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October 22, 2011, 6:23 am
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oh my GOD a STICK!

should i be sad that there is nothing in this world that gets me as excited as my dogs get when they see a random 14 inch piece of tree branch?

i mean….i love a good meal with friends, an outrageous sale price is nice, a pint of guinness always hits the spot, but NOTHING gives me the wide opened eyed joyous “holy shit” look on my face that the dogs get with a stick or a piece of beef or a new squeaky.

check out pickles….

also, they’ve got the “no worry” thing down.  mommy foots the vet bill, food bill, pharmacy bill…which is high.  at the end of october vet bills will be more than….$1600/month.

so keep smiling pickles. keep grabbin’ those sticks cody bear.  just please….stop eating dangerous shit and chasing things that will bite you.  that’s all i ask. that and for cuddling and some laughs each day.

and thanks.

sometimes a doxie needs help
May 28, 2009, 7:42 am
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i…i ….got a dog.

and in so doing, i welcomed a heap of love, but also…a heap of vet bills. as expensive as the dogs have been…the love, the trust, the strength, the joy…they outweigh the credit card charges.

but sometimes the bills are painfully high.

monroe’s dad sam has been a loyal  visitor to all blogs related to photography and dogs. and now…his dog monroe needs help.


when terrah’s dog sally needed help he started a facebook group, initiated an email campaign.  now his dog needs help. his heart needs help.

close to my heart, i have to say that his dog is suffering from a side affect from steroids and needs surgery.  the same thing happened with my loki.

visitors, commenters, lurkers…..please click on sam’s link to learn about monroe and our circle of blogs that try so hard to improve the quality of life of these sweet dogs that live with owners who cherish them.

thanks.  thanks a bunch from me and my queazy cody bear and my clumsy pickles.  and from our dog blog friends.  any 5 to 10 bux helps this sweet little guy.

man down!
May 11, 2009, 3:45 am
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forrrrtunately i already have a vet appointment scheduled for cody bear’s quarterly check up.  since i’ve made his appointment he has some weird growth and then…today…one of those feral a-hole cats kicked cody bear’s butt today.  his little nose (remember his perfect nose?) is shredded.   he can’t put any weight on his back left paw and his ankle is swollen.

man downhere’s the weird thing:  every time cody bear has a tussle with a feral cat in our back yard he comes in and sits down and my kitty gives him the once over.  she will immediately start sniffing the injured area. so after today’s scrap she starts obsessing over his back left paw.  two hours later cody bear wakes up from his nap and can’t put any weight on that same paw.

interspecies communication?

also, miss pickles is too tired to give him a hard time enticing him to play.

man down 2i love this guy so much.   i never skimp on care.  i try my best to protect him.  but he just always seems to be falling apart.

i love my vet. she’s amazing….but…i think i might have to find a single guy vet that will marry me and keep my charges down!

just kidding. seriously, you have to love your vet.  mine would do anything for cody bear. she is always going the extra mile.  i don’t think he’d be around if it wasn’t for her.

ok, sorry bout the grim post.  a girl has to vent from time to time…

the champagne room is full of st. bernard mixes!
March 17, 2009, 7:27 am
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and so it came to pass that my friend barny had  lesions on his elbows.  damn.  he’s a big guy and it was hard to heal…



a and r rigged a canine garder belt for the dear dear dog.

barny-beltsas you can see, he’s fine with it…

barny-smilewhat a good boy!  good luck barney.  rest, drink lots of water and let the antibiotics run their course.

and yes….that is the least sexy garder belt you will ever see.

did i stuff a dollar bill in his volley ball knee pad? sure.  how could i not?

still life with dog, meter stick and putter
January 5, 2009, 2:27 pm
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so, my dear cody bear is not doing so well on the prednisone.  his last pill was yesterday, so hopefully i will see him perking up this afternoon.


the yucky weather is making the dogs mellow, so they shouldn’t do too badly during my first day back at work. so hard getting out of bed.  i hope my boss lets me leave a little early.

that’s not my actual putter.  it came with the used clubs i bought years ago.  and i’ve never used that meter stick.  but the dog, he’s good to have around!

pet treat warning AGAIN
December 22, 2008, 3:55 pm
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hi all, here is the latest on those damn chicken jerky treats: (i can’t believe people are still feeding them and stores are still selling them.)

Preliminary Animal Health Notification

December 19, 2008

FDA Continues To Receive Complaints about Chicken Jerky Products for Dogs and Cautions Consumers

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to caution consumers of a potential association between the development of illness in dogs and the consumption of chicken jerky products also described as chicken tenders, strips or treats.  FDA continues to receive complaints of dogs experiencing illness that their owners or veterinarians associate with consumption of chicken jerky products. The chicken jerky products are imported to the U.S. from China.  FDA issued a cautionary warning to consumers in September 2007…..

i strongly recommend you read the rest of the article, here.

as long time readers of this blog know, i lost a dog friend to kidney disease due to these jerky treats.  mindy, buzzybeegirl’s dog.

we at cody bear’s friends  strongly recommend you

1. feed your dog high quality american made food. (unless you’re not in america. that would just be silly.)

2. strongly research your dog’s food and treats.  the ingredients and the manufacturing methods and company history.

3. develop a relationship with your vet.  this will help you get truthful and beneficial food info. in a pinch, a vet that knows you’re a good client will usually bend over backwards to fit you in in the event of an emergency.

4. exercise your dog regularly so that they are in top health.  that way if they do get their choppers on something tainted their body will be equipped to handle it.


thanks to laurie s. for forwarding the update to me.

“count backwards from 100…”
September 13, 2008, 2:43 pm
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picked up pickles around 5 last night.  i had called earlier and they said her oral surgery went well and that she was being a good girl.

she was….loopy.  poor drugged girl.  and all night she kept making these little moaning sounds.  it was cute and quite pathetic.

you can tell her eyes are still dillated from the anasthaesia.

“keep her calm and resume regular exercise after two days.”

“no problem” i thought.  till about 20 minutes after i woke princess sleepy head up this morning.  now she is a restless puppy with a heap of new energy.  i wonder if that tooth was hurting her quite a bit.  she seems happier.

so, a.h. asked me yesterday, “are they going to give you her tooth?” wow…i hoped not. gross.  it was an impacted puppy tooth that was making her adult tooth grow straight up to her palate.

an hour after i chatted with a.h. i get “and here’s her tooth.”

am i an horrible dog mom for not wanting to keep this?  if, after she has passed away many many years from now….am i going to wish i still had this puppy tooth?

what would you do?

take what you can get, dear dog
April 25, 2008, 6:04 am
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no bones here!  because of cody bear’s gastroparesis he isn’t allowed to eat bones or rawhides or anything savory, really.

so, every now and then i buy him a new rubber bone…

he never eats them, just gnaws for a while.  and every now and then i buy him a new one, even though he doesn’t need it….

but it is fun to see him excited about something new….that he can gum on.

whatever…he’s safe….

to learn about gastroparesis…click on “gastroparesis” in the tag cloud to the left.