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have you tried rubbing a dog belly to relax?
January 17, 2009, 6:29 am
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ooch.  the world’s collective psyche took a hit today.  tallying up the day’s events…more people had a bad day and fewer people walked away pleased.  perhaps the coyotes were a harbinger for the day?

i’m anxious.

hopefully, tomorrow will bring peace.  not just for me, but anyone i know who’s rankled or reaching their limit.  i hope to catch some laughs from the pupsters and perhaps get some work done.  maybe explore a little bit…


pickles in honda with hiking boots

i have one thing bothering me.  one big thing and a few little guys.  regarding the one big thing, which is just something my brain is fancying these days….i’m going to distract myself with smells of dried leaves at the park and some recommended reading.

(oh…and…going out for drinks and dinner with my friends was very, very fun.  perhaps pictures tomorrow…i need to think on that, though)


the bloggeres tale
January 1, 2009, 10:31 pm
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mom has left.  she has mopped my floors and deemed me well enough to fend for myself.  while she was mopping i decided to park it in front of some book shelves and dust. 

i’m considering packing some of my books away. i never re-read books. no one wants to borrow any of the titles i have, but…i just can’t throw them away.


can you read what any of those books beneath the shelf are?  have you read them? can you tell what my major was in college?  did you laugh at all while reading the canturbury tails?

i’m feeling better, but still not up for work tomorrow.  i’m wiped out from fighting this,  but i’m relieved the antibiotics are working.  truthfully, i have-to-have-to-have-to make a huge daily effort to not be stressed out.  i always teach the pet therapy classes that long term exposure to stress chemicals sap your immunity.  and here, i’ve just taught myself…again.

in junior high we read a story in english class called “the yellow wallpaper.”  a woman had been sent to a “facility” for what was called a “rest cure.”  as women of the country became more independent and outspoken, the thought of  sending one’s wife away to rest so she could handle her tiny stresses became ridiculous.

how come i feel like i need the rest cure?  and would the members of the women’s studies board at the university be shocked to hear this and relieved that they had lost their weakest member?

maybe i need another nap.

goodbear nears breaking point on 10/19. so the story goes…
October 20, 2008, 6:29 am
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don’t read this post.

i’m venting.

why are you still reading?  fine.  if you must know….i’m at my breaking point with cody bear’s illness.  after saturday morning i thought we had made a break through. but tonight we had a major set back.  and not only did his illness step it up a notch, it severely affected his behavior.

always so confident about his surroundings, able to over come any environmental fear…tonight, upon getting ill, he was suddenly terrified of the building we were in.

i’m about a pencil lead’s breadth away from having a complete meltdown.

meanwhile, after a great day trip with friends and pickles, i come home, take cody bear to his trek that gets him sick and terriried, and return home to a complaint from my neighbor to please do something about pickles’ barking.

she is STILL barking whenever i leave with cody bear.  and onnnly when i leave with him, as far as i know.

it was only a matter of time till someone complained.  but really,….it was the last thing i needed to hear after rushing home with a sick dog.

so, yes, i’m nearing my breaking point.  i love my dogs more than anything…but…why do i have them?  oh, right, cuz they make me happy.

‘cept right now.  now that i’m worried about one and in trouble because of the other.

i told you not to read this post!

annnywayyys….if you’re wondering about why the lighting in these pictures is so soft and coooool, it is because i used the canon 580EX flash and bounced it off the ceiling above the dogs’ heads.  nice, eh?

looking at prickly things is soothing, huh?
July 29, 2008, 2:46 am
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today i am posting a soothing picture, because the day was….far from soothing.  but no worries, we’re ok.  let’s review….

after the soothing picture:

after a weekend of rest, pain killers and packs of ice, i woke up with considerable less back pain.  went to work aware that i shouldn’t over do it, so i asked my coworker to carry some heavy boxes for me.  he did. that was nice.  but then things went kind of kerfluey.

’twas the first day of our boss’s vacation, and we were swamped. the one tech couldn’t handle it so well, and only got about 1/4 of the emergencies worked out.  meanwhile, back at the office, i was working on a new demo, but the boss got nervous:  i have a degree in literature, not computers, and my coworker hasn’t had enough experience that my boss felt confident at all letting him touch it for the  final testing either.  by four o’clock monday…today…the boss was deciding he had to leave san diego and fly  home.  our contracts are too important and he can’t just let it go up there without messing around with it.  i totally understand, but it was stressful: he and i working on it together over the phone.

by this time, my back was already starting to hurt, especially after running errands for a couple hours.

it wasn’t a bad day….it wasn’t.  but we were very stressed.  and we are so behind that we start tomorrow already stressed.  pressure.  and see, my job is a low pressure job.  so there, i vented.  i’m leaving now…to pick my boss up at the airport.  he will be really stressed, but i’m NOT going to soak it in.  i’m not.

back later.

oh, and….isn’t that a pretty cactus?  it’s a prickly pear.  one of many varieties.

it’s just a tiny bump….right?
May 2, 2008, 6:11 am
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i noticed it wednesday night when cody bear and i got back from the firefighter shoot.  a tiny pink bump above his lip.  but today….

do you see it?  typically i would call my vet first thing in the morning and take an emergency appointment.  but, instead i will try to get a monday or tuesday appointment.  if it’s a bug bite(which i don’t think it is) it will be gone by then and i can cancel the appointment.  if there is something serious, a couple days won’t hurt. (it’s the new me!  i’m not freakin’!)

he’s eating great, and as you can see, he’s cheery as can be…

his appetite is so great, which is tough to begin with given his condition, and his energy level is off the charts!  three walks today and 2 long sessions of running like a lunatic through the back yard.

it is really sensitive to the touch, but not too much for him to give up on food. so glad about that!  also, i got my first mosquito bite of the season tonight…

meanwhile….here’s a picture of the buddha…