 2009, 5:46 am
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and so i hopped on my kombi lux 2-piece bike and headed to yoshi’s!

plastic-foodahhh. the plastic food samples.  no worries.  i already know what i want!  veggie gyoza bento with takikomi rice.  they have the best salad there!


japanese-beersit’s a school night!

SO WHAT!  asahi, please and thank you.

masters-of-the-universethe place has hundreds and hundreds of toys all over the place.  hanging form the ceiling, mounted on the walls.

toysand the gift shop has scads of lucky cat maneki-neko statues.  i want one so badly!  if you’re ever my secret santa…get me the japanese cat with the raised paw!

how was the food, you ask?  flippin’ yum yum, that’s how it was!  and low cholesterol, mates!

the beers were huge, so it was a wobbly bike trek home.

atmosphere – excellent.  food – excellent. transportation – excellent.  christmas gift hinting opportunity – excellent!


you have a little something….ok, you got it….
January 4, 2009, 12:54 am
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is simply the coolest toothpick dispenser ever!  you push the bird down, a pick rolls out and the bird stands back up with the pick in his beak.  i didn’t partake.

it is at the cash register at one of the local ethiopian restaurants.  the food is excellent there, but if you want wine or beer, you have to bring your own.  tasty vegetarian dishes!

nestled snuggly….in a strip of bacon…
November 23, 2008, 7:26 pm
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so, my birthday was a while ago, but life happens, people get busy.  meals are postponed.  but friday we got together for mexican food to have a delayed celebration…with margaritas.

i always ask what folks are getting before they order.  i’m too curious to wait.  i get to a.h. and say…what are you getting…she says. “SHRIMP WRAPPED IN BACON.”  and she looked a little too excited about it for my comfort.  just kidding.

a prawn...swaddled in bacon

a prawn...swaddled in bacon

anyway, the place was packed.  i’m super glad we had a reservation.

festive, colorful, hand-crafted mexican papers

festive, colorful, hand-crafted mexican papers

i think it is sort of cool that people in mexico still make these papel picados, the traditional handcut paper banners!

i have to go…cody bear is staring at me….some form of mandarin collie mind control.

mini wine, megasagna
June 15, 2008, 3:02 pm
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so, we went out for italian food friday night.

here is a.h.’s lasagna…

it’s the size of a loaf of bread!

here’s the statue by our table….

it was the only statue in the entire place that wasn’t indecent.

also, we got this mini-bottle of wine…

just kidding…its a big bottle of wine, i just have a HUGE face and those are my glasses. no…it was a mini- bottle of wine.

spicy food, a disdainful cat, and candy falling from the sky….
December 11, 2007, 6:50 am
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because some of you may be sick of hearing about my dog (god help you!) here are some random notes from about town:


a picture from within the inner sanctum of a. and my cajun hangout.  in case you have wondered what the appeal was:  here is a creepy mask: elegant AND frightening.  friday it took a while for things to get going, so we entertained ourselves with a game of “when this place closes down i want….”

a walked away with the bar stools and some art.  i made out like a bandit with the refrigerators, the wine glasses, the glowing bass ale sign and the ice maker.  the list goes on.


worth mentioning:

prior to that, i left the studio and there was a “holiday” party for an association of photographers.  yes, they had a camera pinata.  i heard today that it took almost an hour to break into and everyone was physically spent afterwards.   i hope the bit-o-honeys and rolls of 35mm film were worth it!

and, what you have all been waiting for (since your sick of the dog) here is a picture of my cat: