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i …can’t…stop…photographing my doggg!
March 6, 2008, 5:26 am
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2008 so far:

new camera: 20d enabling me to take special shots of my guy….cody bear:


that’s him in a dark room…no fixin’ the picture there.  and, yes, he’s already sick of the new camera.

to sum up 08, i’ve been working hard, but here are two pics from my tiny vacation:


i know this is a bad picture because of the blurry girl, but she just happened into the frame. i’m just learning how to use this camera, and i don’t know anything about photography, but i love how happy the kids are in this historic mission.

and….a taste from the creepy vintner…


i admit it…i expected more from my first trip to a winery. while we had fun…the first tasting was staffed by a creepy narcissist with a dirty pocket knife. is that normal????

let’s review: some fun, some love, it is only march 6th. i’m off to a huge start for the year of the rat.


why sleepy at the office tomorrow? dogs or the vine?
February 29, 2008, 6:33 am
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 to find out why we’re so tired, you can catch cody bear’s blog later.  but, to sum it up…agility drained us emotionally and made us both unfashionably hungry.  here is a shot of cody bear, post agility class:


“please mommy, put more kibble in my molecuball.” oh, and here’s a bottle of wine…we’ll get to that…


but first, the dog.  alot of people take agility class to exercise their dogs.  i have to exercise my dog before and after agility class.   that’s fine, we love it, but….i’m super tired.

back to the wine….and how it relates to agility class.  so,….there was a dog fight tonight, cody bear was NOT involved. we were in a separate area, fortunately.  if there hadn’t been a fence dividing us, i know he would have pounced.  it taxed my nerves. so, maybe a person thinks they NEED a taste of the grape after that….

as it just so happens, last night i was shopping and i popped across that dog tail fire hydrant red!  so, needing a tibble after a spastic class of more unruly dogs and “missy comes” i popped open that screw top.  it was really tasty. so much better than the washington state merlot i chanced a few days ago.  muffled the raw dog nerve a bit, too. and of course the label is cute.

ok, if you’re interested in cody bear’s agility class: 

friends…who like grapes
February 27, 2008, 3:24 am
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as i mentioned a couple days ago, vacation in so called”wine country” wasn’t what i expected.


we show up at this winery, the one with the old car, and it just….was weird.

the guy ignored us when we walked in.(for quite sometime. we almost walked out)  they had portas, and …when i asked which wine went well with chocolate…he produced a piece of candy, told me i had to split it between the 3 of us and then cut it with a pocket knife.

the place was a wreck! i’ve wanted to do a wine tour for so long, and this place, well….it sucked. messy place, jerky guy. the next two wineries had nice people and one was very pretty. but ultimately, it was still heaps of fun…because i was with people i love.

peeps & wine. a marshamallow/grape pairing!
February 26, 2008, 1:52 am
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vacation continues….in wine country!


seriously, it was a lot less poetic and lovely than i expected. one of the vintners was an out and out jerk. the others were nice though. in between vineyards we cleansed our pallets with marshmallow peeps!


maybe that is why the vintner was a jerk!? he could TELL we three were the kind of gals that cleansed their pallets with PEEPS in a rental car!

some of the views were beautiful…but very little foreground interest. (yes, i just learned that term!)


and yes, you MUST end touring for the day with mexican food. in this case, a chimiCHANGA!


roasty toasty veggies with quinoa!

here’s what is good about this dish:

1.  when you come back into the house from walking the dog, (or whatever you do) the smell of toasted cumin is still there and it is SO comforting!

2. the quinoa(keen WAUGH) – oh man – it is packed with protein because it is a whole WHOLE grain and it just POPS in your mouth, which is fun fun fun.

3.  totally vegan, but packed with nutrients and protein.

4.  a nice change from hot spicy meals without being bland.

roasty toasty veggies with quinoa

1/2 tsp. ground cumin

3-4 tbs. olive oil

2-3 large cloves garlic, chopped

1/2 large yellow onion, diced

1 bunch rainbow chard, torn in 3-4 inch pieces

7-9 medium mushrooms (whichever mushroom you prefer) , sliced

1/2 water

1/3 cup white wine(i like a plucky chardonay)

salt & pepper to taste

3 cups cooked quinoa (cooked in a rice cooker is great!)

1 glass wine of choice or 1 beer, for sipping


in large hot deep dish skillet,  toast cumin 30-60 seconds over medium heat.  add olive oil, and mix with cumin.  add garlic and yellow onion to hot olive oil in pan.  saute till tender, not burnt.  add mushrooms, mix, cover and simmer for 3-4 mins.

add water and white wine, bring to boil.  add rainbow chard and salt and pepper to taste. ( i heap the salt in!)  saute till greens are nice and tender.  serve over quinoa.

note…i use freshly prepared quinoa. i do not like left over quinoa,….its kind of funky.

another note….try using fresh, locally grown veg!

spicy food, a disdainful cat, and candy falling from the sky….
December 11, 2007, 6:50 am
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because some of you may be sick of hearing about my dog (god help you!) here are some random notes from about town:


a picture from within the inner sanctum of a. and my cajun hangout.  in case you have wondered what the appeal was:  here is a creepy mask: elegant AND frightening.  friday it took a while for things to get going, so we entertained ourselves with a game of “when this place closes down i want….”

a walked away with the bar stools and some art.  i made out like a bandit with the refrigerators, the wine glasses, the glowing bass ale sign and the ice maker.  the list goes on.


worth mentioning:

prior to that, i left the studio and there was a “holiday” party for an association of photographers.  yes, they had a camera pinata.  i heard today that it took almost an hour to break into and everyone was physically spent afterwards.   i hope the bit-o-honeys and rolls of 35mm film were worth it!

and, what you have all been waiting for (since your sick of the dog) here is a picture of my cat:


finally, cakes not turkey
October 28, 2007, 7:04 am
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i LOVE sunset magazine…..11 months of the year.  LOVE it!  but the november issue always angers me because it always have a lovely, golden, roasted turkey on the cover.  and every year my poor mother listens to me rant about how the editors can’t find a new idea.  thanksgiving.  turkey.  autumn.  turkey.  holidays.  turkey.  thursday my mom called from her town.  the sunset had just arrived and, guess what?  no turkey.

i know its silly, but, it really has been pissing me off. and every fall i say i’m done.  i’m not looking at their damn magazine anymore.  but there you see it:  a spice cake, some cookies and some sort of orangey cheese cakey wonderful sweetiness.  i flippin’ love sunset!

in dinner news:

was at the animal shelter till about 8:30, so dinner was super late, but super yummy:  hummus, rice pilaf with a small bit of mushroom, spinach sauteed with fresh garlic and some sassy cumin, a glass if mirrassou merlot.  num num.

in dog land:

mom was visiting for the day and went to see her grand dog kick fuzzy but at dog school today.  he did a down-stay for a minute with me out of the room.  i think she may have been impressed. i was.  he squeaked a little, and when i came back, he looked freaked out.  but he won the competition of the day…. cuz he’s a good bear!