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upon returning from portland…
September 6, 2010, 7:23 pm
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so i haven’t blogged in a while.  i was on vacation in portland.  when i got home i SHOULD have popped some pictures up right away, but i have to admit….i was sort of bummed.  i loved portland.  my hosts were so much fun and we squeezed so many great things in.  when i got home i was bored.  bored and cranky and contemplative.  “why the hell am i living here?”  i’ve been talking about moving for years. oh yeah: i have no money to move. so i’m stuck here.

now, that i got THAT out of the way i will say that i’m much cheerier this week.  it’s been a great three day weekend and i have spent some time setting some goals, which i will share later.  but for now i will show you some photos of one of my favorite places in portland, the japanese garden!

definitely worth the admission, which i think was 5 dollars.  i’m pretty certain if i lived in that town i would go all the time.  once we got away from the group with the loud toddlers it was so quiet and peaceful and ….healing.

i wish this was my back yard!  but moss just doesn’t like it here.

pier livin’
August 20, 2009, 2:25 pm
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it was nice to visit california.  my favorite parts were the cool air, the sound of the waves and the beautiful vegetation.

i definitely enjoyed the beach time!  here are some scenes from an evening on the pier:

pierbirdso, that’s a sea gull.  moving on…

piercraba crab.  a couple people were tossing their net and bringing up these tiny little guys.


pierfoodfish n’ chips, bait AND clam chowder!

oh and here is a man and his dog on the pier

“bath them and bring them to me….”
August 13, 2009, 5:21 pm
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the dog toys have been laundered!!!

clean toysthey were getting kind of scungie.  the pet sitter is coming and i didn’t want her to get too grossed out playing with the dogs.

cold water wash, very little liquid detergent, gentle cycle, lay flat to dry.  it takes the squeekers a couple days to dry out and not sound like the toys have emphysema.

random dog enjoying the ride…
July 10, 2009, 4:09 pm
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random dog

road-side vulture on our way to the farm…
May 17, 2009, 5:46 pm
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yesterday was the annual garlic harvest.  we drove out to y’s farm in the middle of nowhere.  d. pulled over so i could grab shots of this guy.

vul1we harvested for hours in the heat.  if they made us go another hour…this guy and his friends would have been hovering over me!



vul4he let me get pretty close before taking off. i was kind of nervous because i was standing in the middle of the road like some dopey looky-loo.

it was a fun day and they rewarded us with pounds of garlic and a tasty meal afterwards.

so many nice people just chatting away while pulling garlic out of the ground.  but i’m quite dehydrated today….

good day to be lazy!

art show…but not how you’d think…
April 26, 2009, 8:25 am
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if the day begins with hashbrowns…it’s gonna be good.  but lets not dwell on breakfast…

the hike to the petroglyphs was easier than i expected, so we went a little farther. i have to say….i had a good time but i was sad i didn’t see more wildlife.  not one single raptor.     and no snakes.

but this was a fun surprise:

cairna cairn.  i love these things.  i tried to keep them up in my back yard…but certain fast moving cinnamon bears kept knocking them over.

and of course, the whole reason we went to this site:

.rockyrockooh, yeah baby, petroglyphs.

rockyrock2ancient peoples.  writing about the sun, mankind, eternity, and mammals. gotcha.  scholars don’t really know for certain what the icons mean, but they are all over the world.  sun sign.  biped.  random mammal.

that sounds about right.  they were pretty much everywhere so many centuries ago.

but, there too, also… (that’s how alaska governors speak)

there, too, also,…were some pretty scenes.


it was a pretty and peaceful hike.


no dogs welcome here, but in retrospect…it would have been too dangerous.  venomous snakes, lizards, scorpions, nasty-ass-boars, mountain lions, prickly-spiny things.  it made me definitely consider moving home so the dogs can be safer on a saturday morning walk.

roomy….with an “on” button
April 7, 2009, 2:07 pm
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the second thing i learned from my family upon arriving at new york was that my brother-in-law had just bought a new prius.  how exciting!

i love it.  my sister doesn’t like it…cuz it’s funny looking.



it averages 52.4 mpg. and it is very quiet.

his number one reason for purchasing it was the fuel consumption.  the car was the same price or cheaper than one that consumes more petrol, so he bought it.  it’s a sporty red color, too.

i can’t believe how roomy it is. everyone was surprised, you see…..he is 6’6″ and many cars are just too small.  but he sits comfortably in the prius.  so i recommend this car for tall people who want to help the environment, save on petrol prices or….irritate their wives.

and the car’s name is natasha.  i can’t remember why.

fairways and finally fur
April 3, 2009, 2:53 am
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my sister had to work today, so my brother-in-law and i had no choice but to walk nine holes.  i was scared, as it has been almost two years since i last attempted golf. and it wasn’t like i was any good back then.  oh no.


let me say, i’m not a very competitive person.  i sometimes keep track of the number of putts it takes me, but typically….on each hole i usually give myself one of the following scores on the card:

a smiley face, a frowney face, a kitty cat, a middle finger,  waves(if i lose a ball in a water hazzard), a tree…..etc.  you get the picture.  today i actually had many smiley faces!  that surprised me very much.  i’m my biggest enemy on the fairway, let it be known.  but today was really fun. 

the second highlight of the day was going to the dog park  and meeting one specific dog: oliver.  i haven’t seen my dogs since monday and i was dieing for some snuggling!  isn’t he cute!?


oliver is a very sweet dog.  i met him and l. and h. at the ithaca dog park.  he was hard to photograph because he was so fast!  but he let me rub his ears and scratch his back.  thanks oliver!


so, here’s what is interesting.  i never knew l. and h. and oliver.  we met through our blogs!  just met today in person for the first time.  they’re very nice, but i knew they would be.

also, i saw this:


folks at home don’t know what that is.  dearies…that is WATER!  doesn’t it look refreshing?  boats float in it.  that is where fish come from.

it was warm and sunny today, but once night fell it was time to bundle up.  i’m exhausted.  night sweet blog world adieu till whenever….

hannah checks in and why i don’t feel like having a peanut just yet.
April 1, 2009, 3:50 pm
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i got a special message from hannah this morning.  i noticed she didn’t use my real name.  a blatant attempt to get on the blog.  i respect that….and ….i miss you, too, hannah.


i’m so stupid, i knew it was more than likely there would be a funeral for my grandmother, but did i pack any clothes for it? no.  dumb.

ok, before i give my sister her laptop back, and before i go shopping for a funeral outfit, i do have to tell you about one of the many characters i encountered while travelling yesterday.  let’s call him….dirty peanut crotch man:

so, i’m sitting next to this guy who was a little too large for airplane seating.  a row of 3 and he’s in the middle.  we had to leave the arm rests up and i had to squish as close to the window as possible to give him a few extra inches. (this was hard because i really am not into sharing my personal space with strangers.  i’ll share details, but space?…not really)

so, i fall asleep and when i wake up the guy is opening a grocery bag and pulling out a 1 pound bag of salted peanuts.  fine, i’m not allergic.  when he hears the refreshment cart is wheeling by soon, he stashes the bag away.

the flight attendant gives him some honey roasted peanuts and an orange juice.  i don’t get anything.

he was very excited for these new peanuts.  he drops one. it falls between his legs.  he reaches for it, but now it’s under him.  he’s hunting. digging.  it’s rolling around on the airplane seat where many many people have rested their buttocks.  he finds it.

he pops it in his mouth.

later, once the attendant has collected his trash, he opens his stach of peanuts and has a few more.

we landed about an hour later.

wordless – helping me pack
April 1, 2009, 4:16 am
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