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blessings from the marital buddha?
September 23, 2009, 2:16 am
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so…a list of highlights from friday’s wedding ceremony, perhaps?

1.  wore 3 inch heels…the right one broke after an hour.  i stuck the night out balancing on a dangling heel.

2.  the groom wore shorts.  not sure why i bought a new skirt and shirt….

3.  i may have abandoned my date for a few minutes to snuggle the wedding puppy.

wedding dog4. there were two crashers, my friend leslie (just kidding…she just changed her rsvp status!) and this little moth.

wedding crasher5.  the bride and groom are both professional photographers, (as were about 30% of the guests) so they decided not to hire a photog. instead they had a portable studio set up in the back and the guests triggered the shutter with their foot.  the lighting was good.  and…well, as you could guess…that little feature got busier and busier as more drinks were imbibed.

6.  i didn’t get any cake. 😦

7.  it was an open bar.  when i ran out of ones…i started tipping him with cookies i smuggled from the buffet area.

8.  the entire event took place under the watchful eyes of this jolly buddha.

marital buddhathat has to mean good fortune, right?

a fun time was had by all.

random fact #2 – bridesmaids gone wild
February 18, 2009, 4:21 pm
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son of random facts 2-

i’ve been in a few weddings!  i don’t even know how many.

bridesmaids-gone-wildi think this was taken 10 years ago.  the only wedding where the bride purchased our gowns for us.  that right there is me, airborne in a vera wang.

how many weddings? more than ten, less than twenty.  all but two gowns were blue.

and no…i wasn’t drunk in that picture.


the bride wore a cabernet smile
July 14, 2008, 12:14 am
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well, to sum it up, it was such a stress free day.  which made a beautiful wedding day, if you ask me.  we met in the garden and had a short ceremony while the butterflies and bees industriously worked the flowers in the background.  afterwards we went to brunch, just the 8 of us from the ceremony.  here is our lovely bride now….

her father took a snap of her and the groom with his mobile phone, so she is saving that picture for him so it pops up when she calls.

next we changed and hopped in a minivan for the trek to the vineyards. we went to several, but…one had sheep!!!

a rain storm had popped up, so it was quite muddy.  this sheep seemed to really like being photographed…

i couldn’t stay out there photographing livestock all day….my companions were already ahead of me in the wine sampling.

it was a really good activity for the small group.  better than garter tosses and bouquet tosses and doing the electric slide. do they still do that at weddings?

we rolled on from one vineyard to the next. the last vineyard had a couple dogs.  this one was so aloof, but i got to him finally and he let me cuddle him.

meanwhile, i had gotten behind on the sampling again!

just kidding, i wasn’t really behind. in fact, at this point i had jumped ahead.

we then went to a delicious restaurant where we laughed and pigged out and ate the super yummy cake you saw in today’s earlier post.

so, it was a good day.  i wish them years of fun and happiness and success.

in case you wondered….the bride and groom are mindy‘s parents…

oh, and i’m sure you’re all wondering which wines i preferred… well, it was the reds, the dry ones.  so dry that if you look hard enough…there’s a little purple tumble weed swishing around in the bottom of the glass.  the sweety wines are not preferred here at cody bear’s friends.   in fact, one or two of the ones we tasted yesterday reminded me of some of the libby’s juiceboxes my friends’ kids drink. and the best quote of the day (unless you’re the vintner) was a.h. whispering “this is horrible…it tastes like silly putty.”  i, too, hate the silly putty wines.

the smallest wedding crashers

yesterday nuptials for r. and a.h. pretty much took all day.  it was great.  but, i have to go to puppy class with pickles, so don’t have time to post much.  will do more after our class, after a nap and before the housecleaning i intend to procrastinate before….

the smallest and very welcome guests at yesterdays garden ceremony…

i was officiating, and was the first to arrive, so i had time to snap some shots…

i couldn’t think of better wedding crashers for the couple: an entomologist and an ecologist/biologist.

it was the beginning of a beautiful and fun day.