cody bear's friends

grapes & maltipoos…keys to fun and yummy wine tastings
January 11, 2009, 6:22 am
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let’s just preface this by saying…”and the wine was delicious!”  


we were greeted by a malti-poo.  here she is, surveying her drums of elixir.  annnnd….i’ve  learned that in march they are having a “dog-friendly” tasting.  snacks for people and dogs, including a tour.  we’ll revisit this at the end of the post.

3 whites, 4 reds.  my two intellegent, gentle and fun friends.  a friendly, young couple from l.a. with two kittens and interesting jobs.  another couple, half of which was a jerky, pompous punk ass 29 year old guy. 


our hosts were engaging and benevolent, and mostly…very proud of their tasty accomplishment.


the vintner gave a little tour, explaining the horrific lifecycle of the grape:  its beautiful infancy, followed by a violent separation from its stem, only to be squashed then smashed beneath a floating lid.  the horror. the delicious horror.


everyone bought a bottle or two.  i even got one, which we opened there and shared with all the other tasters.

so, about the dog friendly tasting.  i will probably go with pickles.  it’s a long drive, but we will leave early to go hiking and hopefully take some photos of the area’s raptors.  can’t take cody bear: it’s too long a drive for a sweet dog with chronic motion sickness.

one last note: so glad they had crackers, as i’m sure i would have tipped over dead without the snack.