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my big night out…with dumplings!
February 4, 2009, 5:46 am
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and so i hopped on my kombi lux 2-piece bike and headed to yoshi’s!

plastic-foodahhh. the plastic food samples.  no worries.  i already know what i want!  veggie gyoza bento with takikomi rice.  they have the best salad there!


japanese-beersit’s a school night!

SO WHAT!  asahi, please and thank you.

masters-of-the-universethe place has hundreds and hundreds of toys all over the place.  hanging form the ceiling, mounted on the walls.

toysand the gift shop has scads of lucky cat maneki-neko statues.  i want one so badly!  if you’re ever my secret santa…get me the japanese cat with the raised paw!

how was the food, you ask?  flippin’ yum yum, that’s how it was!  and low cholesterol, mates!

the beers were huge, so it was a wobbly bike trek home.

atmosphere – excellent.  food – excellent. transportation – excellent.  christmas gift hinting opportunity – excellent!

our biological clocks up and left the building! hurray!
December 25, 2008, 4:37 pm
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and so it came to pass that i had to buy a gift for my boss.  ’twas christmas time and that is what one does.  but he doesn’t like gifts.

so, my coworker and i decide we will buy something special for his 8 month old daughter. (his daughter is the same age as pickles!)

but the coworker was sick, so buzzy came along to help me pick something out.


an hour, people.  an hour in the children’s over price specialty toy shop.  we actually had to leave for ice cream to ponder.  none of the dollies were the right color.  the puppets were too big and may have scared the dear lamb.  ultimately we selected what the sales youth described as an “imagination toy.”

oh dear god.

while we waited for the terrible free gift wrap job to be completed we tried things on, squeazed things, mocked things.

i think buzzy’s glasses sum it up regarding the childrens’ store.  “HELL NO!  WHEN PIGS FLY!!!”

SO glad i don’t have kids, and so is miss buzz.  her description of the entire shopping adventure:  “good form of birth control!”

in the long run we’ll save lots of money….plus….we want to keep all the fun and silly stuff for ourselves!

finger puppet buddies
August 8, 2008, 2:35 pm
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hello!  well, my friend m. found another treasure in her father’s house from his years in emperial china!  as you recall, her dad’s family lived in peking in the early 20s.  yesterday she brought these toys:

so around 1920 the family arrives from nyc to begin their stay in china.  the children received these finger puppets at the time.  no idea if they were new then, either, so we can’t guess how old they are.

but…the bearded fellow on the left? well, it appears as if his beard is made of real hair.  human hair.  all the puppets look so pleased

she is going to mount them in a shadow box.

so, that’s it for chinese antiquities today!  have a good weekend

more on ghostly dog toys…
July 24, 2008, 1:29 pm
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been getting up earlier now that there’s a puppy in the house.  eyes don’t work so well first thing in the morning.  i sat down on the patio and looked into the yard and saw something out of the usual.  had pickles taken one of my bras off the drying rack?  no, it was still there, ready to wear.

it was piggy, who was actually a mouse.  pickles has been playing archaeologist againg.

piggies were loki’s beanie baby toys.  the first one she had was a pig, when it’s tail broke off i replaced it with an elephant or something, then a mouse….whatever had a tail. to her, piggies were beanie babies.

she would hold the tail in her front teeth and shake her head vigorously.  she would bounce around and flop the toys up in the air.  she always had a piggy.

pickles must have found it last night after dark one of the times i let the dogs out before bed.

i have no idea where it was, only that it hasn’t been shaken in 4 years.  sort of like that mini soccer ball, one of loki’s other toys the new puppy somehow located beneath the dirt years after loki’s passing.

i guess i’ll get her a piggy to call her own.  a newer fresher one.

we have so many dog toys, i don’t know why she keeps finding these relics.  and i have no idea what she will come up with next…

the new henrietta is welcomed home
May 31, 2008, 3:16 pm
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henrietta, the rubber chicken in a bikini dog toy, broke in half this week. it was tragic, and naturally she needed to be replaced immediately. here, making her film debut, is henrietta, the easter close-out rubber chicken:

i think these rubber chickens are left over from easter. they used to just be rubber chickens….in bikinis. now they’re in a one piece with a cotton tail on the chicken but and she’s wearing rabbit ears. bikini chickens are silly, playboy chickens….creepy.

let’s watch his unique playing style:

one chicken, one bikini…one broken heart
May 30, 2008, 7:13 am
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twas a sad day in rubber chicken land. we have indoor toys and outdoor toys. cody bear’s favorite outdoor toy is henrietta, the rubber chicken scandalously clad in a purple bikini. each morning he runs laps around the back yard with chick chick in his choppers.

tonight….during a game of “tug”…henrietta was halved:

so, it was midnight…we were running around the yard. the tugging began and the hen….well…canine playtime vivisection. not too gross!

i thought henrietta’s day’s of fun were over, but clearly i was wrong!

two things to note: cody bear has faith in his toys and he will not let them die into this good night. and also….it is time to go buy some overpriced, whimsical, squeaky dog toys!

….i’m not complaining…..ludicrous toy shopping is tops in my books!