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“oh woe is us…”
February 20, 2010, 9:42 pm
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today….we’re experiencing weather.

the dogs don’t like weather.  it ruins a perfectly good saturday.

plus, the house is being cleaned so they’re restricted to one room at a time and aren’t allowed to follow around and get underfoot.  being underfoot is one of their FAVORITE passtimes.

hope you’re all having a better weekend than cody bear and pickles.  poor dears, they do suffer so…

that’s what’s poppin’ on a saturday!
January 3, 2010, 9:31 am
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“fiiive days to work….one whole day to play, come on every body where your roller skates today. its saturday. saturday saturday…ee-ay-ee-ya-ee-yaaay”  – de la soul.

so yes, in fact, it was saturday.  and it was jam-packed with mingle-y goodness!

dog baths at the self serve dog wash, one at a time. lunch at the burger shot: tasty garden burger!  dinner at the pizza and salad joint with visiting friends, then a “fringe: season one” viewing at d’s.  the dogs were walked, movies were viewed, and three loads of laundry were done. one load of dishes.

and the dog daily photo blog was updated.

cody bear?  well, he’s ready for bed.

and please check out the daily dog photo.  it’s pickles and our tribute to master dog photographer, elliott erwitt!!!!

stop being cute, i’m trying to get some work done.
June 13, 2009, 4:44 pm
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the munchkins did not get a walk this morning.  i twisted my ankle walking pickles on thursday.  it seems to have gotten worse after all yesterday’s festivities.

today i shall work on a web project while the pets accomplish their goal of being cute:

familypickles has her border collie meetup at 4, so we have to leave for that around 3 to get all set up.

i also intend to do laundry and clean my desk off.  empty data cards and possibly clean the kitchen. we’ll see.  i was supposed to go to a farm to take photos with buzzy and her man today, but my stomach didn’t feel right after the party food last night.  feel better now though!

ok, back to work for me, back to cute for the kiddos.

the paw to jammie kick
March 21, 2009, 1:47 pm
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one quick post before i head off on my big day.

d.s. is coming by to take care of the dogs while i’m gone.  i’ll be back around 3.  the alarm clock went off at 5:30 and the dogs REFUSED to hear it.  “we’re not getting up,”  they said. “you can rub our bellies if you want, but don’t expect any signs of life from us this early.

so now i am rushing to get ready, but….i needed to throw this picture up, just so you can all see why it is so hard for me to leave this morning….

kickyes, i would much rather be home with this silly cody bear and his side kick, pickles. oh well.

hope you all have a great saturday.  let me know what you did!

the dog has likes and dislikes, too
May 17, 2008, 3:20 pm
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yesterday was a mess, and today could be, too.  so,…here’s a picture of cody bear.

i’m off to volunteer, but first, a brief post and a quick dog walk.  today’s post:

cody bear’s list of saturday likes and dislikes:


a walk, stomach medicine, molecuball full of chow, chasing cats, attacking mom with kisses while she tries to take pictures, running h.o.p. through the back yard, re-killing rubber chicken in bikini, chasing cars that drive by backyard fence, gazing out the window.


cats, gophers in the back yard, thorn in paw, mom leaving for 5 hours to volunteer for animals that are not dogs, the dalmation around the cornet that attacks the fence when he walks by, the yellow lab down the street that attacks the fence when he walks by.

isn’t he complex?  well, time to feed him then off to work.  i’m kind of bummed because my camera seems to be jacked up.  i’ll have to wait till monday to talk to m to see how bad the damage in.  there goes my budding future as the groundbreaking canine photojournalist! riiiiiiiiight.