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July 13, 2010, 3:48 pm
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mornin’ all.

woke up this morning to a border collie stuck to my side in bed.  can she not feel the heat!?  why so cuddly, little one?

now i’m at work wondering how i’m going to get everything done today.  but, i have this delicious vanilla frappucino.  so amazing. i’d never had one before.

tonight is yoga class.  i’m taking m.  we’re gonna get our STRETCH on!  it will probably be a breeze for her.  she’s pretty “yoga seasoned”, unlike myself.  then pickles and i are meeting a and her border collie to go for a run.  cody bear is staying home this time.  that will really bum him out, but 3 dogs is alot to handle where we’re running. 

ok, time to get to it.  have a nice tuesday all.


“stairs are fun”
November 23, 2009, 6:39 am
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and so it came to pass that i had to work one weekend.  and it was deemed necessary to have a dog with me.

that is how cody bear found himself down town one day, clomping up and down the studio stairs.  he seems to like ….work….whatever that is.

greetings from the . . . studio!
November 2, 2009, 3:58 pm
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wow….what a week.


i have some news. not all of it is good, but none of it is TOO bad.


had a yard sale this weekend.  i hate them but decided to do it for two reasons: 1. i need a little extra cash.  things have been tight lately and cody bear has a vet appointment next monday.  trying not to use my credit card. 2. there is just too much stuff in my house.  i made $250 and my friend m. made 50ish and d. made 58.  and i got rid of a bunch of crap jewelry i never wear anymore.  the “cd’s for $1.00 each”  was great.  sold about 30 of those, some of wich buzzy bee girl left behind when she moved to cali.

moving on….cody bear is sick again.  i think we are getting it in check, but between the onset of a new flair up and a couple mysterious bumps…well,….i best just take him in.  i have learned he DEFINITELY has to have filtered or bottled water.  city water is too hard for him and long term usage (a week or more) will really set him off.

on a related note: my pur water filtration system broke. AFTER i spent 60 bucks and a huge box of filters, opened it and used one. 

business-wise:  we have been working VERY hard on things and we’re having fun.  our new studio lighting comes in.  these will be continuous in addition to all the strobes and light boxes in the studio already.  the new lights will be great to have for dogs that don’t like the pop of the strobe when getting their picture taken.  we’re also getting 2 new cameras!!!  also, our pr person worked hard on a pr plan and press release which is going out today!

the best part of all:  it’s getting colder and i’m trying to put off turning the heat on until i can’t handle it anymore.  well it’s working well because last night both dogs and the cat snuggled up around me and it was so comfortable.  my head got cold though….maybe i should get another pet.  what’s a good head warming pet?  rabbit?  bush baby?  maybe i’ll just sleep in a hoody….

an update…from the supreme commander (cough cough)
September 15, 2009, 11:34 pm
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last night we went for a nice long bike ride after dark.  good stuff.  no one was on the streets because we went around 10:30.  it’s sort of good to get back into the ole habit!  i’ve been riding alot, even with the kombi in the shop.

in other news….i have a giganctic announcement!

ok, some of you know i’ve had a part time dog photography business on the side.  well, one of the photographers in the studio where i work is partnering with me and we’re offering the first full service dog photography business in our town!  she’s awesome!  30 years in the biz, unbelievable talent. cool, eh?  i will do all the on location stuff and she will do all the studio prints.  it has been really fun setting up our packages and getting our marketing materials in order.  wish us luck!

ho hum.  what else?  i have to go to a wedding friday.  i hate weddings, actually.  well, no…it’s receptions i hate.  the ceremonies are ok.  expect an update saturday, as i expect there will be some goofy things to photograph.

speaking of goofy things to photograph… there are ony 11 more shopping days till my birthday!  hello new macro! just kiddin’.

and speaking of “just kidding”….my boss ordered new business cards for me.  i’ve been here 4 years and never known what my job title is. well, the new cards say “supreme commander.”  watch out everyone!

back at you soon.

crunchy snack, cracky middle finger
September 11, 2009, 4:25 pm
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so, i have just finished breakfast:


you see, i can’t eat breakfast before 8:30 am.  i’ll get sick. so i eat breakfast in my office every morning.  check out my new desktop scanner in the back. i love it!  my old one kept jamming and everyone in the office knew when i was scanning because eff bombs would fly out of my office like angry bees from a hive.

moving on….here’s the news!

i have a broken finger.  it hurts very very much to type and it’s my right hand so photography has slowwwed down.

i am currently undergoing a long term argument with one of my best friends.  he wants me to go see the bats with him this weekend, and i don’t want to go. and he won’t drop it!  i LOVE bats…but not these bats.  these particular bats are rude and over marketed.  in fact, i will post a picture of one of his loser bats tonight and you can chime in on what jerks they are for blowing me off last week.

cody bear and pickles are doing great!  cody bear has to work tomorrow morning, and in the afternoon pickles has a huge border collie meetup play date.

i had been taking bike rides almost daily, but since i broke my finger i had to cut back.  sucks.  i’m going to save up for a new mountain bike because for some weird reason….i feel like i need 3 bikes instead of 2.  you’re sick, goodbear, sick.  but seriously…i would like to start riding in the country side.  fun!  only problem is … i don’t have any countryside biking friends…..

ok, get back to work everyone!  i”ll chat again soon!


and p.s.  breakfast was gross…

a fresh new week starts tomorrow….
August 30, 2009, 5:59 pm
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oh wow. what a week.  what a lousy week.  thank god i had some dogs and my cat to make me laugh and give me some lovins’.

i won’t even bore you with the crap but it was a collection of incidents from all facets of our tiny world here.  work, friends, family, etc.  you get the picture.

so i shall list the good stuff:

since i haven’t been riding my bike(s) enough lately ( i think it’s the heat)  i’m treating myself to a new helmet after my next payday.

cody bear has only barfed 2 times in the last 3 weeks and still weighs almost 50 pounds.

my cat got sick while i was out of town but is finally feeling like her old kitty self again.  she has only been sick once in 13 years! some sort of kitty cold.

alli is coming home for a visit next weekend!  should be good fun to have a friend in town.

* plans are under way with my new business partner.  i can’t wait to tell you all about it!!!!

only 4 more months till my sister and her husband are here for a visit!  the dogs are going to love them!

so, see, there’s alot to be cheery about.

now here is a picture of some canine silliness:

butthoju and maggie the weekend i visited them in cali!

regarding goodbear’s job….and the kids get a break from the heat
July 29, 2009, 6:01 am
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money is very tight right now.  i’m very thankful to have a job.  i really am.  that being said…

my guywhen i interviewed for this job 3.5 years ago i told my boss(who really is a nice and generous guy…he’s helped me tons) that i HAD to go home everyday at lunch.  cody bear needs his meds.  you all know how fragile his constitution  is.

well, it turns out my boss is moving the business to a way undesirable distance.  he says i can still go home for lunch and he knows i won’t make it back in an hour.

after anxious mapquesting, i’ve learned that the 16 miles per day i drive in two round trips to the office from home will turn into 48 miles a day to and from work.    i will be spending way more money.  the other option is a petsitter to come medicate cody bear everyday, but that is a minimum of $15 per day for just 30 minutes.

you can imagined how depressing this is.

on a lighter note….

on my way home for lunch today i passed by quite a scene:

firefightershow lucky was i to see this while having my 40d in the car!  the kids were screaming and waving their arms.  i have no idea how long it went on but at least before and after the 10 minutes i was there.

later taters!

how it ends, how it begins
May 28, 2009, 2:18 pm
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lazy dogs. they were worn out yesterday after chasing imaginary cats, romping, fetching, agility.

sleepypiclounging on the couch, wondering what the hell you’re  doing up so late.

sleepybearsnuggled up, butt to butt.

sleepypawtotally relaxed.

sleepypaw1that’s how the day ends.

it begins with alarm going off, eyes opening.  border collie staring at your face.  without lifting head from pillow….you begin throwing a tennis ball from the bedroom to the kitchen.  on the other side of the bed the bear dog is sitting on the floor…staring.  you end your game of fetch and invite the bear up.  he rolls around, snuggles up tight and gets a good five minutes of cuddling and kisses, then he’s out the door to start chasing more imaginary cats.  meanwhile, your cat lays down on your blackberry, the alarm clock on the bed, and accidentally dials your boss.

and so life goes…

grillin’ and waggin’ and snappin’ and such!
May 26, 2009, 6:10 am
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’twas a rich week.  full.  a full and rich week.

to recap:

zero dollars were spent on emergency veterinary care.  (and the angels sang)

my refrigerator died and sits dead.  food tossed away. coolers full of ice, berries, juice and dog food. (and the raspberries mourned)

buzzy has a masters and we all managed to survive her grad party.  a grad party, mind you, that was worthy of a reality television film crew. (and the bbq coals blazed)

the bearone near miss with a rattlesnake. (again…the angels rejoiced)

goodbear self diagnoses either water in the ear or a brain tumor.  (and the insurance deductible looms)

busy with photography, but that’s the best kind of busy. (tails are wagging!)

week predictions….

this week will be busy and kind of sucky at work, but saturday will be creative during the day and adventurous and sexy fun at night.


what operating system do you dream in?
May 13, 2009, 4:52 am
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i consider myself a good dreamer.  i do.  my dreams are often very colorful, with intricate plots and intriguing characters.  i wake up remembering them and recall them frequently throughout the day.

but i don’t remember many details of the storyline of my most recent dream because a new element came into my dreams last night.

you see, last night my dream kept being interrupted by a windows applet.  the dream would be playing out, then a grey box would pop up and i would hit “ok” and the dream would continue.

i need a vacation.

and here are the doglets, not looking ready for bed at all!